LINEN Lovers Step This Way: Sacha Drake

What a mixed bag I have for you today my friends. I’m covering two topics by answering some of the many emails that I’ve received over the last few weeks – I must warn you though, the subject matter is as opposite, as black and white…

Most recently asked questions:

  1. Where have your hair extensions disappeared to Bev?
  2. Bev, if you had a very special event coming up over the Summer, what would you wear?

First let’s kick-off this weeks chitter-chatter by addressing the missing hair extensions. Because It would have been almost impossible not to notice the addition of the extra hair that I have sported on my noggin, of late!

Two full heads of hair extensions to be precise – which disappeared, just-like-that, last week!

I LOVED my hair extensions, I had the instant long hair I had craved for, when I looked in the mirror.

But (yes there was a but), the weight of carrying around TWO extra full heads of hair extensions (plus my own very thick hair) was just too much for me – especially now the QLD temps are rising.

As you would have probably noticed from my images, I was also tying it up constantly – which kind off defeats the object, don’t you think?

I must just add…I am an exception to the rule when it comes to the amount of hair you would normally need with hair extensions. Because my hair is so thick, I needed two and a bit full heads of hair extensions to balance the look out – boy, oh boy were they heavy! After the initial euphoria of having long locks subsided,  I started to feel the weight.

So last week at my 5 week colour appointment, I discussed my concerns with the fabulous team at Evalyn Parsons – we came to the joint decision to leave them out over the summer months and maybe try again when the temps drop a little in the winter months.

One of the reasons I love my hair salon so much is the way the always listen, quickly find a solution and move forward to achieve the BEST result for my hair – they are AMAZING.

My plan is to nourish the life out of my hair and (fingers crossed) encourage it to grow quickly over the next few months, watch this space my friends!

LINEN Lovers Step This Way Sacha Drake

I’m sure I’m not the only person that falls head over heels in love, OFTEN…

Ahem “cough-cough” you do realise I’m talking about love of the ‘clothes variety’ don’t you? I’m not letting Jonny go anywhere – no siree, the poor guy is stuck with me for life 😉

Anyway, this Spring Summer has seen some amazing releases from lots of my favourite labels – my mind has been well and truly blown.

Just last week I gushed about this fabulous dress from my favourite’s over at Bohemian Traders

This week its the turn of Brisbane label Sacha Drake – oh my goodness have I got a corker for you girls.

Note: I have had so many requests asking for recommendations for event/party/wedding/Christmas outfits. It’s impossible to answer everyone individually, but when I see a dress like this (that sets my heart racing) I get super excited to show YOU.

Before we go any further, let’s address the price for a second (that’s all I am prepared to give it) because this dress is exquisitely made and worth every single cent in my opinion – I do however, appreciate this is a luxe purchase (designed and made in Australia I might add) for a special occasion/event for most of us. Or indeed, if your budget allows, simply add this beautiful dress to add to your collection just because.

LINEN Lovers Step This Way Sacha Drake


Blanca Off The Shoulder Frill Dress* (I’m wearing the size 14) $379.00 Sacha Drake | Oceanic Blue Tassel Earrings* $59.00 Bohemian Traders  | Ettina Platform Sandal*$179.95

I cannot find one fault with this dress – honestly, it is DIVINE (and so worthy of me shouting 😉 )

  • Firstly, the overall cut is magnificent – Sacha has truly nailed it. The bodice is fitted, but not in an uncomfortable or restrictive way.
  • The neckline is also super versatile. It can be worn on or off the shoulder, it works so well both ways.
  • The top of bodice is also scooped and not completely straight, which is another genius stroke of design and so complementary on a fuller bust.
  • No need for a strapless bra – I had on my regular bra in the pic – I just hid the strap under the arm ruffles (tighten them if you want to try this).
  • Embroidered linen, lined with cotton – is there a better combination for Summer?
  • The length is the magic though. It will fall mid calf, but the clever drape detailing to one side, screams femininity.
  • Best bit? It can be hand-washed – Hoorah!

INEN Lovers Step This Way Sacha Drake


Blanca Off The Shoulder Frill Dress* (I’m wearing the size 14) $379.00 Sacha Drake | Oceanic Blue Tassel Earrings* $59.00 Bohemian Traders  | Ettina Platform Sandal*$179.95

The Blanca dress from Sacha Drake could literally take you anywhere (I’m sticking my neck out again and saying this dress is my ALL TIME favourite piece of hers).

Wear it to:

  • Wedding – a great MOB or guest dress.
  • Races – or imagine how utterly divine this would look with a wide-brimmed hat at the Polo.
  • Summer cocktail soiree.
  • Christmas lunch with your gal pals.
  • Beach holiday.

If you’re a pear (like me) hourglass (the figure I would love) or a column – this dress will fit and flatter you in all the right places.

Sacha has made the stars align with this dress. The use of amazing design, along with the perfect fabric and cute embroidered navy spots – the result is feminine sophistication with a big hit of fun and flirty.

Before I go, I must give a huge shout-out to Jonny, he truly is one in a million and cameraman extraordinaire. He agreed to taking these pics before he left for work yesterday morning. It was super bright, and very windy – I may have been a tad gritty at having to get up at 4:50 to wash and dry my hair, for it then to blow all over the place 😉


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase, I may earn a small commission – but you don’t pay any extra!



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  • Suzie

    Exquisite dress Bev, looks superb on you! I feel you re the hair extensions, anything on my head drives me nuts especially when it’s hot! You’re gorgeous either way xx

  • Well, I wondered if you might find the 2.5 heads of hair extensions too hot for summer! You look good without them anyway 🙂 As I said on insta, paint a pink wall at home!!! Blue is your colour, you should wear more of it, especially near your face as those earrings look amaaaaazing on you! xo

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Love this dress on you Bev,it’s a very chic dress and would make a beautiful special occasion outfit.
    I thought your hair extensions may be hot,though you’re lucky to have thick hair Xx

    • Thank you darling Lisa – I just adore this dress and all its spotty/linen gorgeousness. I would feel happy wearing it almost anywhere. It’s such a flattering style.
      My thick hair makes me so hot already, add to that two more heads of hair and I was roasting alive Lisa 😉 xxx

  • Most beautiful dress on you Bev. Definitely my favourite Sacha Drake dress – Linen and spots are a fabulous combination, this looks like it was made for you the fit is perfection. This definitely deserves a visit to my wardrobe 😂

    • I remember you saying how much you loved it at the show. I’ve waited (not that) patiently for its arrival. I must say its even better IRL. The linen just makes it so wearable for more occasions.
      Happy for this little number to visit you anytime xxx

  • Kelly

    Bev I love reading your blog posts! You look stunning in this dress (and everything else you wear) – you have a great sense of style.

  • Philomena

    You look stunning and those earring are perfect….blue is certainly your colour. Love this dress 💙

    • Oh Philomena thank you so much for making my day! I fell instantly in love with this dress the moment I saw it. its everything I look for and more in a dress. Glad you like the earring too, I can’t stop wearing them xxx