Are the Christmas Holidays Really Over?

Ra Ra Ra I don’t want the Christmas cheer to leave our house…

Yep, the Christmas tree came down on New Years Day, which marked the start of a brand new year (with endless possibilities) – but I still want to luxuriate a little longer.

I’m SO not ready to let go of that gorgeous festive feeling.

Especially with so many people still relaxing on holiday (hello Jonny boy, I’m talking about YOU) I just can’t seem to get my head around work – of any kind!

This Christmas, I really felt like I’ve had a break – it has been DIVINE and just what I needed.

Anyway, let’s have a little post Chrissy catch-up shall we…

After working Christmas Eve at Mimco, I arrived home to a house full of LOVE – my favourite thing.

Our friends (that are family) had arrived while I was at work. The ham had been cooked, the champagne chilled and all of my favourite people were together, under one roof.

We did have an extra guest who was delightful (with a capital D – you know the type of person you feel you have known forever?)

It was pure heaven.

I am such a nurturer, nothing pleases me more than relaxing with people who love me, just as much as I love them.

Because when I love, it is unconditional…unless you push me too far.

Anyway, before long, the prosecco cocktails started to flow – talking of prosecco, have you tried The Hugo yet?

Nikki P posted a couple of recipes on her blog  pre-Christmas – I jumped straight on the band-wagon and downloaded them – friends, I was not disappointed!

Let’s just say, The Hugo will always remind me of Christmas 2017.

I honestly had the most wonderful Christmas break.

It made me feel so lucky and blessed.

The main reason my heart was bulging with love though, was because of Beckie.

She was home.

As I’ve previously mentioned, Beckie often heads back to England to catch up with family at Christmas, so to have her home this year was a pure delight for me.

I get no greater pleasure, than to simply watch her laughing and enjoying herself.

Our friends stayed for 3 nights/4 days – we ate like Kings and Queens, thanked our blessings and made some (more) beautiful memories together.

The best bit? Beckie stayed home until 4th January – my cup runneth over!

So like most peeps, I take time to say goodbye to 2017 (yes Albert you have left a huge hole) and always reflect on what the New Year, might have in store for our little family.

I also believe very much, in dreaming BIG – picture what you want I say – yes, its more thank ok to reach for the stars my friends, because you never know it might just happen!

Talking of stars, please tell me I’m not alone…do you also seek out (and devour) every single website that predicts what lies ahead for you and yours for 2018?

It’s one of my favourite things to do at the beginning of every year.

Yes, I’m a bit (ok, a lot 😉 ) of a believer.

I love star signs and believe I am the typical crab (see below).

Although, reading all the 2018 predictions made me feel like I definitely need to snap out of my frivolous Christmas luxuriousness and acknowledge that a new year has indeed started…maybe I will wait to kickstart my healthy eating plan until Jonny goes back to work though 😉

So when Beckie’s adorable friend Lucinda sent this to her yesterday, (purposely to pass on to me – she is a gorgeous little crab, who just like me, believes in the power of understanding star signs, especially of the people who share you space) because she knew I would love it.

I instantly thought I would share this bit of me with you, as this is exactly how I tick…

Are The Christmas Holidays Really Over Already? This year I intend to trust my INTUITION more.

So it will be my word of 2018.

What’s yours?

Happy New Year friends, and thank YOU for your kindness and support through 2017

I wish you a year filled to the brim with everything your heart desires.





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  • Suzie

    Happy new year and as your older twin I’m very much on the same wavelength 😄. Beautiful cancerian sentiment! Bring on 2018 I say! Xx

    • Suzie I love being twinnies with you – you have such a wonderful soul, that shines from you like moonbeams xx

  • Happy new year Bev 🙂 I’m one of those who loves unconditionally too, and forgives far too easily – another story haha! I didn’t know anything about Cancer people, except I had a friend who I worked with years ago, and she sounds a lot like the description – lovely lady – I’m an Aries – but I don’t relate to a lot of the sign’s attributes :/ I think they say you can be born under another sign or something!!! Anyway, hope your year is absolutely brilliant and I look forward to sharing it with you xoxo

    • Happy New Year darling!
      To love unconditionally is not a given Petra, lots of people think they do – when in reality, they love themselves far too much (but like you said, that’s another story haha).
      I’ve always been a true Cancer, are you on the cusp of another sign? Also, have you ever taken the 16personalities test? (
      Its another true eye-opener. Beckie got me to do it a few years ago, she told me to answer the questions super quickly and not try to overthink them. We ended up being exactly the same personality type (which is just 2% of the population). It’s quite spookily accurate! Let me know if you do it xxxx

      • Oh sure, thanks for that, I’ll give it a go 🙂 x

        • Petra we belong to the same group: DIPLOMATS (I’m the Protagonist).
          Does the Mediator feel more like you than your star sign? xx

          • Oh yes definitely me to a T 🙂 Some things can be worded differently and put into a resume.