Eeeeek Changing Hair Stylist/Salon!

Are you the kind of girl who sticks with the same hair stylist at the same salon, forever and a day?

Or are you more of a throw caution to the wind type of gal, who changes her hair stylist regularly, always searching for hair eutopia?

I think changing hair salons can be a bit (ok VERY) scary for most people.

The mere thought of it, can cause even the strongest of us girls to have a teeth-chattering meltdown – I include myself in this statement.

Anyway, I’ve canvassed a few of my friends and I’ve realised you either fall into one of two categories:

  1. You’re the type of girl who stays true to your stylist, no matter what. You’ve built up a relationship, you know everything about their lives and even if you’re not entirely happy with your hair sometimes, you still stay true to them out of loyalty, plus the hope that next time it will be better. Or you continually give your stylist the benefit of the doubt, putting it down to them having an ‘off’ day – when deep down inside; if you’re honest with yourself, you know things could be better.
  2. Maybe you change salons all the time and no matter who cuts your hair, you’re pretty relaxed about it. If this is you, I’m guessing you have locks of the luscious variety!

Not many girls I know fall into category 2, but I do have one stunning friend that does. Her hair is super fabulous. Imagine glossy, thick, jet black short funky hair. She feels a gents barber can cut her hair just as well ( if not even better) for $20 than paying the price of a stylist at a salon.

Basically she just needs a short back and sides – SUPER LUCKY DUCK I know, but its true!

Fear of hairdressers is a real thing though and I for one, completely get it.

After all, our hair is our crown – it’s the style we never take off.

How we wear our hair says so much about us – it’s as unique as our signature.

People can recognise us, in a crowded room, just by our hair.

I can assure you, if my hair is not right (it doesn’t matter how good my outfit is) it will honestly ruin my day. I find myself messing with it continually – plus it makes me miserable. If you think this is superficial I’m more than ok with that – I’m all for keeping it real on this blog!

Just like our skin care and makeup routine, our hair needs to be assessed on a regular basis – it also loves to be nurtured occasionally with a salon treatment or regular masks at home.

So why did I make the salon change?

Eeeeeek Changing Hair Salon/Stylist

Going to the hair salon is not cheap – but if I leave super happy, I never think twice about the cost (Jonny might, but I don’t 😉 ).

But I was feeling unsettled with my hair, it’s already very grey/white in many areas, plus the condition wasn’t brilliant.

So when one of my closest friends (who has impeccable style) mentioned that she didn’t think my hair looked the best it could, I sat up and listened. It was also just the push I needed.

And then, as if by magic (I do love how fate kicks in when you need it to) in drops an email from Evalyn Parsons asking me if I wanted to pop in for a chat about collaborating. Honestly, the timing could not have been better.

It felt right – I’m all for trusting my gut/intuition – people come into your life exactly when they are meant too.

Anyway, I instantly felt nervous excitement (which is a really good sign for me). I guess because I already knew my hair needed a set of fresh eyes to look at it. I wasn’t leaving my previous salon wowed. Instead I was dashing home and washing my hair – the colour was not right (too grey/ashy from the toner) – this is a big red flag for me, especially not being a natural blonde and all 😉 Also, I could always tell Jonny didn’t like my hair when I walked in from the salon – his response was always ‘it’s very grey’.

I’m certainly not laying blame when I make that statement, instead it could simply have been miscommunication on both sides. All I know is I needed to make a change. Something wasn’t gelling.

From the moment I first met Ev (the lady boss of Evalyn Parson Hair Salon based in Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast) I liked her instantly. This is super important for me. In fact, she blew me away with the passion and enthusiasm she holds for her trade.

I could have chatted to her for the whole day…unfortunately Jonny was sitting in the car with a severe case of numb bum and impatience – not a good combo!

Ev has big dreams and ambitions for her business, I loved that she openly shared her aspirations with me from the get-go.

