Because I LOVE you

I hope that yesterday was filled to the brim with love for you all.

Today’s love post is not at all Valentines inspired though – I did that last week 😉

This is a different kind of love – the kind that involves sweat.

Now, someone sweating might not sound like love to you, but if that someone is ME, sweating for you – then that’s a huge case of LOVE in my book.

Why? Because I don’t do sweat!

Most people take sweating in their stride – it is after all a natural bodily function. The problem is I loathe sweating; and the more I try to relax about getting all hot and bothered, the more hot and bothered, I seem to get.

Think chain reaction coupled with my lack of HRT…

I don’t think I mentioned my HRT situation, did I?

First here is my back story (and the reason why I use HRT) in a nutshell…

Me and my tummy have a troubled past.

I was assigned my first gynaecologist when I was still at junior school – yep my problems started way back when I was still knee-high to a grasshopper.

By the time I gave birth to Beckie at 29, I’d already had over 12 general anaesthetics, all abdominal related.

I still felt lucky though. I survived some horrendous crap, but that’s another story.

My early menopause symptoms at 39 were no surprise to anyone.

In short, I always knew my hysterectomy was coming, but with help from some of the finest surgeons in the UK, we managed to keep it at bay for quite a while.

That was until my appendix burst on my 40th birthday (Jonny and I should have been in Barcelona, think air fares, hotels the whole shebang ) – this emergency procedure really upset the apple-cart. Within a few short months, I was back in theatre having a full hysterectomy – everything was taken, even my cervix.

As soon as I woke from the surgery, I slapped on my first (of many) HRT patches. Using them was a non-negotiable for me. Every case is different.

That was over 12 years ago.

When we emigrated to Australia 5 years ago, I thought I probably didn’t need HRT anymore –  however, I was WRONG.

I tried cold-turkey and failed miserably.

Fast-forward 5 years.

At the end of November 2016 I went to cash in my HRT prescription at the pharmacy – I was told the whole of Australia had run out, even of the generic alternative. It was a manufacturing issue.

So once again, I thought I would be alright without HRT.

Wrong AGAIN.

Once again, I have struggled BIG TIME.

Unfortunately, I’m the type of person that struggles silently. I continually say ‘I’m fine’ to everyone around me.

My body went into shock without its regular dose of hormones.

I gained weight quickly around my tummy (still struggling to get rid of it).

My mood changed almost overnight.

The sweats came back – but this time amplified x 1000.

My joint pain returned, with a vengeance.

Migraines reared their ugly head again.

Even with all of this, I still thought I was ok and coping.

In reality, I was a hard to live with, hot and sweaty emotional wreck.

All I can say is poor Jonny.

I was given a date of February 6 for the HRT stock to be replenished back in pharmacies – I popped in on February 2nd to see if I could reserve my script.

Once again, the news wasn’t good, the date has now been pushed back to the end of March 2017 – WTF? How do huge pharmaceutical companies run out of drugs?

Seriously, I could wait no longer…especially as SE QLD was experiencing its usual summer heat wave/humidity.

Without going into too much detail, let’s just say my Dr was not impressed with my decision to go it alone.

My abnormally low blood pressure had turned into high blood pressure – I’m now on temporary meds, blood pressure (short-term) and tablet form HRT until the stock is replenished…

Things are slowly improving, my blood pressure has started to correct itself, but I’m still waiting for the dreaded sweats to kick themselves back into touch…add a billiion degrees outside to the raving furnace in my body – you’re left with a sweaty wreck that is considering joining a nudist colony 😉

New season A/W fashion will not wait for my HRT to arrive though, so 53 yr old hormonal me is sucking it up and taking one for the team.

A/W is flooding into stores, both bricks and mortar and online.

So I can delay the inevitable no longer – sweating it out in the name of fashion is a must.

Savvy shoppers nab the cream of the A/W crop, while the heat is still on. Knowing that if they wait – major regret will kick in.

This Bohemian Traders dress is one of my top picks for the coming season.

Because I LOVE you

Striped Maxi Dress* $149.00 (wearing M) Bohemian Traders | NiKKi heel in Tan* $220.00 FRANKiE4 | Iris May Bracelet* $130.00 | Genesis Sunnies* $50.00 She Street Official

Striped dresses never grow old for me.

Forget what the nay-sayers spout about horizontal stripes – they are super flattering.

Bohemian Traders have truly nailed this frock  – as I mentioned above, I’m guessing it will sell like hot-cakes.

The stand-outs for me:

Shape – fitted to the waist, with a gentle a-line that skims the hip and butt oh so perfectly.

POCKETS – no explanation required.

Fabric – 95% cotton 5% spandex – which means it will look as good as 5pm as it did at 8am!

Colour – cinnamon and navy, autumn at its best.

Length – most A/W tee dresses fall too short on me. What I love most about this dress is the maxi length, its spot on for wearing with a boot. Yes, on a chilly day you can add opaque tights, but you also wear this bare legged, with your favourite kicks and a denim jacket.

