CT Scans and Polka Dots

I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself today lovelies, so this will be a shorter post than normal – although, as per usual with Ms Verbal Diarrhoea here, once I get talking I probably won’t stop!

Anyway, I woke up Monday morning with the worst pain in my left nostril…

I know what a strange place for excruciating pain, I hear you say – I do however like to be different friends 😉 

Now, before I go any further, I should add I have a very high pain threshold (inherited from Albert). Which means pain has to be pretty ouchy for me to even mention it to Jonny, but on Monday I mentioned it the second I opened up my eyes.

Jonny knows to take notice if I complain.

The Gory Details:

When I put my finger up my left nostril (as you do when your left nostril has a pulse 😉 ) I could feel a lump, actually more like a bubble (at first I thought it was a spot) but it was hot and super painful both on the inside and outside of my nose. I liken the sensation, to the most painful fresh bruise on the outside / raw graze on the inside.

My usual thing in these situations is to say ‘I’m fine’ and carry on (which I actually did because I had to go to work) but something was internally niggling away at me, saying it would probably need checking out.

My word of 2018 is INTUITION – so I decided to trust my gut and take it seriously.

Anyway, fast forward 24 hours to yesterday morning – my nose had started to bleed and the constant throbbing was driving me absolutely crazy. Plus my temperature kept spiking.

My head actually felt like it would explode every time I bent forward – plus the pain had moved slightly higher in my nostril!

So I called the Doctors to make an appointment – GO ME (Jonny and Beckie’s insistence may have given me the final push of encouragement I needed).

I’m so glad I made the call.

The Doctor is sending me for a CT scan this morning, she said my concerns are truly justified.

It’s either a nasty bacterial infection or a little critter has crawled up my nose (YUK and YIKES) which has either bitten me and swiftly departed, OR ITS STILL THERE.

The CT scan will also rule out if the infection (or the critter) is migrating further north to my brain – I know scary right.

In the meantime, the 1000mg of antibiotics (plus antibiotic cream) will try to attack whatever it is. Worst case scenario – I will need to be admitted to hospital to go on a stronger antibiotic drip in the short-term.

I am however being positive.

Please keep your FINGERS CROSSED friends – I just don’t fancy having to be admitted into hospital.

CT Scans and Polka Dots

Lolita Dress* $63.00 She Street (I’m wearing XL/14 quite generous) | Tassel Plume Earrings* $9.95 (on sale) White haven Emporium | Sashay Heels Mimco (no longer available online).

Wednesday’s are never complete without a hit of style.

Now I saw this polka dot dress at SHE STREET I instantly knew it was ME.

I also noticed the basket at the same time…both irresistible.

As soon as the parcel arrived, I instantly thought I would show you how easily this dress could be worn 3 different ways.

  • Wedding / Races / Fancy Pantsy
  • Daytime Drinks / Smart Casual
  • Super Casual / Shopping

Now, I adore nothing more than getting all dolled-up and feeling fancy.

This dress (and all of its thousands of polka dots) is actually, quite a show-stopper.

Yep, it would be the cutest frock for a wedding or the races.

Simply add a bold heel like I have, or go nude for a more classic look – it works really well either way.

Add your favourite accessories and BAM you’re good to go!

I’ve always been a big fan of navy, it has a softness that makes it complimentary on most skin tones, coupled with a classic elegance.

Now if you’re happy to show your upper arm with gay abandonment, I applaud you.

However, I am not.

Within the last couple of years my arms have noticeably deteriorated (not being harsh on myself, instead honest, yes I admit to being hit and miss with toning them too) – so the pretty sleeve detail works like a dream for me.

CT Scans and Polka Dots

Carnival Basket* $69 She Street | Lolita Dress* $63.00 She Street (I’m wearing XL/14 quite generous) | Limited Edition Raw Aquamarine Ring* $129 Uber Kate

Lets just (for a second) luxuriate over this bag shall we?

Isn’t it simply the cutest?

You will already have seen it on my socials (I used it the moment it arrived) but besides the tassels and pom-pom attraction, it also has a ZIP in the lining for extra security, bloody genius!

CT Scans and Polka Dots

Lolita Dress* $63.00 She Street (I’m wearing XL/14 quite generous) | Carnival Basket* $69 She Street |  Limited Edition Raw Aquamarine Ring* $129 Uber Kate

When I head to Brisbane either to meet friends (or spend the day with Beckie), I always like to make a touch more effort.

I’m never quite sure if we’ll end up having lunch and drinks by the river, so I always make sure I’m dressed for anything. These polkas dots (and all of their fabulousness ) could easily be my go-to. Perfect for whatever the day throws at me and super comfy to boot (hello elasticated waist).

It’s a faux wrap style (which don’t normally work on my fuller bust) but the cut of this one works a treat.

Note: there was a press stud attached (at the bust) that I removed, as it wasn’t sitting in the right place.

CT Scans and Polka Dots

NAT Sneaker* $229.95 Frankie 4 | Denim Jacket* Loobies Story  | Carnival Basket* $69 She Street |  Limited Edition Raw Aquamarine Ring* $129 Uber Kate

And finally, add your favourite kicks and a denim jacket.

Note: To get this look to sit properly, I slipped my arms out of the arm ruffles, it works easily both ways – it also didn’t feel bulky under my denim jacket.

Casual and ready for almost anything!

Righto, must dash my friends, the CT scanner is has my name on it for 9am – so wish me LUCK



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