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Real Truth About Rodan+Fields

Honest answer: I am super IMPRESSED with the Rodan+Fields REDEFINE range…way more than I thought I would be! Iread more »

Everything you need to know about Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions… It was my 5 weekly ‘colour’ salon visit to Evalyn Parsons Hair salon a couple ofread more »

QVS Beauty: Affordable Makeup Brushes

Brought to you by Nuffnang and  QVS Beauty QVS (Quality.Value.Style) – Beauty Starts Here Now I must confess toread more »

Eyelash Extensions Cure Hooded Eyes!

The Hooded Eye Edit I have the worst case of hooded eyelids, STAT. Not even kidding. Trust me, there is not an ounce ofread more »

Eeeeek Changing Hair Stylist/Salon!

Are you the kind of girl who sticks with the same hair stylist at the same salon, forever and a day? Or are you more ofread more »

Top Plumping Products for Ageing Skin

Ageing skin. EEEEEEEEEK – I’m excited to tell you about what I’ve found lovelies (no eye rollingread more »

Diamond Hair Styler and my Thick Wiry Hair

Do you consider your hair to be part of your outfit? I do. We all have those days when your whole outfit seems to more »

How to look after ageing skin

Sponsored by Skin Doctors   I don’t EVER hide the fact that I’m 52. Why? No point really. After-all, Iread more »

My Top Skin Care Products for Dry Ageing Skin

Well Hello Lovelies, welcome to the February Beauty Edit. Every four weeks I will share with you my favourite beautyread more »

Beauty Review: Newa Rejuvenation System

Warning: There is a very scary video of me below. It’s my first ever video and I had an acute case of verbalread more »

Wrinkles Schminkles Giveaway

Well Hello you gorgeous humans! This is a topic VERY close to my heart. So if you are not superficial like me –read more »

My July Beauty Picks

Well Hello Lovelies welcome to the July Beauty Edit. Every four weeks I will share with you my favourite beauty productsread more »

My June Beauty Picks

I am a beauty product whore. No doubt about it. Show me a product that promises me the earth and I’m all over itread more »

My Skin: The Basics.

This is the part-two edit of My Skin posts…I kinda did them back to front – for some strange reason Iread more »

My Skin: Primer Time

I have decided to start a two-part edit about my skin and what I use on a daily basis.  For some strange reason thoughread more »

I’m a foundation junkie

Pretties, I have a bit of a problem. I’m taking over the bathroom drawers with my make-up addiction and it couldread more »

The Botox Follow Up Edition

I’ve been on a bit of a beauty journey over the last couple of months. A journey to improve the appearance of myread more »

My July Beauty Must Haves

Its been quite a while since I shared my beauty favourites. To be honest, I guess I have been stuck in a rut. Just goingread more »

B is for Botox

I thought long and hard before having my first  ever Botox treatment. It was December 2012. Our second Christmas inread more »

Beauty News: My 30 Day Arbonne Trial Feedback

Where the hell has the last 30 days gone? Let me to tell you its surely been a whirlwind around these parts. I feel likeread more »

How I control my frizzy dry hair!

After lots of requests about how I tame my mane, I thought I’d dedicate a post to keeping your locks soft andread more »

Beauty News: Arbonne RE9 Trial

I mentioned before in this post that I wasn’t blessed with the best of skin. So it takes lots of effort on my partread more »

What is your beauty ‘Must Have’ ?

Do you have one beauty product that you absolutely adore? A product that you feel you just can’t live without? Youread more »

Botox in a tube

I might have mentioned before  what a sucker I am how much I love products that promise to help erase my crows feet read more »

What’s your signature scent?

Do you have a signature scent? A delicious smell that everyone recognises you by? Would your friends and familyread more »

Getting Your Bronze Goddess On

Do you like to be a bronze goddess in the summer months? There was a time {not too long ago} when baking in the sun wasread more »

What’s in my make-up bag?

Now I’m a bit of a make-up freak – you could even call me a beauty junkie without fear of backlash. Myread more »

Beauty Review: Quench

My skin is as dry as a dogs bone. Ever since I can remember, I have always had dry sensitive skin. You know, the type ofread more »

Beauty Review: The Big Guns – Alpha H

If I had been blessed with a crystal ball I would have known to take more care of my skin. Growing up in the UK {whereread more »

Beauty Review: Cleanse and Prepare

As you get to know me,  you will soon realise I am a total beauty junkie. I love the stuff… I am also A BELIEVERread more »