Top Plumping Products for Ageing Skin

Ageing skin.

EEEEEEEEEK – I’m excited to tell you about what I’ve found lovelies (no eye rolling allowed 😉 )

Before I type another word – Yes, I hear you loud and clear. I already know, I am indeed a marketeers dream beauty customer.

But read on dear friends, read on, because I’m super pleased with how my 53-year-old skin is behaving at the moment.

When new beauty products are picked up on my  ‘oh my god, I must-have this’ radar (you know the ones that promise eternal youth 😉  ) I get suckered in to buying them EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Without fail.

I’ve always been a kinda jump straight in type of girl – who is after all, a self-confessed product whore, so why not!

My Top Products for Ageing Skin

My bathroom beauty cabinet is already bursting at the seams with lotions and potions – so, do I really need more?


Now before I go any further, I just want to first mention budget – because we all prioritise our cash differently.

My skin is super important to me.

I’m also more than happy to save a buck or two when I can – its a huge bonus if I source a product that ticks the boxes of value for money v’s delivering the goods.

But as I age I’ve realised the needs of my skin are constantly changing; which means I’m always on the lookout for products that practice what they preach on the packaging, especially where anti-ageing/hydration is concerned.

I’m going to be talking about two brands that I’ve trialled – I love both. One is pricey, the other more reasonable.

BOTH work on delivering the goods. The reviews were extremely good as well, which meant I was already invested.

Anyway, on one of my many trips to Mecca I went in search of Sunday Riley – I had heard great things about this brand. In particular for the treatment of cystic acne (no I don’t have this, but I know that vitamin A (Retinol) plays a huge role in managing this problem).

The two hero products that I was eager to learn more about from Sunday Riley were:   Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil and Good Genes – while I was there I fell in love with the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm  (typical of me).

Note: you can but smaller sizes of Luna and Good Genes packaged together as The Power Couple. I recommend doing this first.

Now I have used acids on my skin for a long time. I often get asked what I use on my skin – when I roll off all the steps I take in my skin maintenance routine, it scares the life out of most people.

I believe, that unless you were born with amazing genes, you simply can’t ignore your skin as you age (well you can if you want to) but if a youthful appearance is important to you, then here’s what my beauty routine looks like at the moment.

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm $72.00

Cleansing balms have been around for years. They are however perfect, for mature skin. This one is a true delight (rub on dry skin). It also doubles as a deep treatment mask for extra hydration.

Tip: I apply mine while the shower is coming up to temperature, then wash my hair and add conditioner. After that I rinse of the cleanser. Voila!

This baby will calm even the most sensitive skin. It’s enriched with cocoa butter, essential oils of blue tansy, German chamomile, tangerine and vanilla leaving the skin flake free, toned, nourished and glowing!

Sunday Riley Good Genes $154.00 30ml (cheaper if you buy as part of The Power Couple though $114.00 15ml each of Luna and Good Genes) )

Radiance and plumping?

Add a good quality lactic acid to your beauty routine and you won’t look back. Lactic acid started for me in the form of a cleanser.

As soon as I read about this treatment from Sunday Riley though I knew it was the next level in treating my deep wrinkles (crows feet)  – YES I SAID DEEP WRINKLES. 5% purified anti-ageing lactic acid with added lemongrass and licorice. Make this one a permanent in your beauty arsenal, if loss of firmness and elasticity are concerns for you.

Me and my 53 yr old face LOVE this product hard.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil $154.00 30 ml (cheaper if you buy The Power Couple though $114.00 15ml of Luna and Good Genes)

Retinol complex formula – it’s been designed to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and correct sun damage while you sleep. This beautiful oil is best massaged to clean dry skin (I use it after the Blue Moon Cleanser). When first applied it remains blue in colour – keep massaging until the colour disappears.

Note: Until now I have used a prescription based vitamin A treatment from my GP. I found it very harsh on my dry sensitive skin. Luna oil is the complete opposite. It delivers my nightly hit of Retinol, in a much gentler way.