Smarten it up with a blazer, layer it with a denim shirt – so many possibilities.



Because I LOVE you Because I LOVE you

Talking of boots, I added my new Mimco boots yesterday to snap these pics – they lasted all of three seconds before I ripped them off. The heat (and sweat) well and truly got the better of me!

Righto, enough of the sweat fest – it’s over to you…You love stripes right? Started buying new season A/W yet?


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  • Love this dress on you Bev. Goodness you’ve been through a lot with your health. I had no idea!! xx

    • Bec its only when I write about my health that I realise its been one hell of a tough ride. Whenever I think about my past operations I smile and pinch myself at just how lucky I am to have Beckie – she is a little miracle. Mwah xx

  • Really really love this dress. I screen shotted you to remind me to find one like it haha!

    • Naaaaw glad you love it Em, it a great dress which would show off your fabulous waist! xxx

  • stylishmumatplay

    OH MY GOODNESS I am so sorry. The run out of drugs thing is just so bizarre. I am so sorry that you’ve had to endure this – in this modern age in the first world. x

    • It’s so ridiculous that it can even happen…when I spoke to the Dr. she said it happens ALL OF THE TIME – HOW? Seriously, it can’t be that difficult! Mwah xx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    I think you are my long lost English sister!! My appendix burst Xmas Day 2010 (wonderful!) and I too have had gynie issues most of my life. I’m off to see my gynie next week as my GP ran some tests & thinks I may need a hysterectomy – umm no too happy about that one but after two kids & at 49 I suppose it don’t need it anymore!! Anyway well shall see !! Back to fashion love the autumn colours but its been sooo hot in Sydney hard to get my mind around!

    • We are the burst appendix sisters – not the 40th birthday present I expected…but one that I will NEVER forget. I’m sure you feel the same too about Xmas 2010 😉
      In reality, I probably should have had my hysterectomy straight after Beckie was born. It would have saved heaps of pain and suffering. My advice to you would be, if you need it, don’t wait. Get it done out of the way and get your quality of life back.
      I know its so hard even thinking of wearing heavier clothes at the moment…I’m collecting mine and waiting patiently! Mwah xx

  • Donna Smith

    Bev, have you considered seeing an Integrative Medicine Doctor and being prescribed Bio Identical Hormones that are blended for you specific body and are made up by a Compounding Pharmacy. I have been on them over 4 years and they have changed my life. I had Ovarian Cancer when I was young, hence having had chemo this stage was always going to be difficult. I would highly recommend it and in my opinion is a much better option than synthetic hormones x

    • Donna thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve never heard of them, but I will definitely look into Bio Identical Hormones. I’m still struggling big time at the moment. I cannot wait to get some ‘balance’ back with my hormones – the last few months have truly stuffed up my whole system so thank you! xxx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Oh Bev, thank you so much for showing us A/W clothing whilst going through…what sounds like…hell! I hope you get your prescription soon and things begin to settle. The QLD humidity and heat is very unforgiving but you still look a million $’s!!!

    • Awwww thanks Nat. I looked back over my blogs since I started – I always seem to be wearing the opposite clothes for the season we’re in…that’s fashion for you! Ps, NZ looks fabulous Mwah xx

  • Loveyourwardrobe

    Oh dear Bev, that sounds really tough! For me my hysterectomy has been the best thing ever (but still have my ovaries so yet to hit these type of symptoms) This is such a beautiful autumn inspired dress!

    • I’m still in shock that they have ran out of my HRT patches – it also horrifies me to think of how many other women will be suffering these horrendous symptoms too!
      Glad you love the dress! Love sweaty Bev xx

  • Danielle Armstrong

    Oh Bev!! That’s horrendous. I guarantee you that if HRT was needed by Men it would never run out.
    Less than adequate medical attention for women is probably a discussion for another post ?
    You look lovely in this dress!
    I hope you get back to normal soon xxxx

    • Dani you are soooooo right! I’m guessing its a guy that was running the logistics! To run out of something required on constant production for a couple of weeks I could understand, but for 4 months??? WTF?
      Thanks for the dress love xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Bev unfortunately I understand I had a hysterectomy at 35 and my ovaries went into shock so suffered from an early menopause it’s no fun I’m not on on oral HRT ATM but do use estrogen pessary twice a week when I remember! I sweat like no ones business and it’s embarrassing I hate it,I feel for you and I haven’t worn half my wardrobe this summer it’s just been too hot.I hope you get the meds you need soon and start to feel a bit better.
    Your new AW dress looks gorgeous mwah ? ?

