The Rubbish Packer Edit Plus NEW BT Denim

This is the quickest blog post EVER – about DENIM, one of my true loves….


As I’m typing this I should be packing my case. But instead I’m procrastinating…why?

Because I HATE packing.

I just wish I was the type of style guru that all her bases covered.

The type that nails packing a ‘mix and match’ capsule wardrobe.

But I’m not.

Instead I am a serial over-packer (that loathes wearing anything twice, when I she is away from home).

Or, as I prefer to call myself A PANIC PACKER.

I start out with all good intentions. I make a list of outfits I want to take (this list is extensive, it includes shoes, scarves, undies and accessories).

I then pack those outfits (at the very last-minute) plus I ADD another 5 ‘just in case’ outfits. And then, to add insult to injury, just before I sit on my case, I try to force in another 300 pieces of clothing that I actually don’t need.

It happens every single time. Without fail. Yes I am very predictable.

It also frustrates the bloody life out of me!

Anyway, when this post goes live Beckie and I should be getting close to Singapore (we’re only there for a quick 3 hours) before we change planes and head to London Heathrow.

By the time we land in dear old Blighty, not only will it be cold (and probably wet) I will be sleep deprived and very unattractive – Beckie however will probably sleep like a baby on the flight and wake up looking groomed and utterly fabulous.

I do however have sleeping pills for the flight – which I am praying work. As when we get to Heathrow we are picking up a hire car, hitting London rush hour traffic and heading north to Staffordshire (which on a good run, is 2-2.5 hours drive).

Wish us LUCK!

The Rubbish Packer Edit Plus NEW BT Denim

Stepped Hem Skinny Jean* (wearing 32″) $159.00 | Flower Fields Kimono Wrap Dress* $149 (wearing M) (reduced from $189) Strappy Singlet in White* $119.00 (wearing L) All Bohemian Traders | Heels: Heidi* $49.99 Spendless Shoes

As you can imagine, the emotions of the last week have really taken their toll on me – I just haven’t felt like styling any outfits at all…let alone standing in front of the camera.

My lensman is feeling very redundant.

But when a fabulous parcel arrived in the mail from Bohemian Traders last week, it may have sparked my style interest.

I instantly visualised this outfit.

So on Sunday morning (before I headed to work) I felt the urge to snap this look.

While I was getting ready, I started thinking about my Dad.

I just know he would hate me to stop doing my thing, just because he is not with us anymore.

In fact, he would be so cross with me.

So this post is about me showing him that I’m not giving up. Yes, it will take a lot more healing/time before I’m feeling like my old self again, but I know he would be happy to see a little bit of the old me starting to reappear.

The Rubbish Packer Edit Plus NEW BT Denim

Stepped Hem Skinny Jean (wearing 32″) $159.00 | Flower Fields Kimono Wrap Dress $149 (wearing M) (reduced from $189) Strappy Singlet in White $119.00 (wearing L) | Heels: Heidi* $49.99 Spendless Shoes

The Rubbish Packer Edit Plus NEW BT Denim

Why did style the jeans this way?

Now you know I love my denim, and its no secret I am a girl with obvious curves.

So I have rules when it comes to denim.

Supportive denim is a MUST for me.

You also know I am a big  Bohemian Traders fangirl – so when I heard on the grapevine that more fabulous denim was being added to their already amazing collection, it made me excited.

The fit of these jeans is very similar to the original distressed denim (which I went ga-ga over, and so did most of you) when they were released in February 2016.

Size wise I’m wearing  32″ they are snug especially on my calves (which are on the chunky side) when I first pull them on.

Pulling them on is more like a wriggle with my curves 😉

The positive about wriggling into your denim is they will hold their shape for longer – they are however very comfortable on my waist.

These jeans work a treat worn in a classic way (jacket, tee, heels), Nikki (Styling You) styled hers this way in this weeks Model and Me post and they looked fabulous (that jacket is seriously tempting me). My gal pal Karen (Style Loving 2) also has it and look AMAZING in it too.

But I wanted to show you a way of embracing a new trend (i.e frayed stepped hem) with a little more coverage over the butt and thigh.

I also happen to think this look is so feminine.

New trends can be a bit scary, but I’m here to confirm the frayed hem look is for everyone…yes even 54 year old curvy ass girls!

You just have to DO IT!



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