Ankle Update: Back to Work

What a roller coaster the past 5.5 weeks have been with my ankle.

Yes it’s nearly 6 weeks already!

Looking back, facing that 6 weeks prognosis, felt like a 6 months stretch in front of my eyes.

I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was in pain, stuck with crutches and feeling super sorry for myself.

In reality it’s not been too bad – I was determined not to just ‘give in’ by indulging in a 6 week solo pity party either, instead I immediately set myself some goals.

First goal: To be out of the boot by 4 weeks, instead of the initial predicted 6 weeks. Tick.

Knowledge is power: I started reading everything I could find about recovering from Avulsion Fractures of the Talus.

I ordered a lightweight ankle brace to sleep in (the moon boot was too heavy and was keeping me awake) – plus I’m a firm believer that the body heels while you are sleeping.

I also believe strongly in mind over matter.

In our family we call it a high pain threshold – a trait my dear Dad Albert has passed down to me – I’m not sure if this has been a good thing for either of us though; because we both have the ability to block pain (both physical and emotional) and pretend nothing is wrong.

Medically my Dad has gone through some horrific procedures (often without anaesthetic – which he would not survive) and never once winced or complained. He is as strong as an Ox and super determined.

Even now at 85 he is terminally ill but defying the Doctors every single day.

So if I’m in pain, I try really hard not to panic, instead I focus on regaining my composure.

It gives you the ability to take a breath, count to 10 and push through and not fall into a crumpled heap. I guess this, compounded by the fact that I’m not a good crier (I am however super emotional and cry at a good chick flick – or anyone else’s pain – just not my own) is how I managed to completely ignore my fractured ankle and carry on to lunch with Karen (Style Loving 2) and her hubby Rob on the day I did the damage.

Ankle Update: Back to Work

Yesterday I headed to Brisbane for my second visit with Steph at All Podiatry (better known to most of you gals as the sister company at FRANKiE4 HQ).

It was imperative that I had the BEST aftercare for my injury – let’s just say I have not been disappointed.

From the moment I booked my first appointment, I just knew I was in safe hands.

Steph has worked out a plan to get me back in my heels. I can now see them in my future, which puts a huge smile on my dial. Until then though, I can only wear heels while taking my pics – NO WALKING IN HEELS ALLOWED (this shouting is more for my benefit than yours 😉 )

The good news is the fracture of my talus bone has closed – super delighted about this.

I still have damage to the surrounding tendons, ligaments and muscle – this is the next stage to full recovery.

If you have any concerns about your feet, ankles, knees or suffer from back and hip issues and live within driving distance of Brisbane – please check out All Podiatry…they even treat fungal nail with a snazzy laser thingy (one treatment and BAM it disappears).

Second Goal: Back to work within 6 weeks.

On Sunday I will do my first shift back at Mimco – I’m a little bit nervous, but I want some form of normality back in my life.

In order to make this happen there are some rules I need to abide by:

I wear boots (no higher than 50mm) fitted with orthotics.

I wear compression socks to help with the inevitable swelling, standing on my feet will cause.

I wear strapping tape.

I do my exercises on a daily basis.

Most importantly, I listen to my body from now on – this is the biggest problem for me.

Ankle Update: Back to Work

Khaki Blazer $189.00 Bohemian Traders | CIAO Tee $59.95 Seed Heritage

What I wore:

My FRANKiE4 NAT kicks have got a huge workout since I’ve been able to wear two shoes again.

Styling them differently everyday felt like a big challenge for heel obsessed me though. But I’ve quickly adjusted, styling them is easy peasy – basically they work with everything – thank goodness for sports luxe!

Ankle Update: Back to Work

NAT Kicks in White Leather $229.95 FRANKiE4 | Mid Rise Crop Flares $149.00 Bohemian Traders | Khaki Blazer $189.00 Bohemian Traders | CIAO Tee $59.95 Seed Heritage

Ankle Update: Back to Work

Mid Rise Crop Flares* $149.00 Bohemian Traders | NAT Kicks in White Leather* $229.95 FRANKiE4 | Khaki Blazer* $189.00 Bohemian Traders | CIAO Tee* $59.95 Seed Heritage

Ankle Update: Back to Work


Note: Please don’t think I am comparing somebody else’s recovery time to mine – every injury is completely different. Some injuries may need 12 weeks in a moon boot or plaster cast (even longer) – I simply focused on pushing my boundaries to save my sanity – because I am the worst patient EVER –  blame Albert!


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  • merilyn

    you look great bev!
    i’m glad you are mending nicely hun!
    don’t over do it!;))X
    I know! … once a mother!!!

    • Thanks so much gorgeous M xx
      I have been a good girl and listened to my body – I’m also super delighted that I’m in the excellent care of the superb FRANKiE4 HQ team – boy are they fabulous.
      I promise not to over do it either 😉 😉 xxx

  • Philomena

    You are doing so well Bev, I fractured my talus bone 5 years ago (have no idea how, when I googled it, it said it was normally a runners condition and I aint no runner ?) I was in that very ugly boot for 3 months ?, on crutches for two of those months, not allowed to put my foot on the ground and then 4 weeks just in the boot….it was a living nightmare!!!! Make sure you do your exercises. The best exercise I found was to roll a small ball on the ground with your foot. (Which I still do if I find my foot getting a little tight) You will get back into your heels again ? . Good luck on Sunday

    • Thanks so much Philomena, I’m really looking forward to getting back into my routine xx
      I was given conflicting advice when I first did the damage concerning whether or not I could weight bear. In the end I went with my gut feeling – it seems to have worked as the fracture has healed nicely. So often, listening to our bodies is the correct thing to do. I’m also delighted that I purchased a brace for sleeping in – when you sleep well, you heal well. So I’m guessing this helped my recovery.
      Honestly don’t know how I would cope with the boots for 3 months – 4 weeks made me cranky enough!!!
      Thanks for the exercise advice I will definitely give it a go xx

  • Good luck on Sunday, Bev! Glad your feet are in good hands!!

    • Thanks Nikki! I know you already appreciate just how fabulous the All Podiatry team are – boy do they know their stuff! xx

  • Petra

    Very pleased you have recovered so well, and so quickly. Blocking physical and emotional “pain” is a skill I wish I could have, unfortunately, I am the opposite; I cry and get emotional over anything and everything haha! I wish you a great week ahead at Mimco.

    • Thanks so much Petra, I’m super chuffed that I’m finally on the mend – thank goodness for excellent aftercare too. Feeling very hopeful that I’ll make a full recovery.
      Where emotions are concerned, I really wish I didn’t try to hide mine. I’d rather be like you and cry. I think crying is really healthy…although ‘blocking’ is rather handy where physical pain is concerned 😉 xxx