Sentimental Me: Australia Day

Tomorrow will be my 6th Australia Day.

It’s true to say I have embraced this day of celebrating Aussie awesomeness, with gusto – any excuse to join the party, what you say?

The first time I celebrated was in 2011, the year we emigrated here.

Beckie and I were in Australia preparing to buy everything she needed to start University in Brisbane late February. We came early to have time to help her relax and settle in, plus have a little girly get away while we waited for all of her personal bits and pieces being shipped from the UK.

Jonny joined us mid February…

Even though we had holidayed in Australia several times before we decided to make this great place our home, 2011 was the year of big changes for our little family.

Extremely tough decisions were made – leaving family behind is never easy, but as a child I always remember feeling that my Mumma Iris May always put me (and my brother and sister) first. Her decisions were always built around ensuring our future happiness.

Since Beckie was born, I always  knew that in my heart I wanted to offer her experiences and opportunities that I never had. She went to a wonderful school in England, but it was isolated. Her education (although sheltered) was second to non. Hence why the decision to move to the other side of the globe away from her friends was tough. During the last couple of years at school, my little premature baby started to shine (I believe premature babies need more time to reach their full potential) everything simply started to ‘click’ in to place (educationally) for Beckie when she was 16. 

Of course Jonny and I wanted to move to Australia too, but ultimately the decision as to whether we ‘actually’ made the move, lay with Beckie – her happiness was paramount to us both, plus at 18 years of age, she deserved to have her voice heard.

She had visited Australia the previous September with a girlfriend and I guess she must have had so much fun that she made up her mind to give Australia a try.

I also believe that when you jump out of your comfort one, your draw on reserves you never knew existed – you just need to believe it will be ok, dig deep and jump in with both feet.

In 2011 the timing felt perfect for us all, but especially Beckie – she would have moved away to start University in England anyway – so it was a now or never moment and the stars aligned!

When Beckie and I landed here in 2011 to set her up for starting University – it was at the time when parts of Brisbane were still underwater with the 2010/2011 floods – as a Mumma I can remember feeling fraught with emotions, what was I thinking? Even the college where Beckie would be staying on campus was still surrounded by water – EEEEK!

Also, as each day  passed I could feel the clock ticking on our departure. Jonny and I needed to head home back to England early March.

Beckie and I have never really been apart (except for the odd holiday away with friends/family).

Leaving her was truly the hardest moment of my life.

But I believed that my Mum ‘Iris May’ would take over when I left, and act as Beckie’s guardian angel.

Not sure if I’ve ever told you this, but when I was a young whippersnapper, I remember my Mum and Dad having all the paperwork on the kitchen bench to emigrate to Australia. I have no idea why they didn’t, I’m guessing it was the fear of the unknown.  So when we finally made the decision to emigrate, I already knew I had my Mum’s seal of approval.

To mark Australia day tomorrow, I’m collaborating with the lovely girls over at Sebastianella to bring you something truly special.

Sentimental Me: Australia Day

Mid Rise Crop Flare* (wearing 32″)$149.00 Bohemian Traders | Strappy  Singlet in White* (wearing L) $119.00 Bohemian Traders  | Wrap oldie* Bohemian Traders  | Fresh Water Pearl Necklace with Black Cross* $175.50 Sebastionella | Everyday Cocktail Ring in Larimar $195.00 Uberkate |Waterfall Heel (on sale) Mimco $149.00

Nella (the founder) and her friend of 40 years (Susan) make the most exquisite hand-made jewellery in Melbourne, Australia – the necklace I am wearing in the image above, is also one of their pieces – which is a show-stopper.

This is Sebastionella’s back story…

Nella was given a 1950’s Australian penny by her father Sarago on her 50th birthday. Sarago emigrated to Australia from Sicily around the time that Nella was born.

Unfortunately, Nella lost her beloved father in 2009.

She desperately wanted to keep his memory alive, which led to Nella placing the penny into a necklace…Sebatianella was born.

When the girls contacted me to know if I would like a penny (with a year that meant something to me) encased and set into a piece of jewellery, I did not hesitate.

I love supporting Australian owned businesses.

All Australian pennies are pre decimalisation and are available from 1911 – 1964.

Being the sentimental fool that I am, I immediately thought about my Mum. She was born in 1933 and although we never really talked about that passion of hers to move to Australia, it sent a tingle down my spine.

It felt perfect.