Guess what? She has just been awarded the prestigious Top Bridal Hair Stylist in Australia for 2017 – I know right, I’m guessing she was up against some stiff competition – which makes the winning, just that little bit sweeter.

Eeeeeek Changing Hair Salon/Stylist

My first appointment

The key to making this transition is CONFIDENCE.

Although I do have a slight confession: I love going to the salon so much, I could literally agree to anything – in the wrong hands this could be very dangerous, but I felt very safe.

The salon is so lovely. Set in a 1950 renovated beach house – yes, it’s a stones throw from the beach too, with ample street parking right outside.

On the day of my appointment I was a mixed bag of emotions: excitement and adrenaline.

What I loved the most though, is by previously having had a get-to-know- you consultation with Ev, she instantly knew who the perfect stylist would be for me and my hair.

Ev chose Bec for me, she thought we would be the perfect fit, and she was spot-on. Bec is a gorgeous soul whose attention to detail blows me away – I do however feel very sorry for her being faced with my difficult hair. It’s thick, course and wirey (sounds delightful eh?).

From the moment Bec walked over and introduced herself to me, any remaining tension I had left in my shoulders, instantly disappeared.

I liked her from the first hello.

The vibe in the salon is also delightful, I felt relaxed and at home within 30 seconds.

Bec and salon manager Kristiina (is also a true colour genius plus all round fabulous hair guru) put their very knowledgeable heads together and hatched the perfect plan to tackle my hair.

The most impressive part for me though, was watching how each of the stylists talks to one another about their own clients.

Evalyn Parsons Salon is truly a forward thinking, with no individual egos involved. Instead creative minds simply work together to make sure the best result for the client.

This style of working together for a positive client experience is like a breath of fresh air, and gets a huge thumbs-up from me.

There were four things we needed to address with my hair:

  • Condition – I have a halo of breakage from over bleaching the top layer. To fix this Olaplex treatment has been introduced – I’m blown away by what a HUGE difference this has already made to my hair. The team also recommended I change to the Kevin Murphy RE.STORE treatment. This small change has also been a life saver.
  • Colour – my greys/whites need to be welcomed into my hair (let’s face it they are here to stay). But I needed the very blonde top to somehow make piece with my very dark natural hair at the back – my hair was looking very disjointed. This has now been addressed, I have the clean blonde (which I love) without it looking over toned/ashy or yellow. I had over 200 foils in my hair at the first appointment. Poor Bec!
  • Cut – my first cut just concentrated on a blunt finish to make it look edgy. On my second visit we decided to try to bridge the gap with the broken (I call it my mullet) layer by cutting it shorter, I LOVE the result.
  • Maintenance – Because my colour is now back on track, I’m no longer relying on using purple shampoo every wash (I only used it once in 5 weeks after my first visit). Instead with the introduction of Olaplex and the RE.PAIR range from Kevin Murphy, I feel back in control, between my 5 weekly salon visits.

Eeeeeek Changing Hair Salon/Stylist

This pic is of my hair on day two after my second salon visit – unwashed and still fabulous, all I had done was run my fingers through it – no combing at all! How good is the multi-tonal colour?

Evalyn Parsons Hair have two divisions:

Salon: These girls know colour so well. Regular training sessions are a top priority to ensure salon offers the best and latest techniques  – which means the whole team are always on top of their game. Call the salon on 07 5341 8333 for an appointment.

Bridal: You can either book for Evalyn for you and your wedding party or you can book with one of her bridal specialists. Just a heads up though, if you do want Evalyn she can be booked-up two years in advance – yes, exactly what you would expect from Bridal Hair Stylist of the year!

Ev and her bridal team already cover a large area in SE Queensland, if you’re further a field it might still be worth sending an email to enquire.

Or maybe you live in another state and are trying to hunt down someone fabulous to do your hair if you’re getting married in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast Look no further!

Anyway, the moral of my (very long) story is simply…

If you’re unhappy with your hair, don’t be afraid to change.

Seriously. I have and I couldn’t be happier.

