Boho Bird Call of the Wild

Here I go again Ms. Classic Style Personality gushing over all things boho inspired – I don’t even recognise myself these days 😉

When I first flicked through the media release online look book: Call of the Wild from Boho Bird, at Birds Nest   I realised just how much my taste has changed. I felt instantly spoilt for choice, so many eclectic prints with a soft muted palette.

Of course, I also enjoy flicking through great imagery – the bleak country setting plus the dramatic landscape (complete with cute owl) was the prefect backdrop to the stylish A/W 2017 collection. It reminded me of England so it instantly drew me in, with a kind of Heathcliff / Wuthering Heights mysteriousness, that made me want to see more.

I also love how Boho Bird Designer, Paige Eber describes the boho girl…

‘She let’s life inspire her. She tells her own story and is chief of her own dreams. She is strong, fearless, romantic…And a little bit wild’

Wouldn’t we all like to be described like this?

Boho Bird Call of the Wild

Yes, there were lots of pieces I could have chosen from the Call of the Wild collection, but I couldn’t go past this dress – I kept coming back to it.

I think it was the birds – which is weird in itself because in the back of my mind, all I could think, was Jonny HATES birds.

Birds are his phobia.

Jonny is a cyclist (Tour de France type, rather than mountain bike). He loves nothing more than heading out first thing in the morning before it gets too hot or too busy for a ride.

BUT, there is one thing that interferes with this pleasure for Jonny and its the Magpie’s swooping (while they are protecting their young). He has been attacked so many times, it’s a joke – it’s like they seek him out!

Honestly, it puts him off going out, or if he is brave enough, he will try to find a new route if he’s already been attacked in an area before. He totally understands the Magpie’s are just being good parents BUT they drive him CRAZY with fear – images of ‘Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds’ movie run through his mind –  it’s truly a wonder he manages to stay on his bike.

So if you see a cyclist on the Sunshine Coast kicking his legs and frantically waving his arms around shouting “F**K THE HELL OFF” at the top of his voice, it’s probably Jonny 😉 

Just so you know, I however, have quite a soft spot for birds. My Dad had an avery when I was growing up, so I often went inside to feed the birds while they were all flapping around my head – which is quite frankly Jonny’s worst NIGHTMARE!

Boho Bird Call of the Wild

Maximum Impact Dress* $169.95 Boho Bird (I’m wearing the 14) |Trix Heels* $59.99 Spendless Shoes

When this gorgeous dress arrived…

Jonny said “I can’t believe you’ve chosen a dress with birds on – you know I hate them” (I may have giggled inside while trying to remain straight-faced).

My response: “It’s a wrap dress and the birds are blue and super cute, not black and white like the nasty Magpie’s”.

I was even cheeky enough to ask him to iron it before I wore it – I thought it would act as therapy for his phobia 🙂

Boho Bird Call of the Wild

Maximum Impact Dress* $169.95 Boho Bird (I’m wearing the 14) | Boxy Denim Jacket* $179.00 Bohemian Traders (I’m wearing the M) | Carnaby Ankle Boot in Cinammon $299.00 Mimco

Now girls, I’m a firm believer that you can embrace boho, by just styling it in your own unique way – just take snippets of inspiration and throw your own spin on it.

You certainly don’t need to live in Byron Bay, have luscious natural curls in your hair and walk around with bare feet.

A hint of boho is fine or go for the whole shebang – either works.

There are no boho rules when it comes to how you style a piece that you love – if you are comfortable and feel fabulous, your confidence will shine through. Every Single Time.

What I loved most about this dress though (besides it being a fabulous wrap dress that suits most shapes) is the print (yeah Jonny).

  • Maxi length – works with heels or wedges for a wedding/fancy event.  Swap to ankle boots to toughen up the boho look.
  • V neckline – perfect for a fuller bust, works a treat for smaller busts too!
  • Semi fitted – skims over curves like a dream, think soft a-line at the hip with cling over the lower booty and thigh.
  • Flare sleeve – feminine arm coverage.
  • Slip – the dress comes with a slip (with adjustable straps).

