Valentines Day Style

Have you got anything special planned for Valentines Day this year lovelies?

We haven’t…well we have, but we’re just not doing it on Valentines Day.

Jonny is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan – I, however, am not.

So to show Jonny how much I adore him, I have agreed to go to the concert in Brisbane next week – it’s our Valentines present to each other.

No big deal Bev I hear you say; well it kind of is, because I’ve never ever listened to his music (the only track I know is Born in the USA – and I’m guessing he won’t do that on repeat). Plus there’s nothing worse than being at a concert when you’re the only one not singing your heart out and dancing like no one is watching.

I keep joking with Jonny that I’m taking a good book with me – he is not amused 😉

Now, I must admit that EVERYONE I know that’s ever been to see Bruce (past and present), tell me he is simply fabulous on stage.

I’m secretly expecting to be wowed.

Even though Valentines day is traditionally filled with proposals, engagements and weddings (show me a fancy proposal on You Tube and I’ll blart like a baby) I also believe it’s also about showing the people who matter most in your life, just how much they mean to you.

How much YOU love them.

Children, family or friends –  it can be anyone, not just your significant other.

That’s what Valentines day means to me – it’s the day of showing love to everyone important in my life.

I’m all for having a specific day set aside just to show LOVE – because sometimes we forget to tell people how much we care. But just not that fussed about celebrating it the traditional way – hence the concert tickets.

Although red truly is the colour of love, it’s never been one of my favourite colours, plus for some weird reason (not sure why) I have a tiny dislike for red roses too – I know I’m a weirdo. I do love seeing red on other people though, it’s just not for me.

Yes, I’m happy to be smothered with champagne and chocolates (ahem…not literally 😉 ) – but please hold back on the red roses…

Although, don’t let red rose thing put you off giving me flowers. I’m quite partial to a bunch of peonies (when they’re in season of course), a bunch of tulips or a few white lily stems. If you insist on red flowers (just so you know) my favourites are amaryllis (I think they are also seasonal) BUT I would honestly prefer that you didn’t pay the inflated prices for them on February 14th instead, I’m fine with waiting until the 15th! 😉

So as red is not my colour of choice, I shocked myself big time when I saw this dress on the White Haven Emporium website – first thing that came to mind was ‘what a great Valentines Day dress’.

Valentines Day Style

OTS Midi Dress in Red Botanica $59.95 (wearing M/L) White Haven Emporium| Hylia Heels $49.99 Spendless Shoes | Aphrodite Earings* $24.95 Ruby and Lilli |

Anything OTS always grabs my attention, but lately I been hunting down OTS dresses offering a wee bit of extra length.

I’m tall (and obsessed by wearing heels) so midi length is the perfect solution to avoid showing too much leg and making me feel self-conscious.

If in doubt, I always air on the side of caution – my legs are not my best feature, so if a dress falls above my knee I prefer to either wear it over denim or with a slide/sneaker.

The fabric is 100% rayon with a drawstring at the waist with pretty fluted sleeves, making this ultra feminine dress more conservative than its shorter sisters, but still super wearable almost anywhere. This dress would work for lunch or dinner by simply mixing up/changing your accessories.

I mentioned on Instagram the other day that belts are not always my friend – the same with drawstrings. For my shape a ‘blouson’ effect works best as it allows the dress to skim and not cling. The softness of the fabric is also a winner when it comes to movement and flow.

There is something so striking about OTS dresses. They make you feel feminine and stylish with only a smidgen of effort required.

Take a look at those sleeves.

I’ve been taken by fancy-schmancy sleeves for as long as I was knee-high to a grass-hopper, the stunning border detail on both the sleeves and hemlines offer a fabulous illusion on the eye too – everything looks in proportion.

Valentines Day Style

But what if you don’t want to wear red?

I like options, so I’m guessing you do too!

Say hello the fabulous new wrap dress from Miss Lilly

Do you remember when I wore this Kimocape in White Lotus? Well that is also from the Miss Lilly range.

