Must Have Summer Dress – Yes you NEED it!

Do you trust me? If so, listen up my beautiful compadres, because this summer dress is so darn hot right now, it’s on fire…which means I think you will LOVE (and NEED) it, just as much as I do! 😉

Must Have Summer Dress - you NEED it!

Today see’s the launch of the latest addition to the Bohemian Traders stable, with a beautiful burst of crisp summer threads:

For The Traveller.

This new injection is based around a oh so beautiful Ocean Blue palette – my favourite colour.

Now, I’m always very cautious when I shout from the rooftops about how fabulous I think a piece of clothing is.

After all, we all have different taste, budgets and priorities.

Bur this dress is special

Over the past few years, since I have hung out here at IMS, I have received so many emails from gorgeous girls saying “if only I had bought the dress/skirt/pants that you gushed about/fell in love with Bev – because now it’s sold out.” Quickly followed by: “would you consider selling me yours?

The answer with this dress is a BIG ‘no way Jose’.

This frock is one of the most flattering pieces I have worn for a very long time – I honestly think it will work on so many different body shapes too – plus its ultra feminine to boot.

Talking of shape. I am at my heaviest (I’m not being ultra tough on myself I promise, instead just honest). I know I’ve had a really tough few months, I also recognise that I’m still grieving for my Dad. BUT it’s getting to the point where my original curves, now have new curves of their own – so its time to pull myself in to line and shift a few kg’s for summer.

Be rest assured I won’t be doing anything super drastic, instead I’ll just be making a few simply changes that will hopefully be a small step in the right direction.

Must Have Summer Dress - you NEED it!

Traveller Flutter Wrap Dress $179.00 | Ocean Blue Tassel Earrings* $59.00 Bohemian Traders Dano Mule (reduced to $129.95) Wittner

Now if you fell hard (like most of us did) for last years’ OTS trend, I’m guessing the touch of upper arm coverage was part of the reason why everyone jumped on the bandwagon – OTS just sits in the perfect spot on the arm, to disguise the dreaded bingo wings – which is why I reckon you will love this dress too.

Although (even for a huge OTS lover like me) there were times when I was p*ssed off with the darn elastic riding up/never staying put. Yes, there are hacks around that give you the low-down on adding elastic with safety pins (quite frankly, the lazy ass in me cannot be bothered with such DIY touches – making adjustments requires effort, it also involves finding a shop that sells the right type of elastic first, too much hassle for me!). Instead, I prefer to mutter my frustration under my breath for a nanosecond and then look for a solution i.e. find a dress/top that comes with the elastic already in place – or indeed, one that doesn’t need it at all.

Just like THIS DRESS!

Anyway, the second I saw the media kit from BT, I just knew the colour/pattern was spot on, so much so I’m sticking my neck out and predicting it will FLY off the shelves  – this dress simply screams summer (which meant that I had to get my hands on one toot-suite, before the dreaded ‘sold out’ happened to me).

Now the BT fangirls amongst us, will recognise this dress shape instantly, as this is not a new style to Bohemian Traders. Bohemian Traders. You will already know it’s also available in: Gypsy Flutter Wrap Maxi  plus  Navy Flutter Wrap Maxi 

But the magic powers of the ocean blue, pulled me in.

Psssssst….I’ll let you into a secret – as soon as The Traveller Flutter Wrap Dress arrived in Ocean Blue, I ripped open the package and popped it straight on – it was at that point, I knew the Gypsy pattern also had to be mine too – I couldn’t resist.

As I type this, happy mail has just popped into my inbox stating that my order has been processed – eeeeeek my Gypsy Flutter Wrap Maxi is on it’s way!

So why have I fallen so hard for this dress?

Now if my mystic Meg juices are flowing correctly, there are heaps of reasons why this dress is a total winner:

Where should I start friends, where should I start…because I could easily wax lyrical about this dress 😉

  • Self-tie wrap dresses are known for being super easy to make your own. You can adjust and tie where it suits you best.
  • Flattering and feminine ‘flutter sleeve’ (which falls in the right spot on the top of arm).
  • Longer length at the back and clever draping at the front, for a hint of sexy – this placement elongates the leg.
  • Adjustable straps to get the right fit on the bust-line (I’m wearing a stick on bra).
  • Fabric (100% rayon) – lightweight and wearable all through summer.
  • Blue – is a colour that works on almost every skin-tone.


  • I am wearing the Large – if you have a full bust definitely size up.
  • Sizing up gives you more room to ‘wrap’ the dress to suit you.
  • If you get stressed about wearing a bigger size than normal CUT THE LABEL OUT!

Must Have Summer Dress - you NEED it!

Traveller Flutter Wrap Dress $179.00 Ocean Blue Tassel Earrings* $59.00 Bohemian Traders Dano Mule (reduced to $129.95) Wittner

Wear this dress:

  • Summer wedding/soiree – just add nude accessories, plus some fabulous earring (hello blue tassel) and bangles.
  • Races/Polo – a tan wedge with a cute sun hat
  • Dress down with white kicks and a denim jacket.
  • On its own with slides for your everyday chores on a stinking hot day.
  • Or barefoot beachside.

If I haven’t worn mine out by the time Christmas Day arrives – I might just wear it then too!

Just before I go, here is the skirt in the same print – just in case dresses aren’t you thing:

Must Have Summer Dress - you NEED it!

 Classic Singlet in White* $59.00 Wearing M Ocean Blue Tassel Earrings* $59.00 Bohemian Traders Dano Mule (reduced to $129.95) Wittner | Bluebell Tassel Scarf* $40.00 Pink Deer


Have you got a favourite piece from the new Traveller collection?


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase, I may earn a small commission – but you don’t pay any extra!




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  • Suzie

    Colour is just made for you!

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Its gorgeous Bev .. love the contrast of the pink wall behind you!! Like you love blue – I think the Kimono wrap dress would work better for me. Do these dresses have any stretch??

    • Thanks darling (apologies for the lateness of my reply, I’m playing catch-up with life at the moment).
      No stretch at all in the fabric, although I find viscose softens as the day goes on. I also LOVE the Kimono wrap dress…in fact, I just love everything! xx

  • This print was absolutely made for you – just so gorgeous. That dress is the perfect alternative to OTS and you can wear a normal bra, another huge tick. The gypsy print would be fabulous for Christmas Day

    • I adore everything about the Traveller drop…the colour and print work so beautifully together. The style makes it so easy to wear and somehow ultra feminine and very flattering (big bonus for me at the moment 😉 ) I may have let out a little squeal when the postie delivered the gypsy print this morning xx