Ranting post, plus a letter to Instagram.

Oh hello lovelies!

Today’s post is a bit different – and yes I will be having a rant, so feel free to look away, I completely understand, if this is just not your thing.

So let’s get this party started by getting these vent(s) out into the open…

Firstly, here is my make-believe letter to Instagram.

Trust me, if I thought it my voice would be heard, I would of course send it…well maybe I would send a more serious version 😉

Dear Instagram Oh Mighty One(s),

Why oh why have you decided to change the bloody algorithm AGAIN,  for the billionth time?

It was working ok-ish (it of course worked like a dream “BCD’ – before chronological disappeared) I could see most of my favourite accounts without any hassle at all.

But not anymore.

Now I have to go looking for the accounts that really interest me, while my feed is bursting with accounts that I rarely interact with.

Hello??? Can you hear me?  I’m saying the thing that made you so fabulous and unique in the first place, has disappeared.

These days, YOU tell me who I can see and when I can see them – where is the fun in that? AND why do you consider a post from two days ago of  more interest to me than one that has just been launched?

On a brighter note ( just so you know I am a positive type of gal), I have made lots of gorgeous (virtual) friends from all over the world (which is incredible, thank you for making this possible). They are women of all ages that share a common bond – fashion and beauty. Women in different countries and time zones…so please explain why most of them have disappeared from my feed all together?

AND why, when you do change the algorithm, do you prefer to keep these changes a secret? 

Just know, there is not a techie bone in my body – so in short, I have no idea you have made ‘said’ changes at all. Instead, I just wonder why my likes and engagement have dropped. This then makes me gritty.

Honestly, you are making the once delightful Instagram experience totally annoying and extremely frustrating.

I do have another positive though (see, told you), I LOVE the addition of insta stories. I’m nosey by nature, so I love seeing the snapshots of people’s lives. I also love all the filters and fun bits you have introduced along the way…do you know why this is? Because it’s in REAL time.


Anyway. Enough is enough Mr Instagram.

Let’s go back to full chronological order for my feed please (I know you took it away AGES ago, but I still miss it, because it worked and we all know you can change it back because you’re super clever like that).

I live by the rule: Don’t fix, what ain’t broken.

Because the people who supported you in the very beginning, are the people who are missing out on the most.

Yours ever hopeful,


Ps. Just so you know, I liked you so much more before you started changing 😉

Ranting post, plus a letter to Instagram

And my second rant is of the unkind female variety.

Yes, I have been the target of unkindness online before, bearing the brunt of the pack instinct is no fun at all.

But this time rather than unkindness, it was of the self-righteous variety – which I simply can’t stand.

You know when someone feels they have the right to interfere in your life when they don’t know the facts.

Last week an email came through my agency addressed to me (just for the record, even I do not know this email address – weird that someone outside of the business does eh?).

Anyway, a few of my Insta mates were also mentioned in this email too: Maudie @istyl Suzy @desperatelyseekingsuzy and Meredith @retailgenie (I won’t go into details, as it’s just not my thing) but the main bone of contention appeared to be lack of transparency when dealing with brands.

I then hear from Suzy yesterday that brands she collaborates with, have been contacted by the same person. The person has now decided to cause hassle on a larger scale.

Let’s just set the record straight here.

Suzy is not doing any of the things highlighted in that nasty email.

What I hate most about this though is simple, this kind of behaviour is done intentionally, to cause problems, hurt and hassle.

I know all the girls in person Maudie, Suzy and Meredith they are truly delightful people and don’t deserve this. I am constantly inspired by all of them – they make Instagram a nice place to hang out.

So whoever you are, stop hiding behind an email (that I’m guessing is fictitious) instead be brave and show yourself.

Because these people you are trying to hurt are my friends.

So at the very least: PLEASE UNFOLLOW ALL OF US or indeed, anyone else that you intend to throw mud at in the future.

Ranting post, plus a letter to Instagram








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  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Oh yes…IG…what have they done? That frustrated me completely and I don’t have the time to scroll through those beautiful accounts (like yours) that I follow. Let’s hope they fix it soon so it becomes much more user friendly once more. I’m so sorry to hear about the mean girls out there too. I’ve never found yourself and the other lovelies you mention being anything other than honest and genuine. Please know the mean girls are the minority and there are many more that support what you do! x

    • Thanks so much Nat! Your support is truly appreciated.
      Unkindess is never ok but especially not in an all female community. Seriously, my attitude to this kind of poor behaviour is simple, just scroll on by or unfollow. Simple as. Or if you do you feel strongly, address the issue privately and gracefully. I’ve been subject to online bullying once before, I feel much stronger this time. Instead, and because I’m a protector by nature, I wanted to speak up and defend my friends.
      Oh and bloody Instagram is a sham at the moment, bring back chronological! xxx Mwah

  • Petra

    I honestly don’t know what anyone could be mean about! Maybe I’m naive that way but seriously – I’ve been following you for quite a while and I don’t see anything “controversial” or anything that could possibly get someone’s back up! Chin up Bev – stay calm and carry on!!! With regards instagram, I never even knew there was an “order” to it haha! Can you really have the ones you follow/like the most come up first in your feed? Another naivety from me lol. Have a great weekend Bev, and a few glasses of wine! Cheers!

