Guilty as charged – Pushing too hard at life.

I’m not a sickly kind of girl. I can go years without even a sniffle. I rarely have a cold or even a sore more »

New Job: The Worker Bag Edition

Happy Friday you gorgeous lot. Even though I’m working tomorrow, there is still something magical about more »

My Work Wardrobe: Witchery – my last week!

There is a LOT going on in the IM household this week. Its my last week working at Witchery in Noosa. I have the motherread more »

Life: New friends that have stole my heart.

Anyone that knows me well, would say instantly I am quite a private person. When you meet me though, you would neverread more »

My work wardrobe: Jacket Magic

Sometimes something comes in to the shop (Witchery) that I instantly love but within a millisecond I question whetherread more »

My Work Wardrobe: Autumn in the heat.

Let me tell you, the hot Autumnal temps we are experiencing here is SE Queensland are playing havoc with my workread more »

Iris May Style – My News!

You know the feeling when you have a BIG appointment and no idea of what to wear? Well that was me last week. To add toread more »

My M&S Knicker Haul

Have you ever heard of, or shopped at good old M&S  (Marks & Spencers for the uninitiated) in the UK? Now allread more »

My Work Wardrobe: The LBD Edition

My wardrobe has many Little Black Dresses. Dresses that I grab without thought when I need to look smart, fast. Back inread more »

My work wardrobe: the autumnal jazzy pant edition

I have loved wearing these and these pants so much during the past few weeks that adding another pair to my winter workread more »

My Work Wardrobe: Feeding My Classic Style Personality.

Happy Friday everyone! God don’t you just love today and the way it entices you by dangling Saturday and Sunday inread more »

Adding a pop of colour to my work wardrobe

Being surrounded by clothes, all day every day is not all it’s cracked up to be – I tell you. It’s aread more »

How to wear Beach Pants through Autumn/Winter

This lovely email popped in to my inbox the other day. I was absolutely delighted. Robyn has given me permission toread more »

Crisis of confidence: Mid Blue Jeans

I’m having a crisis of confidence when it comes to wearing my new (never been worn before) mid blue jeans. As aread more »

My Mum – The Wind Beneath My Wings

Yesterday was a big day in our lives. It would have been my gorgeous Mummy’s birthday. February 23rd is a day thatread more »

How to wear trackie pants

Now if you are following me on Instagram you already know I have a big passion for Jazzy Pants. My #everydaystyleread more »

Falling in love with a dress

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies! As love is in the air today I thought I share with you how I fell in love with a dressread more »

The 7 day Juice Postmortem

When I set out on my #7dayjuicedetox I had no idea what it was all about. In my head… Buy fruit and veg from theread more »

Best of British: Styling a Coast Frock

Before I left the UK, clothing brand Coast was one of my favourite stores to do some financial damage in. Being aread more »

What is your beauty ‘Must Have’ ?

Do you have one beauty product that you absolutely adore? A product that you feel you just can’t live without? Youread more »

The Juicer Edition

If you follow IMS on Instagram you will already know that yesterday was a big day in the IMS household. It was the dayread more »

Cue Australian Born and Bred

When you make the life change to start again in another country, everything is new to you. Something as simple as buyingread more »

The fringe cut.

If you have followed along with #everydaystyle created by Nikki from Styling You on Instagram you may have noticed I read more »

Making time for yourself

Are you good at setting time aside just for you? Some Me Time? Time when you can relax with a good read, stay in bed,read more »

Changing Of Seasons:Winter Fashion

Have you started to notice the tides of fashion changing around your neck of the woods? Before you say it, I totallyread more »

Classic Style

How would you label your style? Until I went and had my hair done last week, I don’t think I had actually focusedread more »

The Shorts Edition

I think I may have started to throw caution to the wind {as far as my legs are concerned, that is}. Either that, or I amread more »

My 50th Mulberry

Are you the kind of girl to have a continuous wish list? A wish list of goodies that you can only dream about? Goodiesread more »

The Shift Dress Confession Edition

I have a few phobias in life. Water – I fear drowning. Cockroaches – I faced my fear by living in tropicalread more »

You can never have enough Jazzy Pants

Have you ever had to wear a uniform for work? I adore planning what I will be wearing. Whether that is for a specialread more »

Looking back over 2013

We can all consider every year that ends, to have been a big year. Our household though, has celebrated many big eventsread more »

I’m back!

I’m so happy to say at long last, I’m back to my blogging. Oh how I have missed being here and sharing myread more »

Beauty: Everyday Hydration

I’m a lover of soft hands and skin. Do I always leave enough time to execute this simple but very effective methodread more »

The tastiest Bolognese sauce ever!

Buying mince meat has never filled me with pleasure. It worries me. This worry steams from my childhood. For me minceread more »

A letter to Santa: Her

When it comes to compiling a ‘I want‘ I would like list, I’m never ever stuck for ideas. My list isread more »

Saturday in the City

Have you guys worked out yet that I have a job at Witchery? Yes I do. Delighted I am. As clothes and fashion have beenread more »