Cervical Cancer – Are You Up To Date?

Cervical Cancer Pap Smear – Are YOU up to date?

Cervical Cancer - Are You Up To Date?

It’s National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week lovelies, which is something I feel extremely passionate about.

Statistics say almost half of all Australian women aren’t being screened as regularly as they should be for cervical cancer.

Which is why I am asking you my friends (and your daughters) are you up to date?

Here is my story…

Abnormal cells were detected for me via a routine Pap smear in my early twenties.

Yes, I was one of the unlucky ones.

Unfortunately, those nasty cells also decided to migrate to my uterus, before they could be dealt with.

Several operations and lots of painful treatments followed, before I was given the all clear.

Looking back, I remember feeling scared to death.

My biggest fear was: what if this affects my ability to have children.

Well, IT DID.

After all the operations, the damage to my uterus was very severe – I was left with dreadful scar tissue, which made it almost impossible to carry a baby.

I’ve never struggled with the conceiving part – my issue has always been carrying a baby.

I was left with a uterus that was made up of so much scar tissue (which doesn’t have the ability to stretch and expand) that every time I fell pregnant, my body tried to reject every pregnancy in the early stages – knowing it would struggle to carry a baby for nine months.

Bodies are so incredibly clever.

My first two pregnancies were twins – my body screamed for HELP – carrying two babies in a damaged uterus was almost impossible.

I delivered one of those babies (from the second twin pregnancy) at 20 weeks – my heart was shattered into a thousand pieces, when my baby died at birth.

Cervical Cancer - Are You Up To Date?

Beckie is my only surviving child, she came at 28 weeks, weighing just 2lb.

She is a little fighter that survived against all the odds, that were severely stacked against her.

I cannot ever put into words how precious Beckie is to our whole family. She is our world, our everything and a our total ray of sunshine.

I shared my story about her birth in 2014, you can read it here

Today I’m sharing this part of my life, for one reason only:

Cervical cancer is rare, so Pap screening/early detection is crucial.

Please don’t put it into the too hard basket or indeed leave those nasty cells to spread, like they did for me.

In December the Pap test will be replaced by a new Cervical Screening Test.

Predictions are, the new screening test will protect up-to 30% more women from Cervical Cancer.

Are you up to date?

Book that appointment you have put off my friends, or if like me you have a beautiful daughter(s) encourage them to get tested regularly.

It’s only uncomfortable for a minute or so…and it might just save your life.

Thank you for reading.

For more information on screening head to: Cervical Screening



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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I’m so so sorry Bev both my Mum and sister had abnormal cells in their cervix’s so know all too well the damage it can cause! I didn’t but had a hysterectomy at 35 for endometriosis but still have vault smears every year.Thank you for sharing my friend Xx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Pap smear tick, mamogram tick … I’m up-to-date!! Thanks for the post Bev, so many women put these tests off due to “life” or just being busy.

    • Well done Jacqueline, it’s so important we take the time to protect ourselves xx