Menopausal Brain Forgetting I Bought New Threads

Have you ever treated yourself to some new threads, then totally forgot they existed?

Friends, please tell me I’m not alone, or indeed that I’m not turning into THE women in her mid fifties that is already suffering from severe menopausal related memory loss (actually my memory is shocking, but I don’t normally forget anything if it relates to clothes or style 🙂 )

In my defence though, I do blame the madness that was preparing for the run up to Christmas, coupled with my inability to store everything in the same place (I lost half of the presents I had purchased – even though I knew they were in the house, I just had no idea where they were).

I guess, just like everyone else on the planet with pre-Christmas craziness, I ended up running around like a loony trying to remember everything…it seems however, in the end I remembered the whereabouts of most things, except my new threads!

Anyway, when Jonny and I went to Chermside to finish the last of the pressie shopping, we popped into Country Road (as you do).

Every December we always make a pilgrimage to CR to stock up on shorts, boardies and shirts for Jonny boy – he loves a good CR Linen shirt, plus this year CR also released a fabulous skinny leg short  (now on sale), which was perfect for his slim frame.

Of course, while we were there, I could help but have a sneaky look at what was available in the Womens dept – yes I know, even though my wardrobes are bulging – the temptation was too strong, or I am indeed, too weak!

There were a few standout threads, that surprisingly did catch my attention:

  • Everything in linen always causes my antennae to spring into action (I was also secretly gutted to have missed out on this dress – its back in stock now, so I may still have to purchase).
  • Wide legged pants.
  • Black (yes even in the height of summer, black is eternally sophisticated in my eyes).

The above combo truly suits both my classic style personality, plus it goes alright over my pear-shaped butt and thighs.

By now, you all know me well enough, linen is one of my all-time favourite fabrics, (my totally fave would be a linen and silk mix).

I seriously couldn’t give two hoots about the ‘lived-in, constantly crushed’ look. In fact, it’s the one thing that appeals to me the most about wearing linen, I truly EMBRACE the dishevelled look, with gusto!

It adds depth and shouts confidence, when I see someone rocking it – especially so if they do it without a care in the world, I always notice and admire from afar – if I’m close enough, I would always tell them how fabulous they look.

But even though my linen-love is strong, I also appreciate linen threads are not for everyone.

My (well, I should say Jonny’s – as he is the de-creaser in our house) tip to combat some of the creases (if they really bother you that is) – is to spray the linen with a good starch prior ironing – it does help a little (although of course, I couldn’t give a flying fig 😉 ).

Also, its worth mentioning that the weight/quality of linen, equally effects it appearance and how it wears – all linen is not the same by default.

Hormonal Brain Forgetting I Bought New Threads

Now the most annoying part about suffering from ridiculous hormonal memory loss, is that by the time I found these pants (even though I only got them just before Christmas and hadn’t yet had chance to wear them), they are no longer available on the CR website (check your local store though).

Anyway I still wanted to show you them because:

  1. CR will probably release a similar pair in the new season’s drop (as these were such a good seller, and they’re still focusing very much on linen).
  2. I thought you may already have a similar pair in your wardrobe.
  3. They may inspire you to seek out/pull together a similar look from another brand..

A good quality pair of wide-legged pants is a must for me.

They are casual enough for a beach side get together, but look equally as fabulous when worn with heels in the city.

Hormonal Brain Forgetting I Bought New Threads

These have a wide shirred waistband for extra comfort and side POCKETS – because who in their right mind doesn’t love POCKETS eh?

Sooooo, not that I need an excuse to carry on shopping, buy it seemed only fair that I find the perfect linen top to go with said linen pants… Hormonal Brain Forgetting I Bought New Threads Linen Tie Front Check Blouse $89.95 but on sale $59.95 (wearing size 12) | Red Sashay Heels Mimco have sold out online in red, black still available (down to $99 with a further 20% off today).

Say Hello to Ms Gingham’s bolder cousin…Ms Bold Monochrome check.

She will be a fabulous addition to any fashionistas wardrobe.

Would you just look at the tie waist detail – AMAZING DESIGN JACQUI-E – WELL DONE!

Hormonal Brain Forgetting I Bought New Threads

Linen Tie Front Check Blouse $89.95 but on sale $59.95 (wearing size 12) | Red Sashay Heels Mimco have sold out online in red, black still available (down to $99 with a further 20% off today).


If you love this top as much as I do friends, you need to act FAST.

No dilly-dallying around with major FOMO regrets with this one – this top has already sold out in my local store, so I’m guessing it won’t hang around long after today.

Why you need this:

  • The cut is super flattering even on a fuller bust like mine.
  • LINEN.
  • Cute tie-front design.
  • Upper arm coverage.
  • Hides a Mumma tum.
  • Will take you through Autumn.
  • Great with skirts, pants and shorts.
  • Looks great with almost every colour.

Pssssst…If you’re out on the Sunny Coast tonight, you may well will see me wearing these threads –  as I’m getting together with the girls from work (I may just have to swap out the shoes for a more casual Wednesday night beachy vibe though).

Nothing in this post is gifted, all purchased by moi!

Remind me, is linen your thing?

Shopped at Jacqui•e lately?



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