Anthea Crawford Wardrobe Happiness

Wardrobe happiness: ∼ that wonderful feeling knowing you always have something to wear – no matter what life throws at you.

Now to keep this post really honest, I must confess – when my wardrobe is not organised, I constantly feel like I have nothing to wear (which is how I’m feeling at the moment).

How I, of all people, have the utter cheek to complain I have nothing to wear – seriously Bev!!!

I know it must seem like such a ridiculous thing to hear me whine about, especially when every wardrobe in our house is bulging at the seams 😉

BUT – sometimes having so many clothes, can be completely overwhelming.

You have days when you just can’t seem to put a single outfit together.

So, the only way I can achieve wardrobe happiness is by culling my threads on a regular basis (Jonny would have me cull every single week, if he had his own way). When I have a clear out of my clothes, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders – overcrowded and disorganised wardrobes just don’t work for anyone, it simply means you cannot see the wood for the trees.

Plus your styling confidence will go straight out of the window, if you feel you are drowning in clothes.

I thought I’d share a few basic rules I use to achieving wardrobe happiness:

  • Make sure you try on all the items you’re intending to keep – this is a must!
  • Hold on to classic timeless pieces AS LONG AS THEY STILL FIT.
  • Separate your wardrobe into winter and summer.
  • Only focus on culling the season you’re currently in – it’s super easy to ditch all of your woollies on a boiling hot 40 degree, summers day!

The perfect wardrobe classics for me, are pieces that give me a huge confidence boost.

So when I’m looking to refresh my classics, I always tend to play it safe, mostly opting for black, navy or cream.

I’m not shy at throwing cash at a new LBD or indeed a smart jacket – as long as I’m sure they will add longevity to my wardrobe selection.

I simply love the feeling of knowing I always have something gorgeous and timeless to wear, maybe for a fancy pants dinner with friends, a cocktail event or special occasion. Pieces I can call upon with only a moments notice are crucial to achieving wardrobe equilibrium.

If you would have shopped my wardrobe when I lived in England, you probably would have been shocked. It was easily 75% dressy, 25% casual (the casual was limited jeans and v-neck tee’s).

It was a joke.

My daily style consisted of classic black dresses to wear to work at my bridal boutique, finished with heels and a jacket.

Off-duty-style always involved jeans, often finished with a crisp shirt, or a silk tee and of course, a jacket and scarf.

The only time my ‘look’ really changed was if we were heading to Europe/Dubai in the summer months – where denim and blazers were a big no-no… or on the times that I was stupid enough to attempt this look, I ended up a sweaty mess!

My everyday style now falls happily into the smart casual bracket….unless of course I’m impersonating a street person by spending the day lounging on the couch in my pj’s or trackie daks watching netflix – its not a pretty sight my friends, but on these days I’m as happy as a pig in poo!

Overall though, I still prefer to be overdressed for any occasion.

My confidence multiplies when I feel good – this includes my clothes, hair and makeup.

Call me vain – but its true.

Both of these fabulous pieces from the Anthea Crawford A/W 2017 range are ME to a T.

Black Flared Sleeve Dress

Anthea Crawford: Wardrobe Happiness

Firstly a bit about the label…

Anthea Crawford started her career in 1976 working in fashion houses in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. After perfecting her craft, Anthea released her own label Anthea Crawford Australia 8 years later.

What I love about this brand is simple: QUALITY

  1. 98% of Anthea’s collection is made in Australia.
  2. This supports the local workforce.
  3. Quality: when manufacturing is close to home, you have the assurance that standards and sizing are not compromised.
  4. 2013 Anthea Crawford was accredited by ECA: Ethical Clothing Australia. To achieve this, the entire supply chain is audited to ensure transparency and authenticity.

Investment Pieces

My wardrobe has had many a fabulous LBD over the years, but this beauty really takes some beating.

Anthea Crawford: Wardrobe Happiness

Black Flared Sleeve Dress (wearing size 14) $499.00 Anthea Crawford | Shoes oldies from Witchery | Handbag, Earrings and Watch all Mimco (not current).

Made from high quality stretch ponti (which skims the curves in such a delightful way) this stunning dress is super flattering.

I also love how complementary the slight v neckline is over my full 14 D bust. Normally I would have passed this neckline by, but the overall balance allows it to work on a fuller bust too.

