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There is nothing nicer than planning (followed by buying of course 😉 ) a new frock (or a whole outfit) for a special occasion.

So, when an invitation came through from the always stylish Karen Style Loving 2 to help her celebrate her big 5 0 my very first thought was:

“What the hell am I going to wear” – honestly! And no friends, I’m not kidding!

Now “before I go any further, I can hear you, you’re shouting at the screen:

“Yeah Bev, whatever – how about wearing one of the gazillion dresses in your wardrobe?”

But in my defence (not that I need one but you know, in the interests of keeping it real and all that 😉 ) you should be aware of all the facts:

  1. I cannot see the bloody wood for the trees in my wardrobe at the moment, I’m in desperate need a massive clear-out because. I seriously have no idea what I have anymore.
  2. I NEVER pass-up on the opportunity to dream-up the perfect look – yep its my thing HAH!
  3. PLUS I’m no different to anyone else – I simply love that new frock feeling.

Anyway, the party was at her place on the back deck. So as we have had some scorching temps, I decided that a lightweight cotton dress would work a treat…I also knew exactly which one I wanted.

Now one of my favourite dress styles to wear (that is also super flattering on my curves) is the humble wrap dress.

Note: I find faux wrap dresses much harder to wear, especially if you are like me and busty.

Anyway, I gravitate to this shape all the time – in fact I would go as far as saying the wrap dress has knocked OTS off the top-spot for me.

So when Bohemian Traders released their first flutter wrap dress last year – deep in my heart, I knew it had to be mine…but I didn’t jump straight in.

Instead, like a fool, I watched from the sidelines and the first release sold out (in my size) right in before my eyes – I was devastated.

Because from the moment I laid eyes on this shape – I just knew we would be besties.

But like an idiot, I didn’t trust my gut.

My first instinct was to pounce, but I ignored all the signs.

This dress was the culprit of my initial devastation:

The Unworn Frock

Gypsy Flutter Wrap Maxi $149.00 Bohemian Traders | Tahiti Pink Tassel Earrings* $15.00 | St Lucia Necklace* $50.00 (on sale) both Pink Deer | Shoes no longer available.

Made from 100% rayon and what you can’t see from the image, is the exquisite detail on the fabric, it has the most gorgeous raised silver hot stamping. It’s so pretty close-up and the perfect length – well if the wind isn’t playing cheeky buggers that is!

I also have this one from The Traveller collection – which I wore on Christmas Day.

The Unworn Frock

Traveller Flutter Wrap Dress* $129.00 | Oceanic Blue Tassel Earrings* $59.00 | Limited Edition Raw Aqua Marine* Ring $129.00  Love Lines Pendant * $279.00 Uber kate | Bracelet Sebastianella

Blue is most certainly my favourite colour (closely followed by pink) – after initially photographing this dress, I patiently saved it for Christmas – let’s just admit tight now, it was quite the challenge. Patience is not one of my stronger qualities.

I LOVE how super feminine the dress shape is, but the biggest selling point for me was the delicate arm coverage, I wrote about it more here

My arms are fully out, but the flutter sleeve detracts from my least favourite section of upper arm – the bingo wing section!

Also, like its pink sister it’s also made from 100% rayon.

So when BT had their big sale, I simply couldn’t resist diving right in and nabbing the navy and white version for Karen’s party.

The Unworn Frock

Navy Flutter Wrap Dress $169.00 | Carnival Basket *$69.00 She Street | Larimar Cocktail Ring* $195.00 | Shoes oldies from Marks and Spencer


In all three colours, I’m wearing a Large – I definitely would not fit the Medium, especially over my bust. So would suggest taking this into consideration if you have a fuller bust or are broad through the top half. It does however skim nicely over my pear-shaped butt and thigh area.

I also add a small safety-pin at the bust to avoid an embarrassing over-flowing boob mishap.

Both the gypsy and the traveller flutter have been on high rotation for me through the summer months.

They are all lightweight and a dream to wear. The pink heavier feel to it than the blue, both are 100% rayon, the navy in 100% cotton.

I adore dresses that make me feel stylish and well put together without hardly any effort – all 3 are simply fab.

The Unworn Frock

Navy Flutter Wrap Dress $169.00 | White Blazer $189.00 | Larimar Cocktail Ring* $195.00 | Shoes oldies from Marks and Spencer

The Unworn Frock

Navy Flutter Wrap Dress $169.00 | White Blazer $189.00

If you want to add a jacket, simply slip your arm out of the ruffle sleeve and hey presto!

The Unworn Frock

Anyway, if you follow me on IG you will already know that even after all the preparation (and fake tanning) I didn’t end up wearing my new frock on Saturday night after all.

I may have been a little sad 🙁

The weather was so wet and awful, plus a little chilly – also, I had planned to wear my new frock with some fabulous blue suede shoes (I’ll share the story of the shoes next week).

We all know suede and torrential rain have never been a good combo – so I had to ditch the idea and try to find something else to wear (yes, you guessed it – I braced myself, put on my big girl pants and dived into to the cavern that is my WARDROBE – let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasant experience).

So after much deliberation (and about an hour before we needed to leave) this is what I ended up wearing. Plus added some inexpensive shoes from Spendless, that I didn’t mind getting wet!

The Unworn Frock

Sometimes all the best laid plans don’t come to fruition eh?


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