Valentines Day Style

Endangered Species Wrap Dress* $85.00 (Wearing M) Miss Lilly| EMMA Heel in Nude* $220.00 FRANKiE4 Footwear

How stunning is this print though?

I adore a delicate neutral.

When I find a dress that ticks all the boxes for my style personality – I often let out an internal squeal.

I can already tell this one will be in my wardrobe for years to come (I NEED would like one of everything on the Miss Lilly website please and thank you – so much to love)

It’s no secret that I have ample boobage  – this fact alone makes wrap dresses my bestie.

Wrap dresses work fabulously on lots of body shapes too – they are not just reserved for flattering curves, they also the possess the right amount of illusional trickery with regards to sweeping and skimming in all the right places.

Personally, I’m a lover of the self-tie wrap dress and not the faux-wrap.

I find the ‘faux’ variety never leaves enough room for my boobs – (as a rule of thumb, the faux wrap often works better on smaller busts or a more athletic build)

With the self-tie you can adjust exactly where the dress sits over your assets for maximum impact.

Again just like the OTS dress above, this one is also 100% rayon.

Valentines Day Style


How do you celebrate Valentines? Have you got plans this year?

Is red your colour?


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!


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  • I LOVE that red dress Bev. It’s stunning on you. What did you get for Valentine’s Day? My Jacob has his Birthday on Valentine’s Day, so we still celebrate it, but his Birthday overshadows it, as it should. 🙂

    • This dress would suit you so much Bec – red looks fabulous on brunettes!
      Jonny and I gave each other the tickets for Bruce Springsteen for VD (not very traditional) oh and he went to buy my favourite champagne on the way home from work and it had all sold out – so he came home with a bottle of Hendricks Gin (which is my favourite).
      You and Jacob are such a wonderful couple together – your loves shoes in every pic I see of you both. xxx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Love the dresses Bev both beautiful! One question .. does the Miss Lilly dress have any stretch? I saw Bruce Springsteen on Tuesday night in Sydney … I’m a fan as is hubby and friends we went with & we have an amazing night … he is so dynamic on stage you won’t be disappointed & his voice is off the chart!! Ok I’ll stop raving !! Valentine’s Day always a double header for us as our first born came into the world on 15/2/2000 xx

    • Thanks darling. No stretch on the wrap dress. I’m wearing the medium and it fits a treat.
      You may have got me a little bit excited about seeing Bruce next week now – I will of course report back!
      Valentines is a very exciting time for you, I bet there is so much love floating around in your house xxx

  • Oh both are Fabulous Bev, I really like the OTS trend (do t think I’ve got enough hehe) but can’t go wrong with a wrap dress!

    • Thanks so much! You simply can’t go wrong with OTS or wrap dresses – both are super feminine and so complimentary! xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look amazing in both dresses Bev.You and Jonny sound like me and Wayne he likes daggy music I must admit he listen to the most horrible radio stations and he has new Bose headphones thank goodness so he can listen to his horrible music without me hearing it! I’m horrible I know but I agree about Bruce Springsteen you will either have a wonderful time or be bored,hopefully you enjoy the concert.We don’t really do Valentine’s Day but I might buy a card but I won’t get flowers he really doesn’t believe in them but that’s ok I usually buy my own.Much love Bev Xx

    • Thank you so much Lisa – I do love both dresses!
      When Jonny said Bruce was coming to Brisbane, I flippantly said ‘are you getting tickets’ – then when he said it was close to VD I thought we should go…as Jonny had been a fan for so long. I’m praying the atmosphere of the crowd will pull me through – although, he is meant to be incredible, so I may just have to eat my words!
      Buy yourself a big bunch of your favourite flowers (just don’t pay the inflated VD price).
      Big hugs my friend xxx

  • Mary Bath

    Morning Bev……..I think the red colour looks “WOW’ on you but also love the neutral dress. Nope Brucie doesn’t do it for me either but I’m sure you will have a fantastic time. My hubby becoming less romantic as the years go by but still wouldn’t swop him :). Have a great time Bev xx

