The Ankle/Moon Boot Update

Avulsion fracture of the Talus (ankle) bone – which happened when the ligament attached to the Talus bone snapped, causing the fracture.

Lovelies let me just tell you – I am still in SHOCK.

Honestly – how can I have a fractured ankle? Me? The person that continually ‘ploughs’ through life in heels – no matter what.

I’m the frustrating wife/mumma/friend that says ‘I’m fine’ continually and LOATHES admitting when there is something wrong with me. Instead, I circumvent the issue – YES, even when I’m in excruciating pain (more about that later).

So how did this bloody nightmare happen? (Look, I know it could have been worse, I appreciate I’m still a lucky duck and all that BUT, this has rattled my cage big time).


Jonny and I planned a double lunch date a week ago last Saturday with the gorgeous Karen Style Loving 2 and her lovely hubby Rob – Jonny and I have met Rob before, we both liked him instantly, he is honestly a gem of a man…we have since found out he also possesses Jonny’s love of a good single malt 😉 #scotchbuddies

On the morning, I got ready early to rush around like a loony shooting pics for the coming weeks 2 blog post features (thank goodness I did).

One was for Kennedys Boutique and the other the Unstoppable Woman campaign for Ziera shoes – speaking of which, have you nominated the mother/sister/girlfriend/colleague in your life that blows you away yet? Click the link below. She could win $2500 plus a few pairs of Ziera shoes.

You can do it here: Unstoppable Women

After the shoot, I decided to wear the final outfit to go out for lunch – I honestly loved the combination that much, I didn’t want to take it off.

You know those days when you simply adore what you’re wearing, and feel fabulous?

This was that day.

We arrived at the restaurant spot-on time, but couldn’t find a park. I then noticed one tucked (tightly) in a corner, my exact words to Jonny was ‘pug it in there’.

That space was the soul sole (hee hee, see what I did there 😉 ) reason I fell over.

Getting out of the car was quite tight, the pavement was also curved, so really hard to walk on – you kind of had to shuffle. The next thing I know, my left ankle rolled outwards, which snapped the ligament away from the bone – OUCH was an understatement.

All Jonny heard was my right knee hitting the floor with an almighty slap. My right knee AKA known as my ‘bad’ knee. I had surgery 15 years or so ago which wasn’t at all successful. I felt the instant sting from a nasty graze on my knee and prayed to the knee gods that it would be ok.

However, within seconds the pain in my left ankle quickly took over.

But in typical Bev fashion I said to Jonny (as I unceremoniously peeled myself off the floor) ‘give me a second babe, I’m sure I’ll be fine’.

My left leg felt like I was walking on jelly – but I ignored it.

Jonny said later that night that he couldn’t understand how I manage to find the floor in such a small tight space. I could have easily broken my fall by landing in the flower bed, or even if I had grabbed the car – instead I decided to wedge myself in the tightest space on earth.

Looking back, I’m guessing it would be at this moment that most normal people would give into the pain and realise they had done some serious damage.

BUT NOT ME – I am so annoying.

My Dad Albert, seems to have passed on some strange things to me. One of them is a ridiculously high pain threshold.

Not so fun-factAlbert also broke his left ankle (his was much worse than mine though). He also thought it was a good idea to walk on it and not head straight to hospital. I literally had to force him to go to A & E the day after he had fallen over (sounds like Jonny with me).  He refused a wheelchair, told everyone he was ‘fine and dandy’ and that he had only agreed to go to the hospital, because I was so bossy”! When the old devil walked into the hospital, he galloped so quick, I had to run to catch him – not even joking!

His ankle now has pins and a plate holding it together – the hospital staff said they had never witnessed anything like his pain threshold.

So in true Albert style instead of collapsing into a sobbing heap on the floor, I brushed myself off, checked I hadn’t ripped my new favourite Bohemian Traders blouse and said ‘ok, let’s go’ to Jonny and walked into the restaurant, as if nothing was wrong.

The Ankle/Moon Boot Update

Black Feather Print Kimono* (available in three lengths) $129.00 Iland & Co | Black Skinny Jeans* $29.95 Harris Scarfe | Request Ankle Boot* $49.95 (new release) Spendless Shoes | Necklace: Freshwater Pearl with Black Cross*$175.50 Sebastianella | Everyday Cocktail Ring Larimar*$195.00

Just if you hadn’t noticed, Kimonos are my new stylish friend – they are perfect for those days when you have nothing to wear (or you are trying to disguise an ugly moon boot). Lightweight statement pieces that work over dress, skirts and pants for a hit of pure fabulousness. All Iland & Co Kimonos come in three lengths too!

When Karen and Rob arrived, I half mentioned I had fallen over to Karen and then proceeded to show her my fabulous shiny shoes!

For the next four and a bit hours, I pretended my now (extremely swollen) giant-sized foot wasn’t trying to break out of my shoe and it wasn’t throbbing like crazy woodpecker vibrating a tree 😉

Although, when I stood up to go to the bathroom, I sort of realised something was badly wrong – but still didn’t say anything to anyone – we were all having such a wonderful afternoon, I didn’t want to spoil it.

I know, I hear you. Totally ridiculous.

But it’s the truth.

So the moral of the story is: DON’T be like me.

Give into the pain – it happens for a reason.

