Controversial Drop Crotch Pants

Hello my name is Bev, I’m 53 and ADORE drop crotch pants.

And guess what? I don’t even bat an eyelid if I receive a negative comment when I’m wearing them.

Nope. It just doesn’t bother me.

Why?  Because I feel good in them. They offer an edgy look that I love, plus they are super comfortable!

Although, I do still get shocked at how cutting some women can be to each other over clothing choices – my attitude is simply: If an outfit isn’t your cup of tea, scroll on by. Don’t go out of your way to be unkind by leaving a derogatory comment.

Or indeed, please don’t join the pack – the pack instinct is tantamount to bullying. That’s not saying you have to be false by pretending to like every single item of clothing someone posts, on the contrary;  just choose your words with kindness in mind.

I never bothered to mention this when it happened to me (except to a few close friends and family) but I experienced the ‘pack instinct’ a few months ago on social media (not over drop crotch pants I might add ;)) –  it was however a truly awful and totally unexpected incident. Someone wrote and shared a post about me (in a really underhand way, to cause a reaction – it felt very calculated). I’m guessing the person did it to make a splash with the ‘right’ people. One thing is for sure,  I would never write a post about another person without their consent, unless of course, I shared one of THEIR posts to simply endorse their awesomeness.

The whole debacle left me with a very sour taste in my mouth. I considered giving up this blog, and my social channels. I was honestly gobsmacked. I experienced the full gauntlet of emotions. The positive thing that came out of this horrendous experience for me though, was realising how lucky I am (yes, sometimes we forget). I’m loved and supported by wonderful kind people.

Beckie’s reaction was the best though, it was one of pure protection, she was furious – it melted my heart… I’ve also vowed to be more careful with who I surround myself with from now on, only good people are welcome in my world.

Anyway, semi RANT over, back to it…

Controversial Drop Crotch Pants

Dark Wash Drop Crotch Jean* (wearing 30″) $149.00 Bohemian Traders | White shirt Oldie from Country Road | Booties Oldies from Mimco (you could still try DFO) | Hat from the men’s dept at Kmart | Chanel neckerchief from the arc

For some strange reason, the words Drop Crotch Pants are often the topic of many a conversation starter.

Drop Crotch seem to be surrounded either by sheer love or complete hate.

For the record, this post is not trying to convert anyone who loathes the look of DC pants; on the contrary, it’s for the ladies that are either happily ensconced in camp ‘DC love’ or indeed still sitting on the boundary fence. My aim is to hopefully help answer any questions you might have regarding shape, size and fit of the new release drop crotch pants from the  Bohemian Traders Premium Denim Collection.

Collaborating with brands means I get to share with you treasures that have just been released and are currently floating my style boat.

The upside of seeing new release pieces on me (and my far from perfect pear-shaped bod – yep Christmas is still very much clinging to my tummy, butt and thighs AND its refusing to budge!) is the comparison feature.

Gone are my modelling days (yes, in my late teens I was signed with a modelling agency in England) instead these days, my curves hopefully offer you an alternative view.

roversial Drop Crotch Pants

Dark Wash Drop Crotch Jean* (wearing 30″) $149.00 Bohemian Traders | Wrap Blouse Oldie from Witchery | Rapture Heels* $59.99 Spendless Shoes |

Firstly and most importantly, drop crotch pants don’t come with an AGE label!!!!

Anyone can wear them – you just have to wear them with confidence.

Please don’t let age be the factor that holds you back.

DC pants come in many forms, I prefer my ‘drop’ not to be down by my knees – that is just too extreme; even for me.

But a softer ‘drop’ works a treat by offering an edgy alternative to skinny/BF jeans.

As you all already know I’m a true #fangirl of the Bohemian Traders brand – so my excitement was at fever pitch when it came to test driving the new droppies – as you know, I have lived in my others.

If you already own the original DC from BT – the look and feel of these is completely different.

The fit on the waist is just like wearing jeans, they have a zip and button fastening – the drawstring waist is exclusive to the canvas droppies only.