    • Petra thank you for your constant support, it honestly means the world. It’s such a shame that unkindness exists. However, I will never for the life of me understand it. I’m pretty quiet as far as controversial goes (I prefer to stay in the background and just do my own thing) so it shocked me to receive the email. Upon reflection, I’m guessing it is someone that knows a lot about the industry and PR companies.
      Goodness always rules over badness though, it just takes grace and a hope that what you’re putting out there really is inspiring/helping other feel good about themselves.
      The old chronological order was fabulous on IG now, the new algorithm say who you see and when you see them (meaning it might not show you your favourite accounts anymore).
      Just so you know, I did as you recommended and downed a few glasses off vino! Mwah xxx

  • Barb McKellar

    Hey Bev! Yes totally with you re Instagram. It has become quite boring for me actually……. In regards to the other matter. Truly dissapointing & sorry that you & the other ladies (who I all love) had to deal with that. I do not understand this type of behaviour. I agree with your note to these people – dont follow! Simple as that. Why the need to diss? Not cool. Love your work Bev, big kiss.

    • Hey darling, thank you so much – the feeling is of course mutual, you have fabulous style!
      With regards to IG – its all about control, they have spoilt something that was truly wonderful. I could (and did) spend hours scrolling through, commenting and liking…not anymore. Instead, I feel a slight panic that I have missed someone amazing in the style community!
      Never ever an excuse for bad behaviour in my book, but on the flip side, my heart melts by the outpouring of love and support xxx

  • Emma Allmand

    Fabulous blog Bev…..I agree with you on every single thing . Instagram is becoming a nightmare and a few of my favs (including yours) I have switched on post notification!!! The pulling people down thing is vile , these people have nothing better in their lives and are simply jealous x

    • Thanks so much for your support Emma xx
      I just wish Mr Instagram would take note and listen – I don’t want to be told who I can see in my feed. Instead, I want to choose!
      Online nastiness seems to be a game for some people, like you said, unkindness is vile and totally unnecessary. I do feel sorry for the people that have nothing better to do than cause hurt.

  • Kathryn

    So many nasty people in the world Bev. I rarely post on IG these days, changed my account name and set it back to private because I kept getting strange followers – as in creepy. I love IG because I get to see you, Maudie and others in lovely clothes, and looking happy. Which let’s face it, we all need more happy in our lives. I love all the home and garden pages too. I’ve deleted my FB account too. Sometimes the less social media the better. I am so untech I don’t even know what algorithim means! Keep smiling, that will really piss them off xx

    • Naawwwww Kathryn thank you so much, your support really does mean the world.
      I feel I have quite broad shoulders when it comes to online bullying (which you know I have been attacked before) but when my lovely, kind friends get picked on, it makes me cross. Cross enough to bring out my Mumma Bear instinct! I do intend to keep smiling and pissing them off too xxx

  • Anne Turvey

    Its so sad that women want to cut each other down instead of being proud of each other. Good on you Bev for putting it out there!
    Love reading your blog and instagram page:)

    • Thank you so much Anne, your support is very much appreciated. I’m known for being really protective of my friends and family, so addressing this felt like the right thing to do, especially knowing how upset Suzy was xxx

  • Karsuz

    I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. I don’t understand the need to hurt, bring people down and cause stress. I always think of if you wouldn’t say it to their face then you shouldn’t say it from behind a keyboard. Love how fearlessly you stick up for your friends xxx

    • So So true gorgeous girl – words to live by! It is unnecessary and completely cowardice to try and cause hassle whilst hiding behind a fake email account. More often than not, the people that cause this kind of stress are the people you would least suspect too – the whole reason for being anonymous!
      Beckie always calls me Mumma Bear (which sums me up) – I also like fearless, so my new title can be Fearless Mumma Bear 🙂 xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I agree about the Instagram thing Bev it’s really annoying ?
    I’m sorry about the email and the unkindness so not on….if you can be nice say nothing at all…that’s my motto Xx

    • I just wish Instagram would go back to how it once was Lisa. I miss so many posts these days 🙁
      Unkindness is never good Lisa, there is never an excuse, your motto is spot on too xxx

  • Loveyourwardrobe

    Oh no Bev, sorry to hear this! I love and admire all those women you mentioned (including you ?) and friends of mine this has happened to too!

    • It’s so totally unnecessary and truly uncalled for. I despise cowardly people that pray on ‘good folk’ whilst hiding behind their keyboards. Anyway, sending big love right back at you, thanks so much for your support and kindness xxx

  • Wendy

    I can never understand, why if you don’t like something or someone why they don’t hit the unfollow button? There is no need for keyboard warriors , happy to sit behind a screen flinging mud at people they don’t know. Love all 4 of you ladies and the inspiration I get from you all, my credit card however has been taking ahit lately ? But that’s on me not you! My guess it they are jealous of how fabulous and kind you all are. Love what you all do! xx
    Ps totally agree with your letter to IG!

    • Wendy thank you so much. Like you, I cannot stand people who hide behind anonymous words (love your keyboard warriors description, it is perfect). The Instagram community on the whole it’s so super supportive – and I refuse to let one small minded person upset people I care about.
      On a much lighter note, apologies on your credit card taking a bashing!
      Thanks so much for your support Mwah and big love xxx