The flared sleeve, offers just the slightest hint to this season’s ruffle trend – but still remains totally classic and timeless.

I first saw this dress on Karen from Style Loving 2 and fell instantly in love with it. We both have curves and fuller busts, we are also different heights, but the dress works equally well on both of us.

Anthea Crawford Dresses that are cut to perfection offer flexibility for different shapes and sizes – a true sign of artistry!

Personally I love to see a dress like this on a woman with curves…to which I have plenty 😉

Anthea Crawford: Wardrobe Happiness

Black Flared Sleeve Dress* (wearing size 14) $499.00 Anthea Crawford | Handbag, Earrings and Watch all Mimco (not current).

This dress shape and style oozes ‘Cocktail’ to me, but it would work equally well paired with fancy colourful shoes and fascinator for the races, or with a classic nude heel for a high-end corporate event.

One thing is for sure, whoever wears this beautiful dress, will feel like a million dollars. Because I DID!

Envy Ponti Jacket

Anthea Crawford: Wardrobe Happiness

Envy Ponti Jacket* (wearing size 14) $459.00 Anthea Crawford |High Waisted Skinny Jean $139.00 (Wearing 32) Classic Singlet in White $59.00 (Wearing M) both  Bohemian Traders | Necklace and Earrings both Sebastianella | Boots current season Mimco

Now when it came to styling this jacket, I wanted to show its flexibility.

Yes, I could easily have styled it with a dress to emphasise what a wonderful corporate/dressy look this would make.

BUT I’m all for showing you how easily this jacket can be worn to style-up your favourite jeans and tee – I don’t believe it simply fits into one mould.


Anthea Crawford: Wardrobe Happiness

Envy Ponti Jacket* (wearing size 14) $459.00 Anthea Crawford |High Waisted Skinny Jean $139.00 (Wearing 32) Classic Singlet in White $59.00 (Wearing M) both  Bohemian Traders | Necklace and Earrings both Sebastianella

Classic style doesn’t fall into the disposable fashion category, which means by definition, I’m happy to spend more money on quality,

Because of this, I don’t want my timeless items to sit idle in my wardrobe (especially jackets). Instead I instantly think of ways I could style them with my everyday threads.

This stunning jacket is cut to fit and flatter, plus the ponti fabrication offers supreme comfort that remains crease free all day!


Anthea Crawford: Wardrobe Happiness

Envy Ponti Jacket* (wearing size 14) $459.00 Anthea Crawford |High Waisted Skinny Jean $139.00 (Wearing 32) Classic Singlet in White $59.00 (Wearing M) both  Bohemian Traders | Necklace and Earrings both Sebastianella | Boots current season Mimco

If you are looking for a fabulous choice of occasion wear, cocktail or Mother of the Bride outfits do yourself a huge favour and check out this outstanding Australian label.

The price point for the quality is exceptional

PSSSSST… If you get in quick there’s a 30% off sale taking place at the moment (instore and online).

You can find standalone stores in Sydney or indeed head to your nearest David Jones or Myer Department stores.

This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase, I may earn a small commission – but you don’t pay any extra!



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  • I couldn’t agree more about investing in classic pieces, the quality and fit means they will last for years. This dress will trotted out at every special occasion.
    I’m totally with you with the messy or disorganised wardrobe I just have to get my s*#t together – I end up forgetting about some fab pieces and just wearing the same basics cos I can’t find anything or can’t remember if I lent it to Molly. Small world problems I know ? But frustrating

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Nothing beats a classic jacket it will be a staple for years …. loooovee the dress & I’m going to black tie dinner in Orange NSW (aka coldest place in Australia!!) so that might work perfectly xx

    • Oh Jacqueline both pieces are simply divine. The dress would be the most perfect piece for the black tie event you have coming up. I felt a million bucks wearing it, it’s so classic and timeless. Let me know if you get it xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Stunning pieces Bev!
    In the olden days when I worked in retail I worked in the designer department for quite a while and we sold Anthea Crawford pieces they are elegant and timeless Xx

    • Lisa you must have loved being surrounded by such stunning clothes. I’m very new to the Anthea Crawford label, so totally blown away by how stunning they are! Hope you’re now feeling lots better my friend. You have been missed. Sending a huge hug xxx