Merry Christmas Friends

How can 2017 be almost over?

Holy moly friends, it’s almost Christmas – T’is the silly season, where we all rush around like headless chooks, spending way too much money (over) buying last-minute presents, to add to the heap that are already under the tree (*ahem* the under the tree part is wishful thinking…mine are still scattered all over the house UNWRAPPED) 😉

I am the worst culprit – both with over buying presents and FOOD.

Just can’t help myself.

I am such a mother hen.

I love both the giving of presents and the feeding people, in equal measures 😉

Merry Christmas Friends

Phew this last week has been a busy one.

Work has been crazy with pre-Christmas deadlines.

On Sunday, Jonny and I celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary.

As I was working, we decided to celebrate on Monday – I don’t like playing by the rules where dates are concerned, if it doesn’t work for you, I say, reschedule it!

We had such a wonderful day, just being us – we talked about the year that is almost over and starting making plans for next year.


Merry Christmas Friends Merry Christmas Friends Merry Christmas Friends

Finding a new restaurant is always fun.

It was also bloody D E L I C I O U S

Two Point Oh don’t have a website, but here is a review over on The Urban List that you might like to read.

My point of view? FAB – it’s completely vegetarian but don’t let that put you off. I had the Gnocchi and Jonny had Cottage Pie – our minds were well and truly blown…and can I just add, the selection of alcoholic 😉 beverages truly completes this edgy, coastal eatery.

As you know, 2017 has been a biggie for our family.

For a time, all the triumphs and achievements paled into insignificance when we lost Dad.

Gosh, if only he knew how much I miss his Wednesday texts and Saturday skype sessions – I still check my phone at 3pm on Wednesdays – old habits die-hard eh?

BUT, Albert (our hero) was forever the optimist, so I want to leave this year with a huge smile on my face, thankful and grateful for 86 years of love.

With all the madness of Christmas hurtling towards me at 100 kph, fitting in a salon visit was of utmost importance to me.

Plus the badger look was getting out of control

The minute I step through the door at EEvalyn Parson Hair at Moffet Beach, I exhale.

I simply love the place. Here is why I changed salons

I never ever feel worried or anxious about how my hair will turn out.

Instead, I plonk my butt in the chair knowing I’m in the SAFEST hands. Confidence is the key to great hair.

The Cut

Gorgeous Bec always does my hair BUT as she is so in demand, she was unfortunately fully booked up. So Ev and Kristiina managed to juggle a spot with the lovely Tahlia (who always does Beckie’s hair) – I was super excited as Beckie always gushes about how fabulous Tahlia is.

Oh my goodness I felt sorry for Tahlia though, having to cope with my mop of hair for the first time.

Her arms must have killed her as she put all the foils in (it takes a few hours, the back foils need to be washed out before the top as they have been in that long).

When it came to the cut though, I knew that even though I want to grow it, I was desperate for a cut to tidy up all the different layers that are still growing out. After a brief conversation, she knew exactly what to do.

My hair is not easy hair to cut. It’s thick, course and troublesome.

The result was pure happiness – I was on cloud nine when I left.

Gosh these girls rock.

This is what it looked like last night (I didn’t leave until 8pm but the colour still looks fabulous without natural light).

Merry Christmas Friends

And here it is this morning:

Merry Christmas Friends

It’s a creamy multi-tonal blonde that blends so well with my very dark/grey hair.

Just before I switch on to fashion. Evalyn Parsons are expanding and looking to recruit.

If you know of a super talented stylist that maybe already on the Sunshine Coast or possible is looking to relocate ( maybe from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth) please get them to get in touch with the salon.

Ok, shall we just talk about this dress for a second?

Merry Christmas Friends

Hip Tie Cotton Dress in Shibori Square $135.00 (Wearing L) | Jeans and shoes from the ark

Merry Christmas Friends

Hip Tie Cotton Dress in Shibori Square* $135.00 Read and Bell (Wearing L) | NAT kicks* $229.95 Frankie 4

Have you shopped at Read and Bell before?

If not, I highly recommend checking them out. The cottons are all hand printed, extremely fine and super soft.

This hip tie dress works so well-worn over jeans or casually with kicks.

Note: You all know I’m a hippy bird, so don’t be afraid of the tie over the hip – just size up so you have plenty of fabric to play with.

2017 has made me feel truly grateful and thankful for so much, and that includes YOU.

Without YOUR support and encouragement Iris May Style would not be here.

So what is the most important thing I have learnt this year?

There is nothing greater, or more powerful, than LOVE.

Love and affection also comes in many forms.

It is not purely exclusive to family, it’s also for those friends that (no matter what) are always there for you – the friends that are family in your life too. Which means not being afraid to tell them you love them.

I have a handful of friends that I end my calls/messages, with I LOVE YOU.

My circle is small (my choice, I like it that way).

Yes, I have lots of beautiful friends who I’m blessed to have in my life at one level or another, but I’m talking about the people you can call at 4am when you need a helping hand.

Because when I make a commitment, its pure unconditional love for a lifetime.

Good times and bad – BUT I have one condition; in return they must have my back too.

My last lesson is to let go of the negative.

I’ve found out again this year just how short this beautiful life is.

Every day is precious. Treat it that way.

Only surround yourself with people who sing from the same page as you.

Also remember, it’s ok to have the occasional whinge (I think its good for the soul) I have one dear friend who I’ve had a whine to this morning – the best bit? We both know it stays between US #markofatruefriend

Merry Christmas beautiful ones.

May you feel loved and only be surrounded by pure happiness.







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  • Yvonne Duke

    Christmas is always a bit bitter sweet as we remember those no longer with us. But I hope you have a lovely day with your family. Thank you for opening your life up to us through your blog !
    All the best for 2018 ! X

  • Firstly your hair looks great – but I honestly always thought you were a natural blonde!!! I’m a medium ash brown, with a weird bit of golden brown thrown in, so I’ve got to start to do the foils, and I think I’ll start doing the whole “lighter” look – light ash brown with a splash of ash blonde haha! I’ve been putting it off for years – my new year’s resolution! Secondly, I love that blue dress – blue is so perfect on you! Thirdly, that food! YUM! And I totally agree about a small circle of loyal and loving friends – I have them but they live in either another country or another state! I have new friends here in Melbourne – and I feel they will become those lovely long-term-for-life types! Anyway, my son is turning 16 tomorrow and he doesn’t want his learners’ (he is one of those odd teens that doesn’t want to drive – yet!), so we’re buying budgies instead – I accidentally let one of them loose the other day and it flew off to greener pastures – my bad! Have a fabulously fabulous and blessed Christmas Bev with your family, and know your lovely dad is with you in Spirit xo