The new 9oz denim is rigid with no stretch. It feels heavier in weight  – just like jeans used to feel before stretch was added.


In my original drop crotch pants from BT I wear a Small – I carry most of my weight below the waist, so where possible I prefer a slimmer profile over my butt. The drawstring and the 3% stretch on the original droppies makes this possible – I can however assure you, there is no way I would normally fit my butt and thighs in a size ‘small’.

For the denim drop crotch I tried the size 32″ first (as this is the size I take in my BT skinnies). They were too big on my waist (I could actually take them off without undoing the button and zip fastening – such a great feeling ;)) so I exchanged for a 30″ which is what I’m wearing in all the images.


Mid rise through the waist.

My butt is of the sticky outie variety which means they fit snuggly over my waist and bottom, similar to how I look in my boyfriend jeans.

I have chunky calves, which means without the added stretch, they are a little tight over the calf for me, especially when I first put them on although they did relax after about an hour. I’m guessing they will sit perfectly for most people though.


Slightly longer than the original droppies.

Controversial Drop Crotch Pants

Dark Wash Drop Crotch Jean* (wearing 30″) $149.00 Bohemian Traders  | Cami oldie from Bohemian Traders | Linen Jacket Witchery (you might still find on the sale rail) Ankle boots Mimco (last year).

I’ve receive lots of emails from ladies asking for inspiration and ideas when it comes to drop crotch pants. So instead of wearing all new pieces, I’ve shopped my wardrobe and put together three different looks that could take you from day to-night.



Heels (shoes or ankle boots) are the confidence key to me pulling off my drop crotch pants.

Elongation is exactly what I need to balance out the junk-in-my-trunk.

But I’m all up for pushing myself, so when my new FRANKiE4  NAT sneakers arrive (super excited) I fully intend to wear them with my droppies – the gorgeous Karen from Style Loving 2 has inspired me!

I’ll finish on a giggle…

On Sunday morning when I was shooting these images, I decided to throw a last-minute A/W spin on the look…let’s just say it backfired, I regretted the decision in 0.5 nanoseconds! Full sunshine and 30 degree heat (all before I was rushing to work) did not make for a happy experience – I may have sweat profusely (which I loathe) and moaned A LOT. The camera also decided to throw a wobble – so Jonny had to run back to the house to change cameras…THERE WAS NO SHADE!


So it’s over to you my friends…fill me in on your drop crotch thoughts?


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!


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  • stylishmumatplay

    Thanks Bev for sharing this. I like them very much on you. But I’m not sure that I like them very much on me. I’m thinking that i may have to do some photographs of myself with them at different heights on my waist and different ‘drop’ lengths. Any other suggestions? Also, I’m more of a flat heel girl so perhaps i need to try them with heels? Kerilee x

  • Oh I’m sorry you had a negative experience! I’m lucky I’ve had nothing but positive vibes online recently but I know people can be cruel. My current blog isn’t my first 😉

    Drop crotch pants aren’t for me, but like leggings as pants or midi skirts, not every trend will appeal to everyone and it makes no difference to me if someone loves something I hate 🙂 Differences are what make life interesting!

  • Alison

    Love these. I also have a “sticky out bum also tum” I think these type of pants are flattering if you know how to wear them. I’m still working on it!

  • Susan

    Well done you for addressing the negative ! I’m sorry this has happened but Thankyou for continuing with your blog. I love your positive attitude, support for all women and willingness to share. Keep that sunshine coming ?? oh and DC not for me but love seeing everyone rocking the look !

