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Autumn: the time of the year us Queenslanders’ yearn for, especially after a hot and sticky summer…although, if the long-range weather forecast is anything to go by, the hot temps intend to hang around for a while yet!

Of course, wall to wall sunshine and blazing temperatures in Autumn was not a problem I ever had to deal with, while living in England – quite the contrary actually.

Instead, I would long for a few warm days in a row to frantically wear everything I had over purchased for summer/early autumn. I can even remember a couple of years when Beckie was younger, where summer was a complete washout. Shivering was the norm and wearing lightweight frocks was something I dreamed of, while huddled close to radiator, with the central heating on full pelt.

Living in sunny QLD is like doing a complete 360° – I adore the blue skies. I adore living in a State where the weather shows a great deal of consistency. Although, I must admit to occasionally pining for the opportunity to wear a winter coat. You should see how many I still own – even I’ll admit, its ridiculous. Jonny’s answer to this dilemma is of course ‘let’s go skiing!’.

Talking of the change of seasons – where is this year is going by the way? How can it already be the middle of March ? It only feels like yesterday when I was talking all thing A/W 16 fashion.

Yes autumn; it’s the time when my jean-robe gets a humongous workout –  I can pull on my skinnies without fear of them sticking to me like a neoprene wet-suit.

During A/W I regularly reach for my jeans and drop crotch pants, they are my go-to especially if I have a few statement tops that are begging to be worn.

The two gorgeous pieces that I’m showcasing today, will have you covered for any type of event – both are from the new A/W 17 collection at Kennedys boutique.

Kennedys Boutique - Walk on the Wild

Kennedys boutique was founded in 1971. In 2009 Jacquie Sinclair (Adelaide fashion buyer) bought the brand and the expansion began.

There are now 3 bricks and mortar stores in NSW: Gorden | Forestville | Oatley plus the online boutique.

Kennedys are an Australian fashion label. I love the ethos behind the brand  – its main focus is ‘promoting confidence – no matter what body shape’.

Add to this ‘affordable, comfortable and stylish’.

Honestly, this is simply music to my ears – they also offer a great size range: 8-22

As well a stocking their own ‘Kennedys’ label the boutiques also offer collections from many local brands, both here in Australia and New Zealand.

Kennedys Boutique - Walk on the Wild

Like most of the female population, depending on what is happening in my life, my weight can sometimes change (I’m still blaming my hormones, plus the excess of Christmas that is refusing to leave my butt and thighs). So part of my wardrobe needs to consist of super stylish pieces that don’t cling to the body parts I would prefer to hide/disguise.

BUT I still want these pieces to look and feel fabulous.

Floaty tops and shirts are the ‘go’ for me, I tend to gravitate to pieces that can be worn a couple of ways too – either loose, half-tucked or tied at the waist. This zebra shirt could also be worn as a beach cover-up.

Yes lovelies, today I’m in animal print heaven…it’s the perfect print for making a statement without too much effort.

Style Tips:

  • Oversized tops work better, balanced with streamline.
  • Skinnies paired back with volume are a dream-team combo.
  • Don’t dismiss drop crotch pants; as long as you half-tuck at the waist to add definition these will work beautifully. Remember, mid-calf length droppies work the best by showing some flesh over your calf area.
  • Consider leopard a neutral – pair back with denim, black, white and camel.
  • Zebra is monochrome perfection, most striking worn with white or black, if you’re adventurous, try bolder colours.
  • Coated denim/ponte pants take animal print to another level – think rock-chic-sophistication!

Sleeve details:

Sleeves are so underrated. For me they are essential for adding drama to an outfit.

I’ve always found sleeves to be super feminine and lady-like. Another plus side to a sleeve is the confidence factor (especially where the top of arm is concerned). I truly understand why this can be such a troublesome area for lots of women (of all ages).

The split sleeve shirt zebra print shirt in 100% rayon covers all the bases.

It offers a cheeky flash of skin – no wonder this shirt is a Kennedys best seller.

Kennedys Boutique - Walk on the Wild Side

Split Sleeve Shirt Zebra Print $139.00 Kennedys Boutique

Flutter sleeves have always been a huge favourite of mine too – pair this style detail with the leopard and you have a cracking combination.

!00% rayon with cute neck detail, which can also be buttoned up. I prefer to show some flesh at the neck to balance out my full bust – but this top could work for all shapes due to its flexible design.

Kennedys Boutique - Walk on the Wild Side

Flutter Shirt Animal Print $109.00 Kennedys Boutique

Online shopping is by far my favourite way to shop – who wants the hassle of fighting for a car park at midday on a Saturday?

Instead I prefer to armchair shop (great exercise for the fingers too 😉 )…feet up, glass of chilled Prosecco by my side –  NOTHING BETTER!

Especially when the deliveries arrive.

So as a treat to all of my followers/readers, the lovely team at Kennedys are offering 15% off your online shop – just quote irismay15% at checkout!

Happy shopping my friends xx




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  • Monochrome + Animal Print = match made in heaven x