At the moment, I start my morning skincare ritual by applying  C23 by Ultraceuticals $138.00 BUT I’m about to change to this Booster C25 serum   $57.00 – such a huge difference in price, plus 2% higher in the Vitamin C delivery (not shown in image as I haven’t trialled it yet).

Last (but certainly not least)…

Hylamide Booster Series Low Molecular HA (Hyaluronic Acid). 30ml normally $29.99 but  take extra 20% off at Priceline today $23.99 (3.4.17)

Now hydration is something my skin craves by the bucket load. Dry skin by nature is known for emphasising creases and wrinkles. It puts the spotlight on them. Using hyaluronic acid is a must, if like me, you suffer from dryness or indeed you want you skin to look supple and nourished.

This product delivers 5 different forms of hyaluronic compound in one hit.

I apply as the last step of my beauty regime before I add my primer (summer). In winter I will add a another layer to lock in more moisture.

I have switched from a similar Ultraceuticals B serum to this product and have not been disappointed at all. In fact, my skin loves this product. AND my wallet loves the price!


I’ve linked up with Ingrid over at Fabulous and Fun Life


Nothing in this post is sponsored or gifted, instead I have purchased everything myself  – I’m just simply excited to share my beauty findings with you.


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  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Hi Bev … I’ve had two friends (& now you!) recommend Sunday Riley so I bought the power couple as looking at changing up my skin routine (now I’m 49) .. I’m new to lactic acid & retinol (only had them in facials) & I got a bit confused as advice I got from consultant @ Mecca different from advice on package. Do you use Good Genes first then apply Luna Oil after that & only at night??

    • Jacqueline, always use the Luna oil first (night time only as Retinol can’t be used in the day) wait 5 minutes before adding the Good Genes. Morning, just the Good Genes straight onto cleansed skin (it fills my deep wrinkles in seconds – can’t get enough of this product). Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need any more info! xxx

      • Jacqueline Mitrovits

        Thanks Bev …

  • Give me allllll the acids! Lactic, Glycolic…. I love them all! And how luxurious is a oil instead of a lotion. My past beauty therapist self is in heaven just thinking about the combination x

    • I adore using the oil based acids they are amazing – need to try The Ordinary next – so cheap and the reviews are incredible – one face is acid central! xxx

  • OMG! I now want each and every one of these products! I too am a total marketer’s dream beauty customer and the older I’ve become the more important skin care has become to me and the more I am willing to pay for products that are effective in meeting my skin’s needs!


    • I already know you would love them all Ingrid. Everyone one of the girls working at my local Mecca uses Sunday Riley. So I had no choice but to try…I wasn’t disappointed at all. Keep it in the back of our mind next time you are looking to try something new xx

  • Kathryn

    You had me at Sunday Riley 🙂 I have tried the Good Genes and I absolutely loved it. I use a combo of AlphaH and Dermalogica. AlphaH is perfect for my skin. Love a cleansing balm though, presently have Eve Lom and Trilogy. I use them when I wear a full face of makeup, foundation etc etc which isn’t too often. Most days it’s sunscreen/BB and a bit of bronzer so I don’t feel the nice for the balm. Would love to try the Luna oil xx

    • Oh Kathryn how amazing is Sunday Riley? I just love their products – I am a total convert! Good Genes is my ultimate favourite – it fills lines to perfection, but Luna is also incredible. It’s a really fabulous way of adding retinol to your beauty arsenal. I used Eve Lom (love the muslin cloth) for a couple of years in the UK. This cleanser from SR is blue and feels deliciously decadent on the skin. xx

  • I like the sounds of these – I may have to try the Power Couple and Priceline product is so well priced if it doesn’t work I’m ok with only spend $20+ to try. My beauty routine is horrible I can’t lie and my dreaded confession is that I quite often don’t clean off my makeup at night ?(Pls don’t judge me too harshly)

    • I know you don’t do skincare BUT this new combo from Sunday Riley is honestly incredible. PLEASE treat yourself. I promise you will see results. The Hylamide range is also fabulous for the price point. I have recommended both brands to friends who are loving the results.
      No judging on the night routine – its hard when you’re tired BUT I promise, just be applying the right products at night (especially over winter) you will see great results on your already fabulous skin. xxx