    • Susan thank you so much for your support and kind words, I’m so pleased I finally got it off my chest.
      I truly understand DC are not for everyone – my attitude is simple, is something doesn’t make you feel fabulous, avoid it at all costs! xx

  • I think you rock these droppies. Me, I have to be selective about the fabric and fall and sadly these just didn’t work for me (too much junk in my front trunk!) x

    • Thanks Nikki, my excitement for their arrival was ridiculous. Such a pity they didn’t work for you…the new dove grey ones will look fabulous on you though! x

  • Shellie Jackson Thanks for the info. I think they look great on you and I am a fellow droppies lover! I think you women are very brave and creative putting yourselves out there and as you say people should just scroll past if they dont like something, we cant all like everything but I think these days people are so quick to judge and hit up the keyboard without thinking that the person on the receiving end has feelings/emotions also. I think we women need to support each other, not be critical and nasty, it really does say a lot more about the person being critical, than who they are talking about. Stay strong and keep wearing those droppies x

    • Shellie your words of support mean the world thank you!
      You look fabulous in your droppies – the comfort factor is out of this world (thank you for uploading a pic, it made my day seeing you look so awesome).
      You’re completely right in everything you say, after the shock had died down, I realised the post was more about the person who wrote it, than about me. Anyone could easily work out the post was intended to be controversial and provoke reaction – underhand bullying is the worst type in my opinion.

  • Kathryn

    You look amazing Bev, as always. I love DC’s on other people but they just wouldn’t suit me. I’m a tad over 5 feet, and big around the middle. If I was slim I would have a go. On another note, I think I know the social media post you mean, I read it and waited with bated breath for you to address it. Have a great day xx

    • Shellie Jackson

      Kathryn, thats me too, a little over 5 feet and round in the tummy. The droppies are quite flattering and do hide the tummy area. My pic above Im wearing a L and Im usually a 12/14 but can highly recommend these, they are so comfortable.

      • Kathryn

        Oh you look great! Thank you Shellie for some inspiration x

    • Thanks so much Kathryn, you know how much I love my droppies.
      I do agree with Shellie though, it might be worth giving them a go (the BT canvas ones are shorter in the leg than most – this is what makes them so amazing as that bit of leg flesh at the ankle offers balance to most body shapes). xxx
      In regards to the post, I knew nothing about it until I started receiving heaps of lovely messages of support late that evening. By then it was too late the pack at waded in for the kill – I was devastated, especially as the words written were about me, and not my own.

  • Donna Smith

    Bev, don’t let others dim your light. Those that hide behind social media and make rude and disparaging comments about others are clearly very unhappy with themselves and their own world.

    • Donna I could not agree more and thank you so much for your kindness and support. I always associate this kind of bullying with sadness. My life is far too full to give two hoots what somebody else is doing!

  • I think you look awesome in the DC Bev, and totally rock them! It’s not about age at all when dressing, it’s about how clothes make you feel. Go girl!

    • Awwww thanks so much Em, DC are my thing, I love them probably as much as my skinnies – now that’s a whole lotta love! xxx

  • Sharon

    You’re a blond Mary Tyler Moore as far as I’m concerned. You turn the world on with your smile everyday. You turned me onto drop crotch and I care not if they suit me.. I love them. As for you my darling, you’re the whole package and I adore you. Give me the name of this troll and I’ll bring my Irish out! Love you, love your work, always. Mwah xxx

    • What a lovely compliment, thank you so much for all of your wonderful words of support and encouragement my friend, I appreciate it more than you know xxxx
      As for the cyber sh*t, I have seen this kind of thing happen so many times before – I loathe people that instigate stuff on social media, they are not strong enough to deal with personally. Grow some balls instead of trying to manipulate others into doing the sh*t for you!!!! Rant over.

  • Kimbo

    I adore the drop crotch & love wearing them. I am 52 & wear them proudly. You just keep doing what you’re doing as I think you’re gorgeous & you have given me the confidence to “have a go” outside the norm. X

    • Kimbo thank you so much! I love that you have embraced gorgeous drop crotch pants. I launched Iris May Style simply for that reason, to give beautiful women of any age the confidence to try new styles they never thought possible. For me its not what you wear, it how your wear it. Confidence goes hand in hand with personal style.