Otherwise you’ll end up with a very unattractive moon boot FOR 6 WEEKS or worse pins and a plate like ALBERT!

Psssst as you can see in the slide show, I don’t intend to let this boot stop me and Jonny is still being the fool photographer!


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  • If anyone can make a moon boot look amazing, it’s you. And I ADORE that white kimono! All the heart eyes x

    • Naaaaw thanks beautiful girl – kimonos are one of my favourite things to wear at the moment – it must be because they hide so many sins! xxx

  • Let’s just hope that the next 6 moon boot wearing weeks flies by and it all becomes a distant nightmare. It was such A great lunch – company and food fabulous, such a shame it had to start and end with pain

    • Thanks goodness the middle few hours at the restaurant were utterly fabulous – I still smile when I think of how much fun the boys had!
      My mission is to get back into my heels asap – cannot believe just how much I’m missing them! Oh and BURN the boot 😉 😉 Mwah xx

  • Dianne Childs

    I’ve never had to wear a moon boot fortunately, but I wish you a speedy recovery! You are still rockin’ that look even with the moon boot! 🙂

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • The are super heavy and very ugly Di – I don’t recommend them at all!
      Thanks so much xx

  • Suzie

    Saw the pics on your insta story! Looks very painful indeed. Look after yourself, Bev. ??

    • My ankle is still a real mess Suzie, I’m resting it heaps though…I intend to get back in my heels ASAP!
      Thanks for the love beautiful xx

  • merilyn

    aww bev sorry to hear that! … not fair! even before having a drink I suppose too!
    you are a brave tyke hun! … obviously taking after your dad!
    I once went to a friend’s birthday and decided to get up to do some African inspired dancing! because I did belly dancing at the time!
    but it was a cold day and hadn’t warmed up and was showing off!!!
    and snap went my knee! not funny! … my ego was the only thing that allowed me to walk!
    also on the way home I got a speeding ticket! … hellooo! not happy jan!
    I had a torn ligament and couldn’t go back to belly dancing!
    yes I can feel for you!
    hope it mends quickly and look after yourself and rest up lovely!
    much love m:)X

    • Do you know M, I still can’t believe I hadn’t even had a glass of wine – who even rolls their ankle when they are stone cold sober – ME!
      Your African dance story has made me giggle though (in a very nice way, with you, not at you). The fact that your ego pulled you through, sounds just like me!
      Ligaments are nasty things to mess with – they also take some healing!
      Thanks for the love beautiful xxx

  • Oh Bev you silly billy, at least it wasn’t any worse. Look after yourself and rest that ankle!

    • I know darling, I am grateful for small mercies – I would however like the fracture to heel pretty darn fast so I can ditch the ugly moony! xx

  • Mary Bath

    Morning Bev……… sorry to hear about your ankle but you would never guess from your photos that you are in any pain at all! The kimono looks fabulous and I love your hair up.
    Plenty of rest and do what the doctor says!!
    Lots of love xx

    • Hey Gorgeous, just checked the forecast and it looks like the weather is starting to pick up in your neck of the woods – at last eh? So pleased for you!
      Still shocked at what I’ve done to be honest. It was just a simply rolled ankle that I thought was a sprain – so you’re right I NEED to start doing as I’m told and rest…so I can at least put on my heels back on.
      A maxi kimono would look amazing on you over a pair of white jeans and a vest top – I’m sure that figure of yours is still incredible! Big hugs xxx

  • Kathryn

    You poor buggar! Well putting a positive spin on it, only you could make a moon boot look stylish! Take care xx

    • Thanks darling, honestly I’m still so shocked…I’m up for the challenge though to attempt to stay stylish though! xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You’re very lucky you inherited that pain threshold Bev and I’m sure your poor leg will heal if you keep off it babe,do what your supposed to do and hopefully it il be as good as new….crossing fingers for you!
    I’ll tell you a funny well not so funny story I snapped my cruiate ligament in my bad leg walking up the hall in my house I don’t know how but I managed to do it,so much pain and they would do nothing about it because I was booked in for my knee replacement! I now have an irrational fear of ugg boots as that’s what I was wearing.You look beautiful in your kimono Bev when it gets cooler I’ll be wearing mine,it’s 1000% humidity ATM and such awful weather,take care my friend Xx

    • Lisa thank you so much – I think it might be safer if I had a lower pain threshold in all honesty – I drive everyone crazy saying ‘I’ll be fine, let’s keep going’ all the time.
      Your pain threshold sounds pretty darn high to me too though – it’s so weird how we can do so much damage doing the simplest of things…like walking in UGG boots down the hall – how does it even happen eh?
      I agree on the weather treasure, the humidity stinks – I feel like a wet sweat ball constantly! xxx Mwah

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    Wow you definitely sound like you’ve inherited your Dad’s pain threshold!

    I love that kimono on you!

    I had to laugh at Jonny’s one boot photo of you! He’s managed to photograph you so well in every photo with the moon boot hardly visible at all!


    • Ingrid he is a total gem of a lensman – he also sarcastic at just the right moment to capture the best pics.
      I think this kimono would look fabulous on you by the way! 😉 xx

  • Laura

    Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope it heels quickly! I love that beautiful kimono on you!

    • Thank you so much Laura. It’s a bit of a nuisance, but the kimono definitely put a smile on my face! xx