2018 Holiday Planning Starts NOW

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2017 was a tough year, for our little family.

We had to say goodbye to someone we adored.

Our Dad (and Grandad). Our Hero.

Yes, our hilariously funny Albert has left a gaping hole in our lives, a hole that still hurts like hell.

But, I’m a true believer that from darkness, always comes light…

The light that came for Beckie and I, was reconnecting with our beautiful friends, that we’d lost touch with.

When we lived in England our two little families were inseparable.

But, sometimes life happens, stuff gets in the way and things change. It was an unavoidable situation – something that through circumstance, pushed us in different directions.

The one thing that time never changed though, was the love our two families felt for each other.

For me, the mark of true friendship is simple – you need to be able to pick up, exactly where you left off.

That’s exactly what we did.

If you feel relaxed in a nanosecond and belly laugh at the first opportunity, then you just know.

True friends are always there to lend a helping hand, especially when the going gets tough.

So when they heard we were heading back for Dad’s funeral, they offered us a place to stay, without hesitation.

That offer was exactly what Beckie and I needed – the kindness shown to us also melted our hearts.

We wanted to feel wrapped-up and protected – because we were both hurting.

So when our flight landed at Heathrow Airport in London, we jumped into our hire car and headed north to Staffordshire, and walked straight through their front door.

The time (and distance) simply disappeared.

2018 Holiday Planning Starts NOW

2018 Holiday Planning Starts NOW

2018 Holiday Planning Starts NOW

Beckie and Marcus (on the left) have known each other since Marcus was born. As they were growing up, they always had their pictures taken in this pose  – we thought it would be fun recreating this image, but this time with the addition of Toby (the most gorgeous boy you could ever wish to meet) in the middle.

Anyway, our lovely friends have decided to travel to Australia for the first time in 2018. To say we are super excited is an understatement.

We can’t wait to be their ‘tour guides’

Whilst showing off the very best Australia has to offer.

February is simply the perfect time to start planning your next holiday, don’t you agree?

The year is like an open book waiting for you to pen-in your next adventure.

Those adventures can be close to home or a tad further afield – I happen to have my sights firmly set on a tour of China 😉

The excitement of dreaming and planning where to go –  it’s one of my favourite pass times.

I also believe your holiday starts from the moment you book – let the countdown begin!

Psssst…I’ll let you into a little secret. I’ve always wanted to work in a travel agency. FACT – not even kidding.

Considering we’ve only called Australia home for 6 years, there is still so much of this beautiful country for us still to see though.

I can still remember booking our first trip to Australia. I was so nervous about things that were out of my control.

The what if’s:

  • our luggage gets lost/ends up in another country? Our luggage has been lost before.
  • problem with the airline/internal flights.
  • processions lost or stolen.
  • car hire – did you know rental vehicle excess is included with a Worldcare Travel Insurance comprehensive policy?
  • we have an accident/need hospital care.
  • OR worst case scenario – no one ever wants to think of this, but its a crucial (non-negotiable) part of a policy for me.

So making sure we booked comprehensive travel insurance was of huge importance to me then, and it still is now. Even if I’m simply flying to Melbourne or Sydney, I prefer the reassurance of knowing I am covered for almost any eventuality.

Comprehensive annual policies always work best – it’s the peace of mind to be spontaneous.

It just so happened that on our first trip here to Australia, we needed to tap into our travel insurance. Beckie broke her toe at the beach – and ended up with a nasty spiral fracture, that left her on crutches.

THANK GOODNESS we were completely covered for any eventuality.

Honestly, I would never dream of travelling without adequate travel insurance.

Before we emigrated here, we were lucky to visit Australia 5 times before we took the plunge – but when Liz and Wade visit, it will be for just a few short weeks. So I really want them to see everything that Australia offers.

So my friends, that is where you come in – I need YOUR help.

2018 Holiday Planning Starts NOW

Whitehaven beach has been on my bucket list for over 30 years – fingers crossed it will be conquered in 2018

Lovelies, what are your recommendations?

Also, hit me with your best accommodation too – if you’ve stayed in a hotel that you loved, PLEASE let me know.

Here is where I am in my head so far:

  • Sunshine Coast – from Noosa down to Caloundra (and everywhere in between). Easy peasy – I have this covered (including a trip to Australia Zoo).
  • Brisbane – Beckie knows the best of Brisbane, so I will hand the reigns over to her.
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

We won’t completely hijack their Aussie adventure, instead we will dip in an out, so they’ll also have time to explore by themselves.

I am so excited for 2018, it’s already looking to be a great year.

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What have you got planned friends?

Are holidays on the horizon for you?

Thanks in advance for the recommendations!


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