Land & Sea plus Linen Droppies

Hey gorgeous ones.

How’s your week been?

Dare I mention, the dreaded Chrissie shopping? Have you started yours yet?

I have, (only just though). So far I have two presents…I’m feeling pretty bloody smug and quite accomplished actually – especially as I’m normally a last-minute kind of gal.

Anyway, my working week starts on a Sunday at Mimco – Sunday just gone, was super busy from the get-go (which I like) as the day simply flies – it’s always 4pm before I know it!

But come Monday morning – I just wasn’t feeling it.

Do you know the kind of days I mean – the ones where everything feels like an uphill struggle?

Well that was my day.

There was so much to do (I have to admit, I’m my own worse enemy – because I only have one speed – which is QUICK) also the store was busy (again) from the minute I opened the doors (hello Christmas), plus to add insult to injury (I know, woe is me 😉 ) there was a bag merch to do (move all the handbags around to showcase the new stock) and I was on my own until 11:30 – not a good start to the day, by anyone’s standards.

I suppose I should apologise for being a moaning Minnie – but we all moan at times, so I’m just keeping it real by just admitting to it…HAH!

Anyway, because I was rushing around like a headless chook, my ankle started to play up – it still swells like Billy-O if I wear the wrong shoes (weirdly, my foot is happier in a small heel – it has something to do with my arch) completely flat shoes KILL me on an 8 hour shift (but like an idiot, I thought it was a good idea to wear flatties all day on Sunday).


No bloody wonder Monday was so painful in every way!

Land & Sea Bohemian Traders

As I’m typing this blog post, outside the rain is torrential – thank goodness we took these pics on Sunday before work…maybe another reason I was so tired and gritty on Monday eh?

Today I’m talking summer drop crotch pants of the linen variety, plus gushing about the new injection from Bohemian Traders: Land & Sea.

Yes, linen – one of my fabric passions 😉

As you know, I’ve been gabbling on about linen and neutrals for the past few weeks anyway – the proof is all over my feed!

Now before I go any further, I know there is a high possibility of a negative comment when I wear drop crotch pants – BUT please remember, I dress completely for myself. I wear DCP purely because I LOVE them!

Also, I’m guessing there are lots of you love them too (as I know there are many Bohemian Traders fangirls out there) in fact, quite a few of you may have already splashed your cash on a pair of BT droppies already.

To date, I have 9 pairs and counting – I don’t intend to give them up anytime soon either.

I fell in love with them, the very first time I ever tried them on – I have not looked back since.

Land & Sea Bohemian Traders

White Oversized Deep V Tee* $89.00 (wearing M) |  Natural Linen Drop Crotch Pant* $149.00 | Peach Tassel Earrings* $59.00 | Bracelet: Sebastianella* | Shoes: Spendless

Now let’s start with this White Oversized Deep V tee  – which isn’t really a tee in my eyes. It’s made from 100% cotton, which feels more like cheesecloth, making it so much more flexible than a tee.

It can be dressed up so easily.

Half-tucked or worn loose over skinny denim – so many options.

Once thing’s for sure, this one is a winner and one to add to cart before it disappears.

One last thing, it’s also great on the top of arm (I know a big concern for some of us – the length disguises my bingo wings) making it light and easy-breezy for summer.

Sizing I went for the M (could have fitted the S, but didn’t want it to pull (or not sit right) on my broad shoulders.

Natural Linen Drop Crotch Pant 

I still have the original linen droppies that BT released a couple of years ago – loved the linen feel back then, but it was a touch lightweight for the design, which meant it stretched a tad too much and the linen droppies ended up looking overly baggy.

This time around, Bohemian Traders they have nailed the quality of linen used.

It’s a heavier weight and works a treat with the design,

Actually, I may have panicked slightly when I first put these on. They felt VERY snug over my thick calves (they are a M – which is my preferred size) but I’m guessing the difference is the lack of stretch in the linen. So do keep this in mind when ordering.

Personally I’m happy with my normal size in these linen droppies, but I also know that to achieve the desired look, I need to be patient and give the linen a few minutes to ‘relax’.

Drop crotch pants are a flirty extension of my classic style personality.

Yes, my style is predominately classic, but with an edgy twist.

Droppies work best for me, when worn with a heel – it’s a dressier look that always works for me.

Land & Sea Bohemian Traders

White Oversized Deep V Tee* $89.00 (wearing M) |  Natural Linen Drop Crotch Pant* $149.00 | Peach Tassel Earrings*$59.00 | White Blazer* $189.00 (Wearing L) |  Bracelet: Sebastianella* | Shoes: Spendless Shoes

White Blazer

I must confess to lusting over this little beauty for a fair couple of months already.

I wanted it SOOOOOO badly.

My gal pal Style Loving 2, did not however possess such restraint (I know she won’t mind me sharing that fact at all) and purchased the blazer it as soon as it was launched.

White blazers are such good wardrobe staples – this one is no exception.

I have already tried it on with nearly every item in my wardrobe – it just works.

Pair it with your favourite denim (both skinny and flared).

Wear it over dresses, skirts and shorts – add heels for a fancy look, or kicks for a fab smart casual vibe.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next week or so, to see what else I’ve paired my new blazer back with.

All three pieces are part of the latest Land & Sea edit, which will go live on Bohemian Traders website Thursday (30.11.17).


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase, I may earn a small commission – but you don’t pay any extra!


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