Real Truth About Rodan+Fields

Honest answer: I am super IMPRESSED with the Rodan+Fields REDEFINE range…way more than I thought I would be!

I must just add, it takes an awful lot to impress me and my skin these days. I have been fine tuning my skin care over the past couple of years, by adding some seriously powerful products. Products that have completely changed the way my 54-year-old skin looks and feels. 

So, if maintaining great looking skin is of high importance to you then keep reading my friends (especially if you are serious about anti-ageing skin care by treating lines and wrinkles)…if not, you have my permission to look away!

But first, let’s go back to the beginning.

A friend of Beckie’s (who knew about my skin care obsession) asked me, if I would consider trialling some new products that were about to be launched in Australia by Roden+Fields (if beauty is your thing, you will already be aware of the hype surrounding the launch of Roden+Fields in America).

Of course I didn’t even hesitate – my love of skin care (especially stuff that professes to pack a mighty punch in the anti-ageing department) made it just too tempting an offer, for me to pass by.

Now, for this trial I received several full size products from the recently launched REDEFINE range. Whilst trialling, I have not used any other skincare products at all (not even once), over a four-week period – all of my other products, have simply been left gathering dust!

Real Truth about Roden+Fields

Rodan+Fields are a luxe skincare range – which means my opinion needs to be completely unbiased – the products are not cheap, so it’s imperative to know if they cut the mustard or not.

Here’s the blurb direct from Rodan+Fields

REDEFINE® is a comprehensive skincare Regimen that layers cosmetic ingredients and potent peptide technology to help defend against and reduce the visible signs of ageing for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin.

The REDEFINE Regimen features four full-size products:

  • Daily Cleansing Mask 125ml
  • Pore Minimising Toner 125ml
  • Triple Defence Treatment SPF15 30ml
  • Overnight Restorative Cream 30ml

To amp up the results, I also received: REDEFINE AMP MD System, which includes:

  • AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller and Cleansing System
  • AMP MD Purification Tablets (16)
  • Night Renewing Serum


  • Lip Renewing Serum (60 capsules)

Here’s what I think about each product…plus the big reveal – would I splash my own cash on any of these again?

Now friends, I must be completely honest and confess that before I started this trial, I was extremely hesitant about the possibility of finding products that could work any better than the ones I was already using.

Seriously, my skin was already in excellent condition (for my age). But in the interests of complete transparency (most of you already know that) Botox is part of my skin care routine. My last Botox appointment was back in July. I haven’t needed to go since (I normally go every 3 months for a top-up).

So this stuff is pretty darn good and the first product to knock my Botox appointment back (yes, I will be going again, but no need – just yet).

Also, I don’t normally believe in sticking to one brand fixes all of your skin care needs. Instead, I like to mix it up.

I prefer to hunt down the most powerful Vitamin A/B/C, the best hyaluronic acid etc., on the market, in order to achieve the best outcome for my skin type and concerns.

Yes, I admit it’s taken me a while to perfect my skincare routine (I will of course, always continue to tweak it with new releases that catch my attention) but overall, I didn’t believe there was anything better, than what I was already using…until now!

The results have amazed me.

Daytime Routine:

Daily Cleansing Mask (cheapest to buy as part of a set)

This is the first time I have ever used a clay cleanser – it certainly won’t be the last either!

Kaolin clay-based cleansing mask dries quickly, drawing impurities from your pores without robbing your skin of essential moisture.  Which works perfectly on my dry as a dogs bone skin. It also acts as a exfoliator to gently smooth skin and release a skin conditioner which is fabulous on older, more mature skin.

Pore Minimising Toner: (cheapest to buy as part of a set)

I haven’t used a toner in FOREVER – so shocked at how much I love it. I feel it completes the cleansing process by removing any residual from the cleansing mask. It leaves the face feeling so clean (but not dry and squeaky) and ready for moisture.

I never suffered with enlarged pores until my mid forties. This toner minimises the appearance of enlarged pores with gentle poly-hydroxy acids, which exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells, while oligosaccharides help reduce the appearance of pores.

