Shopped My Wardrobe, plus a Birthday catchup!

Hello Gorgeous, how are you? It’s the Birthday Girl here…well techincally it’s n longer my birthday, but it’s still July so that means its fine.

As you probably know by now (as I decided it was a good idea to shout it across the interwebs 😉 ) on Monday (just gone) I turned 54.

FIFTY bloody FOUR.

Not even sure how this happened – blink and BAM. Time just flies…especially when you’re having fun. And yes overall, I have had heaps of fun along the way.

When I  was in my early twenties, I can remember thinking that my parents were OLD – now I am that parent, I can honestly say I don’t feel old at all. Maybe my parents never felt old either – instead I just thought they were.

Yes, I have a few more aches and pains than I used to have. If I’m honest, most of them I do cause myself, by not listening to my body when its screaming at me to STOP.

Hello new stress fracture on my ankle from over doing it at the gym – when will I learn? Yes. I know, what an idiot. It’s set my recovery back 6 week too 🙁

Will this ridiculousness change this coming year? Probably not 🙂

Anyway, I blame Albert (if you don’t know who Albert is, he is my wonderful, soon to be 86-year-old Dad, who has a ridiculously high pain threshold, which I unfortunately appear to have inherited).

So anytime a part of my body hurts, the signal either doesn’t get to my brain or I have a way of ignoring it.

Anyway in true birthday festival style – yes I like to celebrate for as long as possible Jonny and I decided to head south for a quick staycation at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.

I managed to bag a great bargain at The Meriton Apartments (even at the last-minute and in school holidays). Never be afraid to contact the hotel directly and ask for their best deal. We had a lovely one bedroom apartment ocean suite for 2 nights with parking for under $300 – I know right –  highly recommend that you check them out.

We’ve stayed at Broadbeach before and loved the location. It’s conveniently laid out, plus there is always something to do.

We never used the car once (parking was only $10 a day) instead, we just walked everywhere…note to self when packing: remember to add sockets for your kicks – OUCH the blister was very real!

I also tapped into the very knowledgeable Insta community for recommendations on the best places to eat.

The best breakfast we have ever eaten (not even kidding) was as at Elk Espresso – If you ever visit the area go and try this place, we both loved it.

Shop my Wardrobe: Plus a Birthday Catch Up

Breakfast Gnocchi for me and White Bean Ragu for Jonny Picture courtesy of @edwardlee_0814 (ours was too dark).

Closely followed by Bam Bams Bakehouse

Our top picks: Sweetcorn fritters (with a side of bacon) and the Two Egg Nasi (the taste was out of this world – yes, I insisted Jonny and I share 😉 )

Also, if you love a good bar with a great vibe and good food keep  The Loose Moose we had a few share plates. The Kentucky Buffalo Wings and the Sliders YUMMO…they also serve a great Pinot Grigio!

Oh and shopping, I was desperate to pop into the new Pacific Fair – oh boy it’s looking gorgeous – I was very restrained, I just picked up a tee from Decjuba. If Jonny boy wasn’t with me I would have shopped up a storm though.

Basically we had a fabulous jam-packed three days – we ate, we drank and then we tried to walk off the excess calories we had inhaled.

Friday after a quick stop off in Brisbane for an ankle appointment, we dashed home to prepare dinner as Beckie was coming home for the weekend to celebrate my birthday.

We both adore having Beckie home, she is like a breath of fresh air.

She walked through the door with a beautiful bouquet of blooms and that killer smile of hers – as always,  Jonny and I melted instantly.

Shop my Wardrobe: Plus a Birthday Catch Up

Saturday we already planned to head to Noosa. We love going, plus it’s only a short 40 minute journey. Noosa always puts on a show for us  – it’s vibrant, sophisticated and always fabulous.

We had lunch at Noosa Beach House.

Being British we adore our curries but have never quite found the perfect Indian curry on the Sunshine Coast, so instead we feast on the amazing Sri lanken Curry Buffet at the Beach House. They serve this at lunchtime both Saturday and Sunday it’s only $38 a head for a 5 course curry – if you are foodies, put this place on your ‘must do’ list.

Anyway, today’s post is all about having a quick catch up and talking about how instead of buying a new ‘birthday’outfit, I happily shopped my wardrobe.

Shop my Wardrobe: Plus a Birthday Catch Up

I almost forgot I had this fabulous jacket (bought it for Beckie’s admission last December) its from Perri Cutten (at David Jones) | Basic Tank* (underneath my jacket) $59.95: Eb and Ive | Denim: High Waisted Skinny Jeans in Light Wash*  $139.00 Bohemian Traders  | Boots: Waco by Top End* $229.95 from Cinori

Shop my Wardrobe: Plus a Birthday Catch Up

To be honest, I never even thought about buying a new birthday outfit – especially because we are booked to celebrate with different friends over the next few weekends, so I didn’t really want to buy lots of new clothes.

So instead I threw my outfit together at the very last-minute on Saturday (why? because I struggled to get my lazy ass out of bed).

I’m also making a point of doing this more often. Even though everything I wear from my wardrobe might not be available anymore, you might have something similar tucked away that you haven’t worn for ages or indeed it might give you inspiration to seek out something similar.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will always see me wearing new threads, ones that have just been released by the lovely brands I collaborate with, on a regular basis.

But sometimes I just feel like pulling out the clothes that I have neglected for a while…yep, and there are only so many days in the week!

A jeans and jacket combination is one my favourite things to wear anyway, so I felt stylish but not too overdressed for the daytime Noosa beach scene.

Shop my Wardrobe: Plus a Birthday Catch Up

Until next time friends xx

Oh and thank you all so much for the wonderful birthday love, I felt very loved.


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!



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  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Looking fabulous at 54 Bev, sounds like you’ve had a fantastic time. Broadbeach is a superb spot…thanks for the foodie inspo x

    • Naaaw thanks so much Nat. We had a fabulous time (we didn’t realise how much we needed the break). The weather was also spectacular (which always helps)…definitely keep Elk Espresso in mind next time you visit the Goldie xxx

  • Petra

    I love the way you celebrate the whole month – why not?! Lovely pics of you and your fam 🙂 Have a great weekend! xo

    • Thanks so much Petra, I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the July birthday love…and guess what? Jonny’s birthday is August, so I know I will latch on to his too! HAH! xxx

  • I so do approve of a Birthday Festival! Keep yours going!! x

    • I know you do…Jonny’s birthday month is August, so I’m intending to jump straight onto his birthday band wagon 😉 xx

  • Kathryn

    Happy Birthday Bev! 54 is young these days. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration with your family xx

    • Thanks so much Kathryn! I had the best few days celebrating (well I’m still intending to celebrate until 1st August, at which point I can start again, as August is Jonny’s birthday month!). xxx

  • You sound like you had the most amazing birthday week. Surrounded by Love, family and the most amazing food. I love Broadbeach too a little less hectic than Surfers and PAC Fair is so close ?
    Shopping the wardrobe is actually quite fun – discovering clothes that you

    • Love – I pushed too early

    • It was the best time and you know how happy spending time with Beckie and Jonny makes me – I simply treasure every second.
      Thanks so much for recommending the Loose Moose, we loved the atmosphere and the food was so good. Broadbeach is so close really, I know we will be going back again soon (I think we had both forgotten how good mini breaks are – it felt like we had been away for a week!). xxx