The next words out of my mouth to Susan: ‘is the 1933 penny available (the year of her birth)?If so, I would like it set into a bracelet, that can be stacked’…why wear one bracelet, when you can wear three I say 😉 

Anyway, the exciting news is that you can now buy the Iris May bracelet online (I know, I’m feeling very special)  – and personalise it with a year that means something to you and your loved ones.

The Iris May bracelet is 3 strands of 8mm black onyx with authentic Australian penny encased in .925 sterling silver.

Quote IRISMAY at checkout for 10% discount and free express shipping.

Every piece that the girls make, is made with love and emotion.

Sentimental Me: Australia Day

Sentimental Me: Australia Day

Iris May 3 Strand Onyx Bracelet with Australian Penny $130.00

I get asked all the time, if Australia has changed the way I dress.

The answer is a huge YES.

Back in England my style was true classic.

Because of the grey skies and cold weather, my wardrobe was predominately black and with heavy layers – always super smart and very feminine.

I tended to wear dresses and heels Tuesday – Saturday in my Bridal Boutique.

On my weekends I wore jeans with shirts accessorised with heels, jackets and scarves.

Now I would describe my style personality as classic with a twist of adventure – who knew I would fall in love with drop crotch pants and Bohemian Traders?

The new release denim collection is DIVINE – a cut of jeans suitable for every booty!

I have three pairs:

High Waisted Skinny Jean in Light Wash $139.00 – if you’re looking for comfort over the tummy these will rock your world.

Mid Rise Crop Flare in Black $149.00 – these will be my winter go-to jeans.

Dark Wash Drop Crotch Pants $149.00 – be still my beating heart.



You will all notice one thing that hasn’t changed though: my footwear – yes girls, heels are still very much my thing especially since FRANKiE4 has answered my prayers and bought out their fabulous heels 😉

Are you an emotional wreck like me? Do you have pieces of jewellery that mean the world to you?

What are you up to on Australia day?

This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!





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  • I am so pleased you came to our sunburnt country and into my life. You’re an amazing woman Bev, and your Mumma would be so truly proud of the person you are xx

  • merilyn

    a lovely story/post thankyou lovely bev!
    your beckie is amazing!
    that is a lovely bracelet!
    I have some lovely pieces, especially a ring given to my by mr m’s mother in Austria … special!
    everyone comments on it!
    enjoy anytime off hun!
    much love m:)X

  • So happy you made the move for your precious Beckie to shine that little more.
    Welcome and I hope to meet you one day soon. V x

  • Suzie

    Beautiful bracelet, Bev and everything from bohemian traders looks just fabulous on you!

  • Yvonne Duke

    I love the bracelet ! This will be our 10th Australia Day here. We are not doing anything particular, but no.2 son is having his ‘going away do’ on North Stradbroke Island !! Have a lovely day x

    • I’m such a sentimental girl Yvonne, as soon as I talked to the girls at Sebastianella I knew I had to have the bracelet!
      Stradbroke sounds like the perfect place to have a party too! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    That beautiful Bev,I’m sentimental too I have a ring of Mums and half of her jewellery and I wear one of her rings mostly everyday.I also have a ring from my Great Great grandmother,my grandads Mother who I never met a white gold cross diamond ring and my sister has her Ruby diamond ring I must get it insured as I think it’s worth a lot of money and so unique.We got these on the day of Mums funeral but had already been asked which we’d like so they are very special to us both.I love your penny bracelet so beautiful Bev ?

    • Lisa I just knew you would be – it feels like we’re old friends now, after knowing each other for so long online. I’m so happy that you have a ring of your Mums that you always wear. I have several pieces that I treasure that carry so much sentimental value for me. I know Beckie will be just the same too. She has a lucky locket that she always wears when she is travelling alone or faced with a stressful situation, like exams or interviews – inside of her locket is a picture of me and her dad. xxx

  • How beautiful is that bracelet and that it’s your mums birth year and named after her – perfection. Do love those jeans but on my short legs they would not work on the other hand the BT denim you had on early in the week definitely would. Birthday coming up in a couple days – could I convince Rob to buy them for me ?

    • So in love with the bracelet Karen – I’m such a sentimental old fool, it will become one of my treasures for sure.
      I agree with you, go for the high waisted skinnies (which will look DDG on you my friend), I also think you would love the denim shirt too…I’m sure the lovely Rob will be happy to oblige! Yay for Birthdays xxx