    • Hey Gorgeous! Like you, I love both of the dresses but for different reasons- the red feeds my OTS obsession and the wrap dress is super flattering on my curves!
      I will of course report back of how the Bruce concert goes – everyone tells me he is incredible, so fingers crossed I won’t be bored rigid!
      Big love, mwah xxx

  • Kathryn

    Bruce. OMG love the man. And I still think he is as sexy as he was back in the 80s. We are going to see James Taylor at Sirromet Vineyard for our Valentines Day. Paul isn’t big on romantic gestures, so I was surprised when he bought the tickets. We usually don’t bother, I am happy if he takes my car to the carwash and gives it good clean inside too. I’m not keen on red, Mum used to dress me in a lot when I was little, these days I steer clear of it. I really like the red on you though, it’s funny how we see colours on ourselves. I’m not keen on red roses either, I always feel like it’s a no brainer, just order the obligatory bunch of valentines roses and she’s apples lol. I like the thought that goes into a bunch that the person would love, far more romantic. I love white flowers, any type will do 🙂 Would be super happy with a bottle of bubbles too! Enjoy the BOSS! x

    • Kathryn I read your comment about Bruce out to Jonny – he loved it! I’m secretly expecting to be wowed as the reviews and feedback from friends is always incredible. Jonny told me he Bruce was crowd surfing at the Sydney concert – and our tickets are standing centre stage, so I might even be able to give his butt a squeeze for you! 😉
      I’m with you on flowers, I much prefer flowers to be chosen with me in mind rather than the generic red rose for VD. I hope you get your car washed and find a bottle of bubbles for you both to share on the front seat! Enjoy Sirromet too! Mwah xx

  • Petra

    Yeah, I’m not really into red roses either – perhaps only if they’re paired with LOADS of green foliage! I suit a blue-red but I don’t wear it as much as I used to – I only like plain block colours not patterns, so it’s hard to find a plain red top or skirt. And I’m seriously not into Bruce Springsteen either – you are very brave to go along to his concert – all in the name of love! I read on a blog recently about celebrating V Day with your kids and I think that idea is fabulous and something I’m going to do to surprise my 15 year old son with next week! Happy V Day Bev xo

    • Red is such a difficult colour to wear for lots of people Petra, you’re so right when you mention the tone of red too – this is super important. I’m the opposite to you though, I struggle to wear plain red. Patterns make the red more subtle for me. I can’t wear red close to my face either, which is why the OTS worked to well.
      Jonny thinks I’m the BEST for agreeing to go and see Bruce – all in the name of love ;)Although, the reviews have been incredible, so I’m hoping I will do a 360 and rave about the concert – even though I have no idea what I’ll be listening too!
      I love that you are doing a surprise for your son – love is to be shared with everyone. Mwah xx

  • That red dress had me at Hello – I stick my hand up as a total red lover, love it in all it shades and hues. Thankfully red also loves me, so we are made for each other. But then you hit me with the wrap dress and as a fellow ample boobage gal – they are a gals best friend as they divide, separate and make the boobs look fabulous.
    We are not be Valentines Day people – but will probably just celebrate with home cooked (by Rob of course) and maybe a glass of bubbly

    • This dress definitely has your name all over it! Red absolutely LOVES you to pieces Karen. I can pull this one off because its not close to my face, otherwise I’m sure I would resemble a tomato with a blonde wig on!
      The wrap dress is SENSATIONAL – I may already have a second one 😉 The fit, length and sleeves are simply perfect. Super feminine and stylish – and it skims over the bits I try to avoid showing!
      You Valentines evening sounds pretty much like ours…only I will cook! Good job I love Jonny xxx

      • I’m sorry but I just had to reply – the tomato ? with the blonde wig comment may have made me spray my drink all across my dress. Thank you for my hump day giggle

  • Gorgeous dresses for Valentines Day Bev. Hope you’re having a great week xx

    • Thank you so much gorgeous Abbey. I love dresses that look like you have made a huge effort, when in fact you have made non!
      Sending a big hug xxx