Ms May

Meet Ms May

This pretty young thing is Ms May aka Beckie – along with Jonny, she is my world.

She wrapped me tightly around her little finger at birth and I have been hanging on for dear life ever since. Desperate to never let go.

We have THE best relationship, we are close and the best of friends. We share a love of all things fashion/beauty and both have the unfortunate ability to belly laugh uncontrollably at the most inappropriate moments.

Now, just like Jonny, Ms. May has tried to get out of being on this blog – but I can be very persuasive when I need to be – it’s a Mummy’s prerogative, you know!

So, Ms May will pop by to say Hello occasionally, maybe to style the odd outfit or talk about her latest ‘must-have’ or to shout about what’s on her wish-list.

If she does pop by, you will know who she is and just how important she is in my life.

Beckie for Iris May 2

beckie for iris may intro

Ms. May – the mini interview…

Whats going on in your life at the moment?

Developing an unhealthy relationship with coffee and longing for some quality time with my bed, as exam time looms at university.

How would you describe yourself?

I like to think that I’m a warm and friendly person, who’s probably little playful and sarcastic at times, but I always try to remain thoughtful and sincere.

Favourite Mag?

More recently my magazine obsession has been taken over by fashion blogs. My faves are Harper and Harley, Watermelon Crush and Spin Dizzy Fall.

Style Icon?

I don’t think I had a specific style icon as such, but any woman who gets the balance between looking effortlessly classic and feminine whilst subtly incorporating on-trend pieces gets my vote.

Lust after fashion label?

Anything by Cameo or Sass and Bide – collection after collection, they both always get it right.

Signature fragrance?

Alien by Thierry Mugler – the number of compliments I get wearing this fragrance amazes me. People say that they can ‘smell’ that I’ve walked into a room, as the scent leaves a delicious trail of musky yet sweet jasmine behind.

Whats the one make-up item you can’t live without?

Napoleon Perdis ‘cake eyeliner’ – this stuff will NOT come off at all throughout the day, and its so easy to apply with an angled eye liner brush.

Ms May through my eyes…

She is beautiful, both on the inside and out. Loyal, loving and intelligent. Classically stylish with a wicked sense of humour. Did I forget to mention the stubbornness? Yes, it’s there. Oh and she positively hates change!

Her Loves:  Mulberry Bags  | Family  |   Chocolate  | Vodka  | Fashion  | Cup Cakes and Shoes – in no particular order.




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