What A Bloody Week Plus CR Must-Have Linen Dress

Lordy lordy lordy, those bloody antibiotics crippled me last week friends, I imagine they were most certainly sent from the devil – they were antibiotics of the very MEAN variety.

Honestly (even though I hate to admit it), they well and truly zapped the life out of me – I’m not even kidding.

Antibiotics: 100 Bev: 0

Now, if you’re wondering what the bloody hell I am going on about – you should probably read last week’s blog post first.

It takes a lot to stop me in my tracks, but those 1000mg (twice daily) babies, sure did get the better of me…

Although, I suppose they did have a massive infection to kick into touch, plus a critter of the unwanted variety. The infection carrying critter was named Elvis by one of my followers – of course, giving my unwanted visitor a name (hello Elvis) really appealed to my sense of humour, and made me giggle so hard – which was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits.

So, after what turned out to be a very rough bloody week, I now feel confident enough to finally announce:

Drum roll please…

ELVIS HAS NOW LEFT THE BUILDING (the building being my left nostril of course 😉 ).

Anyway, where are my manners?

Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU all so much for the outpouring of love and support. Either by message, email or on my socials – I truly appreciate each one of you – I also embraced (with gusto) every virtual hug you sent my way!

So being the darn stubborn fool I am, I decided (much to the disgrace of my family) that going back to work last Sunday was a jolly good idea (you guessed it, I wasn’t ready – when will I learn eh?).

On Sunday evening when I came home, I went to bed to try to recover – because on Monday I had plans to head to Brisbane for a lady-date and there was no way I was bloody missing it!

It was a date I was very much looking forward to.

I was lucky enough to meet Aleksandra (@covermum) when I went to Melbourne last year. She drove across Melbourne just to come and say hi and from that moment on we were friends. We both instantly knew we had a special connection, a bond that would stand the test of time.

Don’t you think it’s crazy how that happens?

Aleks was so strapped for time on Monday, but we still managed to carve out a window of opportunity. We had the very best catch-up (neither of us came up for air – it was truly delightful), before she dashed to the Airport for her flight home.

One of the things I love about her most, is the passion that radiates from Aleks when she is talking about her husband and children.

I could see the love pouring from her – it was magical.

It’s music to my ears – I could honestly listen to my friends wax lyrical about their kids and families all day long.

By the time we said our goodbyes, both of our hearts were full

Oh and of course, I really should mention how utterly stylish she is…as you can clearly see for yourself.

Aleks nails colour so beautifully.

What A Bloody Week Plus CR Must Have Linen

Now a couple of weeks ago I mentioned a dress that I regretted not snapping up from Country Road…

Guess what? IT’S BACK!

What A Bloody Week Plus CR Must Have Linen

Frill Sleeve Shift Dress $159 (Wearing 12) | Carnival Basket Bag* $69 She Street | Sunnies New Season Mimco | Shoes and earrings also Mimco (older stock)

Thankfully Country Road decided to re-run this dress, so I was determined not to miss out a second time – my dear friend Jilly (who I used to work with at CR) kept her eye on the prize for me – BINGO it was mine as soon as it hit the shop floor.

Available in 2 colours:

  • Flax – this colour was super popular the first time around
  • Black

So what’s all the fuss about?

  1. Washed linen.
  2. The skimming shift style is perfect for almost all shapes.
  3. Sleeves – I’m a sucker for a fancy sleeve.
  5. Shaped neckline
  6. Enough said.

Can we just address the length before we go any further?

I am 172 cm tall and generally wear a 12/14 (depending on label).

My butt and thighs are wider than my bust and shoulders – which mean I am a true PEAR.

Now you already know, I prefer not to show my 54-year-old knees – BUT I do make exceptions to that rule, especially if I fall in love.

This dress is THE exception for me.

I feel like the sleeves are the attraction, which draws your eye to the top of the dress – add fun eye-catching accessories like this fun basket from She Street and my legs are no longer the first thing I see when I look in the mirror.

What A Bloody Week Plus CR Must Have Linen

Frill Sleeve Shift Dress $159 (Wearing 12) | Carnival Basket Bag* $69 She Street | Sunnies New Season Mimco | Shoes and earrings also Mimco (older stock)

Sizing: The top of this dress is quite roomy on me, but there is not a cat in hell’s chance of my bum fitting into a size 10.

However, if you’re a column shape do consider sizing down as your regular size might drown you – but if you’re curvy like me, trust your instincts and remember all linen will give after sitting down (this is a heavier weight linen, which feels more luxurious).

The relaxed and oversized style makes it the perfect day-night choice (if you don’t mind the creases that is).

I would happily go for breakfast or dinner in this dress, its super understated but still packs a mighty punch.

Also, wear with your favourite kicks or slides for a more casual vibe.

Or in the cooler months, throw this frock over your favourite denim  – just not an option for me right now, as I sit slithering off my office chair HAH!

And it you still need convincing – POCKETS – yes, they always seal the deal for me.

Just to give you a giggle…because of being poorly, I didn’t have the enthusiasm to shoot my blog post images at the weekend.

So this morning I begged convinced Jonny to take them before he left for work – these pics were taken at 06:50 – Jonny gave me a 3 minute window of opportunity – talk about bloody PRESSURE!



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