  • Yvonne Duke

    You look great in them….me not so much ! How horrible other people can be….am so glad you didn’t give up your blog…love reading it and seeing all your lovely photos ! X

    • Thanks so much for your support Yvonne, it really does mean the world…
      Ps I think I will always love my droppies, not matter what xxx

  • I’m so glad one small minded and petty person didn’t stop you from sharing your beautiful smile, style and stories with us! I truly believe that certain people can lash out in pure jealousy, and who wouldn’t be jealous of you! You’re the whole package; stunning, smart, sassy and one of the most kind and generous people I have ever met. I absolute adore you in Droppies and every time I see you in a pair you tempt me to go and get a pair myself! They’re very clearly your personal style, you make me think they were invesnted just for you. Xxx

    • Darling thank you so so much. I hated the whole hurtful experience. It did make me question everything, but in the end I realised I would never forgive myself for crumbling over one small minded person.
      You have been so supportive through this whole experience though and for that, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and friendship xx
      Ps. I will love droppies for ever – not matter what!

  • Mary Bath

    Hi Bev…..i don’t know if you remember me, Mary from back in sunny Streetly, UK??!! Anyway, I have recently found you and your blog and can only say: well done you!! You look fantastic and your blog hilarious………sorry to hear you have experienced a nasty “post”. Unfortunately, some people don’t like to see others doing well and looking fantastic………..age old “green eyed monster” and all that!! Anyway, glad to see you are doing so well over in Australia…… brighten up the dreary winter days here!! xx

    • Mary!!! Hello gorgeous girl, how the devil are you?
      How amazing that you found my little space on the internet – this is more than a bit cute catching up like this!
      Unfortunately there will always be people that want to bring you down…age has taught me one thing though; simply focus on the good stuff in your own life and realise all the rest is just hearsay! xxx

      • Mary Bath

        Hi Bev….. I love your blog and your posts on instagram: I’m a late starter to all of this but my daughter is trying to bring me up to scratch!
        Only thing is, I get very envious when I see the beautiful weather you are having!!
        Keep up the good work Bev and lovely again to see you. xxx

  • Maudie – Chic Styling – @istyl

    What a pity I missed that post with all that nastiness, you know that I would have reacted by leaving a comment to support you, that’s what friends are for. It is only jealousy Bev (sometimes a women thing) maybe a bit of immaturity too. So glad you haven’t left us with your style inspiration and awesomeness. Love you and we share a love for droppies?

    • You’re a wonderful and supportive friend that I treasure Maudie – thank you for always being there for me. I agree about the immaturity, plus too much free time to scheme and plot nastiness!
      You have such impeccable style and grace my friend, no wonder I love you right back xxx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    i love the drop crotch on you … ok they’re not for me but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make nasty shitty comments!!! As my beautiful grandmother used to say “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” .. it really is that simple! Now another extremely important question .. is that black bag a Mimco? Yes I really do need another bag!!!!

    • Jacqueline that is exactly right! You just scroll on by until an outfit appeals to you. What a wise Grandmother you had…simple and true!
      Yes the handbag is Mimco (it’s reminds me of a cross between Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent) last season though, so check your local DFO xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I’m so sorry you had some negative people do a post about you my friend! You always look fantastic and I knew you were a model you know how to pose,so gorgeously not like clumsy me!
    I love the drop crotch pants but can only wear a very little drop as I’m not blessed with height or many curves,but you Bev always look the business in them,love this post…maybe those girls were jealous ??

    • Lisa I was really upset at the time, cyber bullying is just as bad as face to face bullying in my opinion – but, as my gorgeous Mum always said ‘while people are talking about you, they are leaving somebody else alone, and maybe that someone is not as strong as you’. Unfortunately, unkind people get their kicks in very strange ways – if their lives were full of love, they would have no time to waste scheming.
      You look fabulous in everything you wear my darling friend, such amazing style!
      Thank you so much for your constant love and support, it means the world xxx

  • Kelly

    Bev I rarely comment (which is pretty slack when you go to so much trouble to blog & share your outfit posts which I thoroughly enjoy – apologies for that!!) however I am very glad you didn’t let that awful situation stop you from doing this fabulous thing you do! Please know we appreciate you putting yourself out there and I totally agree, you don’t have to be fake but I can’t see what people get out of being nasty. I have not embraced droppies like you but you totally rock it !! Even in the awful heat!