I decided to style the dress two ways to show you how flexible it is and how different it can look by just swapping the neutral heel for a boot and adding a jacket – the only other thing  changed was the sunnies!

I’ve also purposely kept accessories to a minimum. The print is so fabulous, I wanted it to be the hero.

The ankle boots add a tough look to the whimsical pattern, I also love the depth that denim adds to a soft floaty fabric.

When the weather cools down around these parts, I will also add a leather jacket in tan or black. I also have this soft powder blue one which will look drop dead gorgeous paired back with my other new boot purchase from Mimco.

Where to belt?

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of the faux wrap dress. My large bust  just doesn’t sit well in a confined space. Self-tie style works so much better for me and my curves. Normally I almost always tie the belt at the front. But I played around with this one, and eventually settled with the tie at the back.

Instead of a bow, I opted for a knot. It looked clean and didn’t add any extra bulk.

Boho Bird is designed in Australia available in sizes 8 through to 18 and exclusive to


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!


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  • Gosh I love that dress with the jacket and boots x

  • merilyn

    you look lovely in everything bev! … you look so fresh!
    you do put your personal spin on things!
    making them look more individual!
    much love m:)X

  • Petra

    i love how you try out different “looks” then make them your own. I particularly like this dress and the print on it – I’m a huge blue/white fan. We like birds and my son is trying to breed his 2 budgies at the moment, so there’s lots of “flapping” at our place haha! Have a fantastically fabulous weekend Bev 🙂 xo

    • Petra thank you – I do always try and put my ‘spin’ on everything I wear. The print on this dress is so gorgeous – pity Jonny doesn’t agree! 😉
      Hope your son has had success with the breeding, I loved watching the eggs hatch in my dads avery – so special xx
      Ps please accept my apologies for the late reply…I blame my hormones – I genuinely thought I had replied last week. Darn memory!

  • I had to laugh at you getting poor Jonny to iron your bird print dress when he has a phobia of birds!

    I hope he didn’t get swooped as he took these photos of you, that would have made it even worse.

    Seriously though I love this dress on you! Boho totally suits you!

    • Awwww thanks so much Ingrid, it’s a beautiful dress (despite Jonny hating the birds of course). Thankfully we didn’t encounter any nasty birds on the photoshoot either! xx
      Ps apologies for the late reply, I thought I had replied last week!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Beautiful dress Bev?I do like a touch of boho but not too much I don’t want to look like an aging hippy!
    My sister has the same fear of birds,moths and anything flying around her,she is embrassing sometimes,but I still love her,I think we all have a fear of something Xx

    • Thanks gorgeous girl xx Like you I can cope with a touch of boho rather than full on hippy. Your sister and Jonny make a right pair with their bird phobia don’t they? xx
      Ps I just mentioned to Karen (SL2) that I thought I had replied to everyone last week…I blame my darn hormones for my shocking memory!

  • All I can is poor Jonny a dress with birds on it and he had to stare at the birds through the camera lens, it may give him nightmares. But it’s worth it this dress is gorgeous on you – the colours are you through and through. Boho bird is one of my favourite ? Birdsnest labels – love the whimsy of it

    • Jonny still hasn’t recovered from the fact that I chose a dress covered in birds!
      The Boho bird label really does offer something for everyone, some of the high low tee’s are fabulous…they have both of our names all over them xxx Ps Apologies for the delay in responding, I blame my bloody hormones – I thought I did it last week, my memory is still shocking!

  • That is a beautiful dress! Like you, I’m a fan of the print and think it works particularly well with your denim jacket. I’m not a fan of being swooped by magpies (and many times while walking the dog I’ve had to try protect him from the birds!) but I still like birds and bird print. My grandfather owned birds.

    • So sorry for the delay in responding! Thanks so much, the dress is pretty special – I love it with the denim too!
      Magpie’s always try to attack Lulabelle too, which infuriates me as she is completely deaf so has no way of hearing them coming! x