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There family happinings of the Iris May clan

Ankle Update: Back to Work

What a roller coaster the past 5.5 weeks have been with my ankle. Yes it’s nearly 6 weeks already! Looking back,read more »

Carpet Call

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Carpet Call. I don’t think it would surprise anyone to know, that my love of styleread more »

Sentimental Me: Admission Style

Oh my goodness. Beckie’s admission in the Supreme Court of Queensland last Wednesday, certainly was a day toread more »

Christmas Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Bravecto 2017 will be sass Queen Lulabelle’s fifth Christmas in Australia. Yes, sheread more »

Time to Celebrate – Ruby and Lilli Turns Two!

What are you doing on December the 1st? Lovelies, how do you fancy meeting up for a pre-Christmas celebration? I knowread more »

MOVEMBER for Girls. Yes. Girls.

Before you think I have gone super crazy by suggesting you grow a Mo’ 😉 read on beauties, there is more toread more »

Health, Fashion and TCG

If only I knew last week, what I know now… Hindsight is such a wonderful thing, don’t you agree? The firstread more »

Holidays, Road Bikes and Leather Jackets

Holidays Road Bikes and Leather Jackets I’m sure you’re just like me. We’re all lead such busy livesread more »

It’s been an eventful week

The last seven days have been eventful to say the least in the Iris May Style household. Most of you probably know byread more »

Sentimental Me: My Dad. My Hero. My Trip.

When you get the dreaded phone call from the other side of the world. The phone call that grabs your heart and sendsread more »

Sentimental Me: Family First.

I feel like lots has changed in my life this couple of weeks. First there was the emergency hospital procedure. Thenread more »

Burleigh with my Loves

A whole heap of holiday love When a blogger you know and love recommends holiday accommodation (yes, I’m talkingread more »

Sentimental Me: A Girls Weekend.

Gosh life has been non-stop over the past couple of weeks… I mean, we’ve been on holiday to Burleigh (fullread more »

New Beginnings.

(Belated) Happy New Year! Where did 2015 disappear to eh? What with the mad Christmas dash, moving house, changing jobsread more »

Sentimental Me: The Graduation

And what a graduation weekend it was. Oh my goodness. So many emotions flooded through us all, over the weekend. It wasread more »

Sentimental Me: My Girl

Last weekend we had fun. On Saturday Jonny and I headed off to Brisbane. We had a busy day planned. First stop was allread more »

Sentimental Me: Being Apart.

Nothing affects me more in life, than being apart from my loved ones. I hate it. It’s just not me. I’m suchread more »

Sentimental Me: Beautiful Souls

In this post I’m using the word parent liberally…to me this is a person who has nurtured, it doesn’tread more »

Sentimental Me: The Birthday Celebrations.

Pinch. Me. How did I get so lucky? I have a beautiful daughter that is healthy, happy and loving life. She has wonderfulread more »

Me and My Girl: Dear Beckie

I’m having a gushy proud Mumma moment – would you mind indulging me for a second? Dear Beckie, Oh myread more »

Truthbomb: A Healthier Me

I’m committing to a healthier lifestyle… I have thrown caution to the wind over the past couple of more »

Me and My Girl: The Hair Edition.

Gosh, I love my girl. But I don’t think I’ve ever told you, how much we  sometimes clash. Yes. We. Do. Weread more »

Health update: When life throws you curve balls.

I’ve been off the social media radar a bit for the past few days. If I’m honest, I’ve been kind ofread more »

What a year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (yes, I’m shouting, even though I may be harbouring a slight hangover). When will I learn 😉 Myread more »

Oh Byron how I (we) love thee

Oh. My. Boy were we ready for a week off work. Lazy days of doing nothing were just what the imaginary doctor more »

Truthbomb: Me and my OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I never knew I suffered from OCD until I lost my Mum suddenly in 1999. She was diagnosedread more »

Sentimental Me: With Brave Wings She Flies.

Are you sentimental? I am. Unashamed to say, I always have been. Yesterdays Fox in Flats Style Challenge on Instagramread more »

The Palm Cove Birthday Fesitval Edition

It wasn’t until our best buddies decided to book a short break away to Far North Queensland that Mr. IM and I evenread more »

I LOVE Mondays.

Depending which part of the two-week work roster cycle I’m on, Monday’s can be either my first day off afterread more »

A Smile.

Do you believe you create your own destiny? I do. Anything is achievable in my book with hard work, determination and ofread more »

My Girl Turns Twenty Two

Every single day I pinch myself at just how lucky I am to be blessed with such a gorgeous daughter. I’m notread more »

Today I open my heart: You are my sunshine

My girl, Ms. May always makes me proud. No matter what she does in life I will gush with pride to anyone that willread more »

Guilty as charged – Pushing too hard at life.

I’m not a sickly kind of girl. I can go years without even a sniffle. I rarely have a cold or even a sore more »

Life: New friends that have stole my heart.

Anyone that knows me well, would say instantly I am quite a private person. When you meet me though, you would neverread more »

Iris May Style – My News!

You know the feeling when you have a BIG appointment and no idea of what to wear? Well that was me last week. To add toread more »

Making time for yourself

Are you good at setting time aside just for you? Some Me Time? Time when you can relax with a good read, stay in bed,read more »