The reason I’ve waited until 53 to enjoy wearing Maroon

Can I wear Maroon?

Do you ever find yourself steering clear of certain colours?

Sort of complete avoidance, to the level of ridiculousness?

Since I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper, red and all of its hues, has never been my thing – I may have occasionally attempted to flirt with maroon/burgundy – but it always ended up with me feeling less than average whilst wearing it.

In fact, I can even remember a couple of times finding the perfect dress sitting patiently on the rails willing me to buy it, but because it had a red base tone, I would simply walk on by.

I was blinkered.

Not sure why, as growing up I was surrounded by people who loved colour. In particular, my Mumma Iris May loved red so much  – obviously the ‘love of red gene’, never passed itself onto me!

Although, I’m guessing my school uniform (and all of its ugly itchy maroon-ness) could have been the culprit and the start of my negative red journey.

My school colours were maroon and grey – since then, where possible, I’ve tried to avoid maroon at all costs.

I hate to admit it; but I was simply being stubborn.

You see, once I’d set my butt firmly aboard the maroon avoidance roller-coaster, I have struggled to jump off it…

The reason I

Ella Bomber Jacket in Maroon* $69.00 She Street | Ivory Billow Blouse* $139.00 | DarK Wash Skinny Denim Jean* $139.00 both Bohemian Traders |Highland Hip Bag $169 Mimco (on sale originally $399)

Yes, I have told myself (and anyone else that will listen) over the years that maroon, claret, ruby, red (call if what you will) are just not my colours.

I truly believe not being open to try new things makes us stale and stuck in a rut.

In the styling world there are lots of people who don’t believe in focusing on finding your perfect colour palette.

I do – because ALL knowledge, is power.

I just don’t believe you don’t have to be too rigid with it though – just keep it in the back of your mind as a guide, when shopping.

Focusing on finding colours that complement your skin tone/eye colour can only enhance how you look and feel.

Honestly, the realisation when you truly understand what colours suit you most, is darn joyous.

Yes, experimenting with colour can be fun.

It wasn’t until my gal pal the gorgeous Maudie (Chic Styling who is a colour consultant/stylist) told me that my colours are ‘light summer’  – everything finally fell into place for me.

I believe that we are drawn to colours that suit us (my favourite colour is blue plus all pastels, light grey and of course black) BUT we can also be scarred (dramatic but true) by colours that represent a memory or a time in our life (with me it was definitely the Maroon school jumper 🙂 )

My point is,  just because maroon is not a summer colour, it doesn’t mean I can’t wear it. Instead, I need to either show some skin below my face or break it up by wearing it with another colour that works for me.

It’s finally time to let go of those school demons and embrace MAROON.

The reason I

Ella Bomber Jacket in Maroon* $69.00 | Quay Australiia Stray Cat Sunnies* $ 55.00 both She Street | Bell Sleeve Cable Knit Dress* 79.95 White Haven Emporium

These two pieces have completely changed my opinion HALLELUJAH Bev – what has taken you so long?

I long been a lover of the bomber jacket, I have a few sitting in my wardrobe. Most are lightweight and not suitable for a cool winters day.

This one though, is padded.

Let’s just focus on the word PADDED for a second, it can bring fear into the best of us…I mean who wants to resemble Mr Blobby?

I have boobs and curves which quite frankly don’t need any more padding 😉

So I wanted to show you two different ways to wear this look to not add extra bulk, but still stay snugly.

The reason I

Ella Bomber Jacket in Maroon* $69.00 She Street | Ivory Billow Blouse* $139.00 | DarK Wash Skinny Denim Jean*$139.00 both Bohemian Traders |Highland Hip Bag $169 Mimco (on sale originally $399)

Wearing a lighter colour underneath the jacket, instantly breaks up the look – it also takes the emphasis off the maroon being front and centre.

Now it’s no secret that I have big butt and chunky thighs. Bomber jackets tend to fall on or just below the waistline – so by adding a longer length top or blouse that falls below the waist is instantly more flattering.

If however you are blessed with a tiny waist, just make sure you half-tuck the top at the front to regain your shape – this also gives a great illusion of longer legs.

he reason I

Ella Bomber Jacket in Maroon* $69.00 | Quay Australiia Stray Cat Sunnies *$ 55.00 both She Street | Bell Sleeve Cable Knit Dress * 79.95 White Haven Emporium

This cable knit dress from White Haven Emporium will definitely be on high-rotation for me this A/W – it the perfect base piece that works so well over ponte pants or jeans.

Of course, if you have killer pins  this dress would look sensational worn with over the knee boots too.

If black is not a colour that you like to wear close to your face, try adding a scarf to break this up – the will also offer another dimension to the overall look.

The reason I

The Bag

My bags have to be made of leather (I’m a fussy duck like that).

I picked this one up in the Mimco sale (it started last week and there are still a couple left) it’s a complete BARGAIN.

Gorgeous grey leather and burgundy suede – it also worked like a dream with this bomber jacket and tied the whole look together.

Originally $399 reduced to $165.00 – it can be worn as a clutch, shoulder or across body.

Check out my mate Karen Style Loving 2 wearing hers at the weekend.

The reason I


The reason I

Ella Bomber Jacket in Maroon* $69.00 She Street | Bell Sleeve Cable Knit Dress *79.95 White Haven Emporium | Waco Black Embroidery Suede by Top End* $229.95 Cinori Shoes


Before I go can we just focus on these beauties for just a second – a big nod to the latest embroidery trend but totally wearable.

The are extremely comfortable and the heel height is enough without being crippling for poorly ankles!

The reason I

Ella Bomber Jacket in Maroon* $69.00 She Street | Ivory Billow Blouse* $139.00 | DarK Wash Skinny Denim Jean* $139.00 both Bohemian Traders |Highland Hip Bag $169 Mimco (on sale originally $399)

Anyway, the moral of my ramblings is simple, don’t let a moment, a memory or a silly old (and extremely itchy) school uniform hold you back from embracing a certain colour. Because you never know, it may just look amazing on you.

Remember a hint is more than ok – just don’t miss out for 40 years like me!


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  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    My school uniform was green & fawn (yes I know great colour combo!!!) still would never wear fawn in a pink fit but started wearing green again about 2 years ago … at 47 bit sad but better late than never!! Love the maroon jacket its a winner & looks gorgeous on you Bev ?

    • Oh darling I feel your pain, who comes up with these school uniform colour combo’s eh? Yikes, no wonder we go through life being so traumatised!
      Thank for the maroon love, I’m slowly adjusting to wearing it again xxx Have a great week!

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    It’s interesting how our past experiences affect our current love or disdain for various colours. My primary school colours were grey and maroon too and I also prefer not to wear maroon now a days!


    • Isn’t it weird Ingrid? It’s something I’ve carried with me for years and only just realised how bad it was…I don’t think it will ever be my favourite colour, but I now know I have found a way to wear it! xx