Everything you need to know about Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions…

It was my 5 weekly ‘colour’ salon visit to Evalyn Parsons Hair salon a couple of weeks ago.

As usual the gorgeous Bec did an amazing job on my colour – gosh she is a talented girl. Plus she is also a gorgeous soul.

I believe the essence to feeling fabulous when you go to the salon, is finding the right person to do your hair. You need to ‘click’ – yes of course, she also needs to be talented stylist, but trust is the main component in building a strong healthy relationship, right from the get-go.

Bec and I never stop chatting for a second. 

Everything you need to know about Hair Extensions

Anyway, I digress. I am a fussy devil when it comes to how my blonde looks. I like it to be clean, creamy and mulitonal. I’ve also mentioned before in this post how much I loathe leaving the salon with an over toned platinum/purple look.

I find it super unflattering on my skin (not to mention extremely ageing). The darker platinum tones seem to wash me out and add at least 10 years to my age – at 54 I can do without the additional years being added my friends 😉  Also I find the dark purple/grey also makes my hair look dull, flat and lack-luster.

Just before I headed back to the UK I had started the conversation with the Bec and Evalyn Parsons team about growing my hair again. I have missed having length. Plus, with predictions for this summer being a super scorcher, I thought extra length would work a treat.

The only problem with this growing my hair malarkey is, I am super IMPATIENT.

As soon as I have made the decision to grow my hair, I want it long NOW.

My hair was damaged due to the over use of bleach at previous salons, so keeping it shorter has helped with the overall condition. So hair extensions are a very quick fix, for very impatient me!

Let me just clarify, I don’t want super long hair to my waist – which has nothing to do with my age (I believe age is just a number, not a barrier for changing the way you style yourself – and that my friends includes YOUR hair) instead, I just want enough hair so that I can mix up my style more.

Note: If you have fabulous long hair that you can style beautifully – keep enjoying it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The same goes for letting your natural greys shine through – it’s YOUR hair my friends – do what makes you feel fabulous.

So last Tuesday night, I took a complete leap of faith and had hair extensions added to my very thick hair.


Why not? I say!

Change is healthy.

This is the before look:

Everything you need to know about Hair Extensions

(My hair had been washed (no conditioner) and blow dried.)

These days I definitely fall into the ‘never say never’ category with most things in my life. The older I get the more I try not to pigeon-hole myself.

Instead, I ask myself the question “What’s the worst that can happen?” And if the reply isn’t anything major, then I jump straight in and have some fun along the way.

You may have seen the transformation take place if you are on Instagram – as I did a live stream…with a severe case of verbal diarrhoea, I might add –  I blame the champers – it may have loosened my tongue a touch!

So let’s smash some hair extension myths, because I can’t put into words how super happy I am with my new LONG hair!

Everything you need to know about Hair Extensions


Colour Matching

Prior to having your hair extensions, you must first go to the salon for a consultation.  So much is covered at this appointment:

  • Colour matching (this was super important to me, as I LOVE my colour).
  • Length of extensions available to you.
  • Type of extensions that will best suit your hair, different tapes depending on your hair type.
  • Price.
  • Expectations/lifestyle.


  • Amazing Hair extensions are made from real hair. Actually its European hair – with no nasty chemical smells to the hair either.
  • You treat them as you would your normal hair – shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum.
  • They are attached by tape close to the root of your hair (a piece of your hair is sandwiched in-between two hair extensions).
  • Extensions stay in place for 5-6 weeks before the salon removes them. Refreshes your hair colour, then ‘re-lift’s’ them into place (hair extensions grow with your hair, so the re-lift ensures they are placed back at the root offering another 5-6 weeks of longevity.
  • As long as the extension are removed by a salon – your natural hair will not be damaged in any way.

List of things to avoid with hair extensions

  • Shampoo that contains protein – Amazing Hair does a complete range of moisture based products that are highly recommended.
  • Trying to remove the hair extensions yourself.
  • Letting your hair dry naturally – the extensions must be blow dried straight after washing.
  • Excessive heat – just like our natural hair, avoid the over use of hair straighteners and curling tongs.
  • Swim in the ocean or pool – with caution or use a swim cap.


Now my friends because I have such thick wirey hair, I needed two whole heads of hair extensions to get the look that worked for me.

Just remember, I am an exception to the rule.

The extensions I opted for were the 12″ ones.