Triple Defence Treatment SPF15: (cheapest to buy as part of a set)

Now, I can struggle to find the right kind of moisturiser for my very dry skin. It must be nourishing, but not greasy. It definitely cannot sit on my skin- because there are not many days that I don’t wear primer and foundation. So finding a moisturiser that keeps my skin supple and hydrated under my base, can be a big ask.

“REDEFINE® Triple Defense Treatment is a moisturiser with SPF 15. It contains peptides to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and visibly firm skin. SHIELDRF sunscreen technology contains an exclusive complex of stabilised Avobenzone and colourless carotenoids to provide SPF protection. Optical brighteners minimise the appearance of skin flaws, while skin conditioning ingredients offer moisturisation”

I prefer my moisturiser to have SPF if possible (if it doesn’t – I don’t freak out though). I’m very careful when it comes to the sun anyway. Being a make-up lover, I appreciate that too much SPF in your skincare, can totally throw off the look of your makeup – yes, there is a fine line friends, but this one works a treat!

Actually, I would go as far as to say this moisturiser has been the quite the over-achiever. Working beautifully under my primer and foundation by keeping my skin hydrated, even on days spent in air con.

Overnight Restorative Cream: (cheapest to buy as part of a set)

I’m all for vitamins on my skin – they are crucial in the fight to slow down (it’s still gonna happen friends) the ageing process.

REDEFINE® Overnight Restorative Cream replenishes your skin while you sleep. Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin help prevent moisture loss, while 12-hour, time-released vitamins A, C and E replenish vital nutrients, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and renewed when you wake up.

I measure a good overnight cream by touching my skin the second I open my eyes. I like my skin to feel supple, and not parched (no hint of dryness) and definitely not oily.

AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller: (cheaper to buy with the serum)

Have you ever tried skin needling?

Since this arrived in my life, I have been addicted – total game-changer.

The needle tool is gently rolled over the skin, the needles stimulate circulation and trigger tiny electrical signals to provide multiple benefits, including: minimising the appearance of acne, blackheads, sun damage and pigmentation. Helps to fight signs of ageing and reduce the look of wrinkles, whilst enhancing the effectiveness of skin care products to promote a fresh, youthful complexion with improved skin tone and texture.

This will be a permanent addition to my skin care regime.

Night Renewing System: (cheaper to buy with the roller)

Ageing skin NEEDS the extra omph a serum provides – this one is full of the good stuff, but  is gentle on sensitive skin. I apply this straight after using the micro-roller at bedtime.

Note: Anything containing Retinol cannot be used in the daytime.

REDEFINE® Night Renewing Serum contains a proprietary blend of powerful peptides and Retinol to visibly improve skin texture and brighten skin. Our time-release technology keeps this anti-ageing serum working all night long to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores for firmer, younger-looking skin when you wake.

Lip Renewing Serum

Must admit I have never used a lip serum before – this is DIVINE. My lips were soft and nourished after the first use.

This serum is rich with peptides and Vitamin E, and helps lips retain their natural moisture. It works a treat fine lines and lip wrinkles – which is a good thing for my very thin lips!

Real Truth about Roden+Fields

The REVEAL – what would I buy again?

Firstly, you would never believe the amount of compliments I have received on my skin over the past few weeks.

It has SHOCKED me.

I mean seriously shocked me.

Although, I must admit, I have personally noticed changes – I just wasn’t sure anyone else would.

After all my skin is already 54-year-old – a fair few of these compliments have come from girls in their twenties and thirties, which was the biggest and BEST surprise ever.

My top 3 products from the range:

Drumroll please…………………………………………

  1. The winner by far is the Micro Roller – A-MAZING – this little gadget (and all of its skin pricking fabulousness) has blown my mind. My skin was always good, but it’s now even better – this needling roller alone is a game-changer in my eyes.
  2. Closely followed by Night Renewing Serum – containing a very stable (potent) version of Retinol – good for use on even the most sensitive skin.
  3. Overnight Restorative Cream – these three products together are a KILLER combo, that I’m not prepared to let go of.

I will also be buying: Triple Defence Treatment (Day Cream) ok so this is my No.4 – my makeup sits so well and I’ve stayed hydrated (which helps with the appearance of my wrinkles).

Righto, off to place an order!

Real Truth about Roden+Fields





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