    • Kelly no apologies needed at all, and thank you so much for your support (I can always see how many people read my posts – commenting can be time consuming, which I understand completely).
      Often the women that do these things are missing something valuable in their lives. My life is full to the brim with love, so once I got over the shock, I decided to simply keep on doing my own thing.
      On a lighter note…photographing these droppies in the heat was not one of my finest moments 😉 xx

  • Lynda Smyth

    So sorry to hear about your nasty experience Bev – such a shame people feel they have to behave this way. A request – can we have a back picture of the doppies please? No one who is advocating the droppies seems to have a picture from behind and I dread that
    maybe they look very odd from behind.

    • Lynda thank you so much. Not sure why I’ve never taken a picture of the droppies from behind – I will make it my mission for you though. I tend to wear a longer top over both my droppies and jeans, but it will still give you a good idea of what they look like xx

      • Lynda Smyth

        Thanks Bev – I look forward to it xx

  • Suzie

    Droppies were made for you! Love seeing your pics on how you style them. Boo to the nasty jealous attitudes . I love you as my insta friend! ❤

    • Awwwww Suzie thank YOU – big love right back at ya! You’re so right about nastiness – BOOOOOO to it xxx

  • Andrea from Icadoo

    I love this post, I love droppies. And I love you .. but you know that. I can’t believe someone did this. But I am glad you did not give up your blog or IG. I love seeing you in so many different and beautiful outfits .. Sending a big hug ..xx P.S. sorry for not commenting on lots of IG posts .. I’ve been / am a bit absent .. lots going on ..

    • Oh darling thank YOU so much, the feeling is totally mutual. I’ve missed you being around but I know how busy you are too! Hope life is treating you well and thank you again for your love and friendship xxx

  • Carolyn Unwin

    I’m so with you Bev. As you get older & life brings it’s shares of knocks, good stuff and some real challenges, it easy to let it change you for the worse. And some people point that bitterness, envy, judgement or negativity on targets. But also you get more confident to pull back from the people who just bring you negatives, whether it’s on social or in real life. I’m sounding waaaaay too herbal. But overall, good for you. Don’t let it dent your confidence in all the great stuff you have going on here. You’re getting real traction and hopefully don’t just look like you’re having a whale of a time. Hopefully you ARE! Keep going. xx

    • You are so right Carolyn (and not too verbal at all). I have distanced myself from many social ‘brand’ events for this exact reason. It’s just not my scene. I don’t want to stand in a group and judge other women for what they are wearing or who they are working with. It’s pointless. I believe that if you are comfortable in your own skin, you don’t need to cause hurt and distress to others.
      On a brighter note, I love what I do. I’m super lucky to be surrounded by good people – the knock back did me a huge favour! xxx

      • Carolyn Unwin

        Yep! Go where the good stuff is.

  • Oh you make me giggle – I can image the moaning and complaining about the heat BUT fashion is pain.
    These will look amazing with the new Frankie4 Nat and your big head hat (you know I say that with ❤️, acceptance and sisterhood).
    I’m sorry my gorgeous friend that you were on the end of nastiness – you know I don’t get this, I live by my mothers words if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. I love everything you do so please never stop – sending love and hugs xxxx
    Oh and btw you look fabulous in these DC – you know I’m equally obsessed and just love that BT have finally bought out the denim version

    • All I can say is poor Jonny. Oh my goodness he has the patience of a Saint sometimes! Every piece of clothing was stuck like glue to me AND I was tight on time as I had to rush to work…lets just say, I think he was glad when he dropped me off!
      Thanks for the loveliness with my social media debarcle, more than anything its the ‘pack instinct’ that bothers me the most. It encourages people to behave differently somehow, its awful. You’re Mumma taught you right – words to live by I say.
      I cannot imagine my wardrobe without my drop crotch pants – so I’m super excited for my NAT’s to arrive, so I can wear them (and my big head hat) together 😉 xxx