MELBOURNE girls – fancy a wine?

I cannot believe our trip to Melbourne is almost here.

This time next week I will be in serious packing mode…or should I say culling mode. Let’s not forget that Jonny will be taking on the role of the ‘suitcase police’ while I, however, will become the shoe/clothes/toiletries smuggler 😉

This coming weekend (between attempting to be a domestic goddess and binge watching Last Tango in Halifax on Netflix – its an English serious and super fabulous), I will no doubt be trying on every single item of clothing in my wardrobe(s), and shouting the words “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”.

It. Always. Happens.

Poor. Jonny.

Seriously though, we are so excited to for our first visit to Melbourne – I just know we will both fall in love with the place.

Even the drop in temps won’t deter me – no siree, I intend to layer like a boss!

I have a couple of work things booked (one is so exciting, I could truly burst) and the rest of the time will be filled with friends, wine, eating and of course SHOPPING.

Anyway, the friends bit is what I wanted to talk about.

Are you free for a cheeky wine? Yes, I’m asking YOU!

The lovely Belinda from @bels_style_file on Instagram asked if I had any free time for a catch-up, of course I said yes! Nothing nicer than meeting Insta/Facebook friends IRL. I am however, quite limited on time (I’m trying to ram as much into 4 days, as is humanly possible), but should YOU be free, I would love nothing more than to meet up.

Bel has organised some space at

Where: Prahran Hotel 82 High Street, Prahran 3181

When: Friday 11th August 5:30 – 7:30

My Mobile: 0401260301

So if you live in the area (apologies as I have no idea where Prahran is) and you’re free for a couple of girly hours (Jonny will be around snapping a few pics, and downing the odd wine or two) next Friday, early evening for happy hour (11th August) I would love the opportunity to meet you in your hood and say hello – don’t worry, you will recognise me instantly, I will be the one with the huge grin and the large wine in my hand (just to prepare you, I always suffer from a severe case of verbal diarrhoea when I get nervous – yes, I am a little shy in social situations)…

Honestly you are ALL welcome – please don’t be shy (like me). Come alone or bring a friend/hubby, I’m super easy, if you can make it could let me know (DM or leave a comment below) or the lovely Bel  just so we have an idea of numbers, that would be fabulous. The hotel has a couple of spaces we could use depending on numbers.

Anyway, back to what I might be packing in my case…

Now you know how much I love my pastels, so I found this blush cargo coat far too irresistible to pass by…plus, pink loves grey so much – they were just meant to be together!

Melbourne Girls- Fancy a wine with me?

Lincoln Street Oversized Sweater Dress*$155.00 (Wearing Size 14) | Lincoln Street Soft Cargo Style Coat* $175.00 (Wearing size 12) OTK Boots OTK Boots $29.99 (on sale) Spendless Shoes

I can remember having a baby pink trench coat in the UK that I absolutely adored. Whenever I wore it I always felt polished and stylish – I’m sure it was the colour working its magic, because the trench itself was just a cheapo.

Colour is such a powerful part of our style (and a part that we often neglect). If we nail the right tones that suit us, our outfit will pop and simply look better.

When shopping for clothes we often have a must-have style/shape in our mind, which unfortunately can mean we fall into the trap of  compromising on the colour.

Pastels always attract my attention, but that doesn’t mean I ignore/write-off other colours instead, I naturally gravitate to colours that work well with my skin/hair tone. Which don’t forget changes as we age.

Two colours that scare the life out of me are orange and bright red – neither work that well on me. I can wear a burgundy, but orange in general makes my skin look yellow – as if I have a severe case of jaundice.

Melbourne Girls- Fancy a wine with me?

Lincoln Street Oversized Sweater Dress*$155.00 (Wearing Size 14) | Lincoln Street Soft Cargo Style Coat* $175.00 (Wearing size 12) OTK Boots OTK Boots $29.99 (on sale) Spendless Shoes

The sweater dress underneath is my kind of heaven. Firstly, its of the non-itchy sweater variety (trust me, I break out into a severe case of hives at the first sign of a scratchy fibre against my skin). Secondly it skims in all the right places. The dress has a cute fold over the bust and clever stitching which makes it super flattering.

Apologies for not photographing the sleeve for you. I just loved the coat so much, I didn’t want to take it off! Anyway you can see the sleeve length on the model here: Oversized Sweater Dress

For cool day this dress would work so well layered with a long sleeve tee underneath.

When new pieces land at my P O Box, I immediately put them into categories in my mind:

  • Classic/keeper.
  • High fashion.

Both of these pieces fall under the ‘keeper’ heading.

Even though they work together beautifully, they will also work paired back with my existing wardrobe staples.

I will pair the cargo coat with denim, a tee and sneakers for a casual off-duty style.

The dress will work fabulously with a blazer and opaque tights for a trip to Brisbane for lunch with the baby lawyer (can’t really call her a baby lawyer for much longer, come September, she is no longer a graduate and will settle and specialise in her preferred area of law – eeeek where have the last 18 months gone?).

Don’t forget Melbourne girls, I would love to meet you, let me know if you can make it.

Also, I’ve started to compile a list of bars and restaurants to eat/drink in Melbourne, but feel free to add your favourite places in the comments? 

Ok, so what is your favourite colour to wear? Would I find heaps of this in your wardrobe?



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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look stunning Bev,have the best time in Melbourne babe and meet some amazing women and give Belinda a hug from me she is so lovely Xx

  • Carol-lea Morgan

    I’m hoping to make it! I’ve sent you a PM on insta xx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Such a shame you are not in Melbourne a few weeks later as I’m heading to Melbourne for a girls trip to see the Dior exhibition and of course have a few sherries with my friends … please post any great spots you discover for a drink or dinner. I always love going to Melbourne & no doubt you will have a great time xx

  • Lizzyalice

    Bev remember to bring your winter woollies….it was just above zero in many parts of Melbourne this morning ❄️!

  • Shandell Gammon

    My favourite colour at the moment is blush pink. You must go and have a wine or two in Chloe’s Bar at the Young and Jackson, right near Flinder’s St Station.

  • I’d love to come – you may have to leave clothes behind so I can fit on your suitcase or just get a bigger suitcase ?
    Love this jacket you had me at blush but the collar is fabulous and will keep you nice and warm

  • I’d love to meet up with you but I’m a bit far away (I’m way down south on the Mornington Peninsula)! I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time and I look forward to seeing the photos! I actually don’t mind a bit of orange – my skin tone is pink so a cool, bright orange makes me feel quite “summery” and “alive”. I love blue-red and wear it often. But always with black. I wear black constantly. Well….it’s slimming and it’s easy. Even my walking gear is all black!!! Have a great weekend Bev 🙂

  • Bronwyn Beeson

    Would love to have a wine and meet up with you. I shall try to get there. Friday night traffic in Melbourne can be chaotic. Cheers