Sacha Drake Spring Summer Collection

The first time I laid eyes on a Sacha Drake dress was in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast (before we had actually emigrated  to Australia).

We were at the point where we thought we should just take-the-plunge and emigrate, but we were still feeling a bit jittery. The jittery stage was so darn expensive though…five holidays from England to Australia ‘just to make sure’ cost a small bloody fortune – but we needed to know we were doing the right thing for all of us. Especially Beckie, because of course her happiness is always our No.1 priority – and really there is nothing bigger than moving to the other side of the world at 18 years old.

One of my petty concerns was of course “where will I go clothes shopping” fickle? Maybe. Honest? Hell yeah. So on our last holiday to Queensland, we rented a house and tried to live like locals, rather than holiday makers – hence the concern over clothes shopping – well that was my excuse 😉

Anyway, that first Sacha Drake dress obviously made a big impression on me, because I can still remember it today.

It was a strapless black maxi dress with tiny ruffles all over it – and yes, I’ve just checked and it’s still available.

That alone shouts brilliance in design for me, longevity in the fashion world is everything.

Clever design equals continued production.

Sacha Drake Spring Summer Collection

So lovelies, it’s that time of year again when us fashion bloggers start talking Spring/Summer fashion.

For the record, I hear you LOUD and clear my southern state friends. You are still rugged up with the fires a blazing, while us northerners are feeling winter temperatures hitting the 24 degrees mark (yes that was us on Tuesday – tomorrow we are expecting a cold snap…19 degrees 🙂 ).

BUT fashion refuses to wait for anyone.

And the fashion savvy among us are already out on the prowl, ready to pounce on the first drops of the new season.

Yes, spring collections are arriving into stores as we speak, and already selling like hot cakes!

Now as you might have noticed, I am a woman with a curvy body, so I want my clothes to fit and flatter in all the right places.

Sacha Drake prides herself on supplying the goods – because she herself struggled to find dresses that made her size 14 hourglass figure feel fabulous (which is why/how the brand started).

Sacha begins her designs by first draping the fabric over herself. She focuses on pattern placement and making sure all of her designs flatter the female form.

Sacha Drake Spring Summer Collection

Gallery 291 Printed Wrap Wide Sleeve Kimono Dress* $449.00 I’m wearing size 14 Sacha Drake| Shoes: Transit* $59.99 Spendless Shoes | Sunnies: Stray Cat* $55 She Street | Earring Oldies from Ruby and Lilli

Why I chose the Gallery 291 Printed Wrap Wide Sleeve Kimono Dress

  • SLEEVES – When I am doing my research, the first thing I look for in a dress is sleeves. Not even kidding.

Finding stylish dresses with sleeves (or appropriate arm coverage) is not easy my friends. Last years OTS revolution opened up so many avenues for us girls who no longer have fabulous arms.

My arms were so good leading up to my 50th year (not sure why this happened almost overnight, but it did). Since then, I just don’t feel fabulous wearing sleeveless anymore. I know I’m not alone with this one either. Although I must say, the Sacha Drake website has lots of choices with sleeves.

Take a look at Nikki from Styling You wearing the Sacha Drake Amaryllis Jacquard Cut Out Shoulder Frill Knee Length Dress  – another stunning dress with sophisticated upper arm coverage – yes, I was very tempted!

  • LENGTH – After sleeves, length is the next most important feature I look for.

Now I’m not on a bash Bev’s body mission today, I promise; instead because I am a keeping it real kind of gal, I’m just being honest with you (because we’re friends) so you should know that I find my knees are pretty darn ugly (knee surgery made sure one is bigger than the other too – sounds very attractive right?). Whenever possible, I prefer not to have my odd-looking knees on display.

The super high-lo hemline is also divine for working its magic in the optical illusion department – elongation = slimming!

  • SHAPE – Wrap dress are super flattering on almost every shape.

Because I seem to be focusing on all of my dodgy body parts today, lets not leave out the ample boob situation.

Most wrap dresses are my friend (well, if they are cut on the A-line that is) that natural V neckline works a treat. Plus as you know, I have curves a plenty. This style of dress offers great balance to my pear shape.

The clever pattern placement of this fabric means my waist is visible and the slight A-line makes sure the fabric glides over my butt and thighs.

Now, a word on my waist. I have tied this dress directly under my boobs, because I really liked the detail of the solid black waist panel. If you look at the model here, you will see she has tied her’s lower.

That my friends, is the true beauty of a wrap dress, in a nutshell you can tie it where YOU want, to suit your own figure.

This dress is pretty special, which is reflected in the higher price point.

Perfect for:

  • Spring Racing Carnivals.
  • Mother of the Bride / Wedding Guest.
  • Cocktail Parties

Or if you simply need the a huge confidence boost to look and feel utterly fabulous – this is the dress!

Designed and hand-made in Australia.

Available in sizes 8 – 18.

Until next time xxx


Do you own a Sacha Drake dress? Got any special events lined up?


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy


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  • It really is a gorgeous dress Bev, and one that suits you very well. The first thing I noticed was that little black panel around the tummy haha! And the sleeves are just too perfect. It was a very good idea you coming to actually rent a place before deciding to fully emigrate because you needed to see where you’d be doing all your shopping locally to where you’d be living, and where you could see yourself working etc etc. I like to see what the local cafes are like – that can give an indication as to the “feel” of a place. Have a lovely weekend 🙂 xo

    • Petra so glad you noticed that little black panel. I felt it worked way better for me and my shape to change where the tie sat! The sleeves were the first thing I noticed about this dress, I honestly fell in love instantly and just knew its a dress I will call upon for years to come.
      I’m sure when people emigrate the worry about way more than where they will do their clothes shopping but for me its super important. I had to start from scratch really…with the occasional online purchase to Marks and Spencers of course! xxx

  • This is such a stunning dress on you Bev and it completely matches your hair (I know that is an odd comment but it’s true and I looks fabulous). Like you I’m a lover of Wrap dresses hide all my wobbly bits but shows off my cleavage and waist – make look and feel fabulous. Sacha Drake make the most beautiful cut dresses for women and the dresses with the frills I remember that one and also wanted it, if I remember correctly it came in a couple of colours one a magnificent red.

    • I agree – it does actually match her hair well 🙂

    • Awww darling thank you! There were so many beautiful dresses to choose from, but I felt this one had my name all over it. Sleeves, v-neck and colour – this will definitely stay in my wardrobe for years to come. The quality and feel are sublime and that little waist panel worked a treat for giving me the illusion of a waist (which I hate to admit, but mine is still MIA from too much celebrating).
      Yes, you’re right the other dress came in white, black and red…I desperately wanted it! xx