    • Oh Lisa I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. I continually say ‘I’ll be ok’ ‘don’t worry, I can manage’ ‘I won’t bother the Dr, someone else will be worse off than me’ – Jonny gets so frustrated with me. I even make myself angry. Thankfully my symptoms have eased heaps now I’m taking HRT in tablet form, but I still have a long way to go with feeling myself again – as soon as the patches are back I will cover my whole body in them 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for the love my friend xxx

  • Petra

    I loathe sweating too – so moving to Melbourne nearly 3 years ago from the GC was great. I hardly sweat now, even in summer 😮 Wonderful 🙂 I’m 49 so I’m sure menopause will be kicking in now – I think I’m starting with the hot flushes but not sure. I’ve had night sweats since I was 30 but I think that’s anxiety-related. Anyhoo, love your dress, sorry to hear about your HRT troubles. Hope the weather cools down for you soon but that’s a big ask for Qld – it’s still only February!!!

    • It’s so funny but Beckie and I were just saying at the weekend we NEED to move to Melbourne until it gets cooler in SE QLD 😉 I’m so super envious (but really chuffed) that you hardly break into a sweat even in summer now – it seems unthinkable and a far cry from your GC days,,,especially as summer seems to be going on forever!
      Have you tried taking Executive B Stress Formula vitamins? They have helped me no end in the past few weeks with perspective and anxiety.
      I knew as soon as I saw this dress that it was a winner. The cut, fit and fabric make it the perfect A/W dress…expect to see it often! xxx

      • Petra

        Thanks for advice re Vit B – unfortunately practically all Vit B tablets contain Folate/Folic Acid which I am highly allergic to!!! I really must start looking into alternatives for menopause – just delaying the inevitable haha!

  • Seriously how is it possible for a company to just run out – do they not know how angry a hot flushing sweating woman can get. For me my resting body temp has increased and I’m getting hot flushes but not everyday but one of my side effects is that my boobs have grown they are huge (like they weren’t big enough already), I’m trying to cone to terms with that change when dressing.
    That BT dress is my favourite piece from their latest collection- l love the big stripes and the colours, the length tho could be an issue for me.

    • You get my frustration…sweating like a tradie while trying to take outfit shots (loved your analogy on Insta) has made me want to hibernate indoors with the aircon pelting out ice cold air!
      I feel your pain on the boob front too. Carys has just sent me another strapless bra one size bigger to accommodate the damage I did by self inflicting HRT cold-turkey on myself. The after effects seem to have decided to hang around on my boobs and tummy with no sign of shifting – so frustrating!
      I think this dress would work a treat for you in length – as long as you have a heel on, it will look a million bucks xxx

  • Kathryn

    What? How the hell can that happen? Can’t the government get a boatload shipped here? Bloody menopause, the hot flushes, the weight gain and the constant sweating. I hit menopause bang on 50, and had a hot flush every couple of minutes for months. Night sweats lasted for 2 weeks thank god. The hot flushes came and went for about 3 or 4 years. Now I get one when I am anxious. Which can be multiple times a day depending on what I am doing. Love stripes, and love this dress on you. I really like the colours too. I have bought one item for when (please hurry up) the weather starts to change. At this stage I can’t even look at Winter clothing. You deserve a medal, taking one for the team! x

    • I know right, plus the generic version WTF! Someone messed up big time. What annoys me the most is the person who allowed this massive problem to happen…do you reckon they are male? 😉 #cheekybev
      Poor Jonny has not been able to sleep because of my night sweats, he says it resembles lying next to an open fire. I radiate so much heat, he can feel it on the other side of our bed (yep, he is normally clinging to the side of the bed, while I toss and turn like a crazed dehydrated animal).
      So happy to heat he worst is over for you.
      Talking of anxiousness, have you tried Executive B Stress Formula? A friend recommended them to me – I have really noticed the difference. xxx

  • merilyn

    those hormones certainly wreak havoc bev!
    you’ve had a lot to contend with hun! … can certainly relate! 😡
    I don’t perspire either!
    i’m on the other side of the pause and I still have some hot flushes!
    I tried some alternatives and they helped as much as hrt for me!
    anyhoo, you look great in that dress lovely!
    much love m:)X

    • Oh M, you’re so so right – I’m so over the struggling along without my HRT patches – the tablets are just starting to kick in now though. I did try Happy Hormones as an alternative, but unfortunately they did nothing, although I have heard great things about them.
      Glad to hear the pause is all over for you – hopefully you will have the occasional sweat under control.
      Yep, its a fabulous dress that I’m super excited to wear heaps when the temps finally drop! Mwah xx

  • Mary Bath

    Hi Bev……I can totally sympathise with you on the hot flushes: night sweats are the worst and the doctor has very kindly informed me that they could well continue until I am in my 70’s…………only another 15 years to go then :(.
    I love a stripe and that maxi dress looks fab on you: I could do with it now over here in this cold weather!!
    Hope you cool down soon……….xx

    • Hey Gorgeous xx
      This ageing malarkey is a female’s worst nightmare…sweating is oh so un-ladylike too! No wonder we all get so annoyed and frustrated. It’s funny, but you don’t realise how effective some meds are until they’re taken away from you – it’s fair to say when my HRT patches eventually come back into stock I will be stockpiling them like a crazed hoarder!
      This dress is all kinds of awesome, expect to see it on my feed constantly…when the mercury drops of course! Big love xxx