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Hello you, thanks for stopping by.

If you want to find out more about me, have a look here, if you are new to I.M.S. stay put, while I explain what we’re all about.

Iris May Style is aimed at all gorgeous girls, of all ages. Girls that want to feel and look their best. Full Stop.

You’ll find posts on my latest purchases. Where I shop, and how I interpret the latest fashion releases along with  how I embrace them {without trying to look like my daughter}.

Style is personal because {thankfully} we are all so very different.  We need to workout what makes us feel good.

Being selective is the key for me, I know what works on my body and what I can get away with to fit my lifestyle.

I also love a bargain – please tell me you do too?

The buzz and satisfaction of feeling fabulous when it hasn’t blown a huge hole in your bank balance…it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it – I’m very easily pleased!

Get the low down on hair, beauty and life. My love of food and passion for cooking and all things yummy.

There will be regular updates from Ms May on everything she is currently lusting over, whilst living a student life in the city.

Mr IM will occasionally throw in his two pennies worth on ideas for the man in your life.

Most importantly Iris May is  just a happy place to  pop-by, hang-out, browse and have a girly giggle.

new to ims




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