The cost of a full head 12″ of hair extensions is $499

Sunshine Coast/Brisbane ladies Evalyn Parsons are offering a whopping $100 OFF a full head of hair extensions for the month of October.

Everything you need to know about Hair Extensions

So what are my thoughts 1 week in?

Drama free maintenance, that’s what!

Loving the options the hair extensions are giving me, I have styled my hair curly, straight and in a pony tail – LOVE this lazy girl option!

I honestly can’t really feel the extensions (unless I am messing with my hair and then you can feel the tape).

On Friday I popped back to the salon to have a couple of inches taken off the length – I now have a more manageable length for me.

My hair has been washed twice (which is how often I normally wash my hair). Yes, it takes a touch longer to dry – but the benefits far out way the extra ten minutes of styling.

With good hair care my hair extensions should last one year, although, who knows I may decide to have spells hair extension free throughout the year (because I have the choice) which would extend their life expectancy even further!


If there are any questions I haven’t answered let them in the comments below.

Have you tried extension before?


Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for Evalyn Parsons Salon. The salon holds the title for Australian Bridal Stylist of the Year.




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  • After the transformation your hair is looking more fabulous.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    They look beautiful Bev,your hair is a gorgeous colour and love it a bit longer.Younare lucky to have thick hair mine is so fine and not looking it’s best ( my thyroid meds are out of whack) I’m also changing to a more ash colour to blend with my very ash/ white greys hair which outweigh the dark now.I’ve had to get some chopped off as well becauseof dry ends. I’m going to be kinder to my hair and only straighten it once a wee,it’s nauturally curly underneath and straight on top.
    I also want to be a good example for Piper because she has the most gorgeous curls,so Nana will show her curly hair is cool too! Loved your Insta live Bev it was so quick getting your extensions,so glad you’re happy with them Xx

    • Naaaaw thanks beautiful Lisa. I’m truly loving the extra length the extensions have given me. Although I’m not sure if I’ll be able bear the weight of three heads of hair through summer. I may have to get them taken out for a couple of months!
      I thinks its a great idea going for a more ash tone, it’s lots easier to blend the pesky grey’s! Also I’ve found my condition improved so much when I got the length of my own hair cut slightly shorter.
      Have you tried using Olaplex No.3? It’s a ‘at home’ treatment that works completely differently to a mask (which works only on the exterior of the hair). Olaplex works within the hair shaft to strengthen the hair. I’ve have some great results. xxx Mwah

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Thanks Bev I will look into the opalex no 3 Xx

  • I love your ‘new’ hair and loved watching the whole process, it was surprisingly quick.
    I find long hair so much easier to style you have more options and if your having a bad hair day you just put it up.

    • Thank you for sitting through my gabbling and severe case of verbal diarrhoea! I’m loving having (instant) longer hair, especially when I curl it (which I haven’t quite mastered yet – but I am persevering).xxx

  • Oh I’m so excited for you Bev 😮 I’ve always fantasised about having hair extensions, mainly just to add “thickness” to my hair at the front – I have an above-shoulder straight bob, long fringe, so it’s around my long front fringe area that I want the bulk as it’s a bit fine there! I don’t know if I’d like the maintenance tho’, even tho’ it doesn’t seem like a lot – I used to always be at the hairdressers but now I’m just not into it!!! I just love, love, love your hair with the extensions and am looking forward to seeing more photos of how you style it 🙂 Mwah xo

    • Petra I totally get what you mean about needing more bulk around the front by your fringe. Even me with my thick mop of hair, still lacks depth at the front.
      Hair extensions do require maintenance though…I will be completely honest and say in the first week I was struggling slightly, I just couldn’t get used to all of the extra hair on my hair. I’m also the type of person that plays with her hair (and every time I messed, I could feel the tapes). Now after a couple of weeks I’m not even thinking about them anymore.
      I’m due to go back for my colour in two weeks. The extensions will come out (and have to stay our for about a week, as the salon is completely booked out) so I will have completed the whole cycle! xxx

  • Kelly

    I am impatient too about hair growth ! Then when I finally get it long, I cut it all back off ha ha. Your new long hair looks amazing!

    • Kelly we sound completely identical – Jonny cannot for the life of him, understand why I constantly talk about growing my hair, then the minute its longer, I complain and get it cut! xxx

  • Sue

    Your hair looks fab Bev! Certainly a transformation ?

    • Thanks so much Sue! I’m so happy that I took the plunge – instant long hair for very impatient me! xx