Looking back over 2013

We can all consider every year that ends, to have been a big year. Our household though, has celebrated many big eventsread more »

I’m back!

I’m so happy to say at long last, I’m back to my blogging. Oh how I have missed being here and sharing myread more »

Beauty: Everyday Hydration

I’m a lover of soft hands and skin. Do I always leave enough time to execute this simple but very effective methodread more »

The tastiest Bolognese sauce ever!

Buying mince meat has never filled me with pleasure. It worries me. This worry steams from my childhood. For me minceread more »

A letter to Santa: Her

When it comes to compiling a ‘I want‘ I would like list, I’m never ever stuck for ideas. My list isread more »

Saturday in the City

Have you guys worked out yet that I have a job at Witchery? Yes I do. Delighted I am. As clothes and fashion have beenread more »

What I Wore: The Cricket Virgin

Up until Friday 22nd November 2013 I was a cricket virgin. So 22.11.13  marks quite a momentous occasion in the IMread more »

Stylish beach pants

When I hear the term ‘beach pants’ I immediately think of a see-through elasticated waist, floaty linenread more »

Fake Christmas in November

I’m sure there are tonnes of families all over the world that celebrate Christmas at different times of theread more »

Kaftan Love

Spending most of my life in England has always meant that beach cover-up’s  only came out to play when we hoppedread more »

Jazzy Pants and Fake Christmas Weekend

Oh Jazzy pants how I love thee. You make me feel on trend and comfy all in one package. In my eyes you are a winner. Youread more »

Asymmetrical Blue Frock

Sometimes I see a dress that I like, but at the same time I realise that it is different to what I would normally choseread more »

Botox in a tube

I might have mentioned before  what a sucker I am how much I love products that promise to help erase my crows feet read more »

His and Hers Pineapples

I adore the feeling when the Country Road spend and save voucher pops into my inbox. Immediately I work out what I amread more »

What’s your signature scent?

Do you have a signature scent? A delicious smell that everyone recognises you by? Would your friends and familyread more »

Mix Apparel Summer Brights

I found myself getting all excited the other day when an email popped into my inbox from Mix Apparel {Coles clothingread more »

How to start a blog.

Want to know how to start a blog? When it came to deciding whether or not to take the plunge into the blogosphere, Iread more »

Getting Your Bronze Goddess On

Do you like to be a bronze goddess in the summer months? There was a time {not too long ago} when baking in the sun wasread more »

What’s in my make-up bag?

Now I’m a bit of a make-up freak – you could even call me a beauty junkie without fear of backlash. Myread more »

White Frock Inspiration

When the heat starts to beat down and you still want to feel as fresh as a daisy, look toward a touch of white frockread more »

Leopard Print Monochrome

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you will wear a new purchase to death. My new zip back tee from Witchery isread more »

Its those white jeans again

Yes I know, its THOSE white jeans again. I am still so in love with these babies. Are you getting the impression thatread more »

Meet Ms May

This pretty young thing is Ms May aka Beckie – along with Jonny, she is my world. She wrapped me tightly aroundread more »

Lemon Cookie Recipe

My name is Bev and I love cookies. To please me the most, they MUST be of the chocolate {preferably double/tripleread more »

Beauty Review: Quench

My skin is as dry as a dogs bone. Ever since I can remember, I have always had dry sensitive skin. You know, the type ofread more »

Boy Style: Hello Mr IM

Do you ever feel like you are being dragged in to something? I’m sure my darling wife used her persuasive skillsread more »

Beauty Review: The Big Guns – Alpha H

If I had been blessed with a crystal ball I would have known to take more care of my skin. Growing up in the UK {whereread more »

One pair of Jeans – Two Looks

What is there not to love about a good pair of white jeans eh? They are so versatile – don’t you agree? I  read more »

Double Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Not only did my Mummy give me the ‘style’ gene, she also taught me to love food. Not just any food –read more »

Beauty Review: Cleanse and Prepare

As you get to know me,  you will soon realise I am a total beauty junkie. I love the stuff… I am also A BELIEVERread more »

Casual Saturday

Hello, Welcome to the first blog post from Iris May Style. To break myself in gently, I thought I would use this firstread more »