About Me.

Hey Gorgeous!

Welcome to Iris May Style.

I was lucky to grow up with a stylish Mummy. Her name was Iris May.

This blog is my tribute to my darling mother, who is my daily inspiration and the wind beneath my wings.


So why start a blog?

I love love love fashion and beauty. Always have, always will – I guess you could say it’s in my genes!

I enjoy looking the best I can, well, most days I do…I’m also more than happy to embrace a few ‘couldn’t care less, make-up free days’ as well though, if it takes my fancy. You know the days I mean? The ones were you’re positive you won’t bump in to anyone you know, when you make a mad dash around Coles – yes, those days!

So after reading so many fabulous blogs and discussing how darn brilliant they are with friends. One of them said “why don’t you do that – I’d read it” – It has taken me a while to pluck up the courage, but now I’m here, it feels like home and something I should have done a while ago.

My background.

After many frustrating years trying to convince myself I was meant to feel happy working 9-5 in finance and administration {even singing along with Dolly Parton didn’t cut the mustard} I decided to dip my toe into retail sales.

I started working for the Monsoon fashion label {just part-time} in the UK and I was instantly in heaven. It felt comfortable, I was around clothes – I was even given a clothes allowance to spend every month – Hal-le-lu-jah – paid to wear clothes – yes please!

Why oh why had I waited so long?

Before I knew it, I was full-time and styling a regular stream of clients – it felt fantastic. Monsoon gave me the confidence and self-belief for my next adventure.


I opened a bridal boutique in a tiny village in Staffordshire England {was I crazy?}. No retail foot-fall, no other businesses around me – unless you include the local village pubs!

Being surrounded by Ivory 24-7 was a blast. I was totally in my element styling brides-to-be to look ‘knock out gorgeous’ on the most important day of their lives…You would not believe the amount of beautiful people I had the pleasure of meeting, girls came as clients and left as friends – I was blessed.

You can read about it here. I’m still so proud of what we achieved at Honey Cole, in such a short space of time.

Now, after moving, lock stock and barrel to Australia in 2011, I live on The Sunshine Coast in gorgeous Queensland. Australia.

Iris May Style about Bev pic

I am a wife to my handsome man, a proud mother to my darling girl, Ms May {I’ll tell you just how special she is one day} and Mum to the most delightful Cocker Spaniel you could wish to meet. I’m also a sister, daughter and friend to a select few – I class myself so lucky to have such inspirational people in my life.

I also pinch myself daily at living just a stone’s throw from the beach, in such an idyllic part of the globe.

My aim with Iris May is welcome you into my world, so together we can explore how fashion and beauty aimed at the pretty young things translates for us {not so young} girls, that want to stay looking youthful and feeling fabulous for as long as possible.

We’ll talk fashion, hair, beauty and life. I’ll share my recipes {I am a cake freak} and occasionally open my heart if it helps for you to get to know me more.

One thing I promise you though, is honesty along with my general ramblings by the bucket load. I hope you can handle it 😉

So come and join me, and let’s have some fun together.

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