Introducing Natural for Birds by Birdsnest

NATURAL for Birds.

Introducing Natural for Birds by Birdsnest

When I received the email from the Birdsnest team saying they had released a brand new in-house label ‘Natural’ for birds, I was super eager to flick through the look book.

Birdsnest always offer such a diverse selection of beautiful threads, so adding the ‘Natural’ range of 9 exclusive pieces (all made from natural fibres) seemed like the perfect addition to their already fabulous stable.

Natural for Birds is created exclusively for the bird who values quality and simplicity. Think 100% Australian Merino wool, cashmere and cotton (my favourite linen will be added to the summer collection).

When I was browsing the images, the first thing that hit me though, was the natural gorgeousness of the model.

Charlotte Thaarup-Owen appeared the perfect choice for this exclusive nine piece collection.

She is a strikingly beautiful, youthful model that just so happens to be the mother of the Birdsnest photographer Andreas – this fact alone made my heart melt. Can you imagine how wonderful it must have been for Charlotte and her son Andreas to be working together?

The images are so natural and completely stunning. Charlotte looks relaxed, happy and totally confident in front of the camera.

I loved reading Charlottes words; what she said really echoed with me…

“I am inspired when I see healthy, strong dynamic women. My mother is 76 and a beautiful woman full of energy and enthusiasm. This tempered with age is powerful, as it has life experience, often compassion and is not naïve and polished, rather every line shows moments of sun filled days, pain, laughter, sorrow, love, anxiety, delight – life really.

This is one of the reasons that natural fibres resonate with me, they are real like the bodies they cover! They are not following a fad, but quality garments that connect me with the land, with where they come from, every time I wear them. Clothes that I will treasure for years”

Natural for birds Natural Throw

Now just so you know, I can break out into a severe case of hives at the mere thought of putting wool next to my skin. I’ve never been able to tolerate the itchy feeling that wearing some wool pieces leaves on my skin.

But no such fear with this one lovelies, its made from 100% Australian Merino Wool.

This Natural Throw was a complete delight to wear (no mimicking a dog with a severe case of flees for me I tell ya).

Introducing Natural for Birds by Birdsnest


Natural Throw* $229.00 Natural for Birds | Tee Oldie form CR | Indigo Skinny Jeans*$129.00 Bohemian Traders Wearing 32″ | Park Lane Ankle Boot $299.00 and watch Mimco

Jewellery: Ring, Earrings and three necklaces all Uberkate

To do this fabulous throw justice, Jonny and I got up super early this morning (yes this morning) and headed out in search of really gorgeous setting to take these pics – it may have been a truly hilarious expedition (and a tad time-consuming) but totally worth in the end.

The light this morning was awesome.

Of course I would love to be the kind of person that took her pics two weeks prior to needing them. You know, like an organised fashion blogger would do. Have them sitting waiting on my flash drive…but oh no, not me – my name is Bev and I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time.

So instead Jonny and I dashed around like two headless chooks at the crack of sparrows. I then rushed home to edit them (at the speed of lightning of course) before I pressed launch on this blog post…


I even managed to find a tree to lean on – not sure the colony of ants residing in the tree were happy with me though 😉

Introducing Natural for Birds by Birdsnes


Natural Throw* $229.00 Natural for Birds | Tee Oldie form CR | Indigo Skinny Jeans*$129.00 Bohemian Traders Wearing 32″

I chose this throw for several reasons – the first being the colour.

Anything with a contrasting blue panels, always gets my attention. The multi-colours make it a hero wardrobe piece.

What I love most about this throw though, is the fine knit texture. I find throws that are too thick tend to add unnecessary bulk (which I don’t need).

Also, don’t be fooled into thinking because it is lightweight, that it’s not warm and snuggly – it worked a treat this morning when the sun was still rising.

Wear this throw casually like I have with your favourite denim:

  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Fawn

This throw works equally well over a tee as it would over a roll neck jumper.

But don’t just keep it in the ‘casual’ basket.

Wear over a crisp white shirt and black/navy pants for the office – just add heels and a big hit of confidence for classic chic at its best!

Note: I did have the fabulous hat the Charlotte is wearing – unfortunately my noggin was too large…I have a man-sized head!


Are you a fan of natural fabrics?


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