Remember your ‘crown’ should always look fabulous!

Eeeeeek Changing Hair Salon/Stylist

Snapped this quick pic this morning just to show you how happy I still am with my hair two weeks after my appt – even when I do it myself!


So now its your turn to spill the beans…how do you feel about your hair salon? Have you been going to the same stylist for a while? Would you have the jitters about changing? Does cost come into your decision?


As part of my disclosure policy I like to offer transparency. Both of my salon visits have been covered through collaboration with Evalyn Parson Hair









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  • Sophisticated Mumma

    I always think how lovely your hair looks but get what you mean about colours…totally! It’s so nice to find a Hairdresser that truly understands what you want and knows if it’s achievable. I found a good hairdresser a couple of years ago after the previous one stuffed my colour up completely. It’s worse knowing you’ve paid heaps for a tone you did not want. P.s you look fab x

  • Kathryn

    Bev your hair always looks lovely! I know the salon you mean, I drive past daily on my way to work and it does look lovely. I love my hairdresser, she always makes me feel like a million dollars, I am not one to chop and change! x

    • Awww thanks so much, its such a fabulous salon Kathryn – I feel really lucky.
      Knowing you have found the perfect hairdresser is like gold dust, nothing beats that feeling xxx

  • jess

    Your hair looks fab Bev! Glad to see you took my suggestions(yes, I will take credit via my suggestion on insta hehehe) regarding Olaplex 😉 It’s a must have for blondies!

    • Ha ha Jess thanks so much for the recommendation – Olaplex is the bees knees for hair. I love how good my hair has become after just two salon visits too! xx

  • Suzie

    Your twin Suzie here Bev! I’m having the exact same issues, breakage, non wow colour, toner that leaves my hair dark until that time when I’m due to have the roots done again. I’m supposed to go tomorrow for my colour but instead i’m just having a cut and will look for a new hairdresser! Like you I’m happy to pay the money as long as I’m impressed. Yours looks gorgeous and too bad I’m in Melbourne otherwise I would have been so happy to try your new hair stylist. Great timing!

    • Hey gorgeous Cancerian xx
      So happy to hear you’re not just going to settle for something you’re not happy with. Over toned hair is super annoying – I just don’t understand the need, do you? I did say a couple of times that I didn’t like the toning, but it still happened again only to head back home, wash hair yadda yadda.
      Make the change my friend – imagine how much fun we would have if we lived close by eh? xxx

  • Petra

    I’m really into hair!!! I’ve always been very loyal to my hairdressers over the years where-ever I’ve lived. And I’ve been very fussy too. In the last decade tho’ (my 40’s) I’ve found that the simple style that’s always suited me is the classic bob, sometimes with a fringe, sometimes I grow it out (I’ve grown it out now), and the length has to be just right (chin level), so basically anyone can do that so I’m not fussy anymore!!! I hardly have any grey (yet) but I am thinking of getting a few foils and I’m probably fussier about colour than cut!!! I love your hair Bev and am so pleased you’ve found someone who sounds wonderful 🙂

    • Oh Petra so pleased to hear you feel the same as I do when it comes to how your hair looks. My Mumma always said “our hair is our crown in glory” From such a young age, I remember watching her do her hair religiously every single morning before she left the house.
      You can never go wrong with a classic sharp, chin level bob in my opinion, with or without fringe. I must just say you’re so lucky not to have any greys though (mine first appeared in my early twenties!). I love how a few foils done well, can really enhance the hair…although I have to say my thick mop requires tonnes! xxx

  • Shandell Gammon

    I love my hairdresser! I have been seeing her since I was 14-15 I think! That’s 33 years! I would feel disloyal if I went any where else, heaven forbid if she decides to move! Her colouring, blow-drying and overall style is amazing!!!

    • Fabulous hairdressers seem to be like diamonds Shandell, once you find a good one you keep it forever! So happy you’ve found the perfect stylist for you – I think you should get ‘loyal customer’ award! xx