Hello I’m Mr IM aka Jonny,

Do you ever feel like you are being dragged in to something?

I’m sure my darling wife used her persuasive skills on me while I was in a extremely relaxed mood…

This may have involved me holding a  glass of red at the time – You know, that point when you’ll agree to anything {she asked me ages ago – it has soon come around though}.

This was her brief:

  • Introduce yourself to the blog.
  • Wear something I like.
  • Don’t pull goofy faces.
  • Try and get the dog in your picture because I don’t want hairs on my clothes and everyone needs to meet her.

So here goes:

I’m Mr. IM aka Jonny. Husband, Father, cyclist and red wine enthusiast. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet too much – but I’m also the guy that does the ironing around these parts.

Country Road Shirt

sitting with pups


Time to introduce the other girl in my life – Lula. She is never far away from one of us and doesn’t like to miss out on the action…Yes, she does like HER food, and she insists on tasting whatever I’m eating as well.


Country Road 

When out shopping with Bev, I do get chance to wonder over to the men’s section to purchase a new shirt,  shorts or other items that catch my eye and still get back ‘in line’ (half a step behind) before a decision has been reached on which top she prefers.

For me it feels like summer’s arrived when you are drawn to the brighter coloured  shirts on the rail. That’s how I felt when browsing for a fresher look for the coming months.

I do find it easy to find something that suits my style in Country Road. This square print casual shirt and shorts were picked up on the same day, whilst the pumps were from last season.


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