Hello Beauties, Happy 2017,

Well hello my lovelies, how the devil are you?

Happy New Year!

I’ve missed YOU.

It’s been a while – which means we have some serious catching up to do.

I must just say, that even though I’ve had to work at Mimco over the Christmas and New Year period, I still really feel like I have had a holiday.

Yep, even with working Boxing day!

The worse part about working Boxing day was getting up in the morning (lifting my head of the pillow was not fun – I had a humongous hangover, after far too much fun and frivolity on Christmas day – I blame the Hendricks…but I’m guessing it was also the quantity of champagne and Pinot Grigio that I mixed with said Hendricks throughout the day 😉 ). The first couple of hours were a bit foggy/fragile, but then I settled down and really got into the swing of things.

Are you  a Boxing day shopper? I’m not, never have been. It still shocks me how many people are though.

Anyway, in the end, it was a super crazy day that ended up being quite enjoyable. When I arrived home that night, my bestie (her family were staying at our place) had cooked a delicious roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings…I even managed a couple of glasses of Prosecco 😉

What made my working days easier over Christmas period though, was Jonny. He is such a gem, he took me to and from work and made sure everything possible was done at home, so I could relax and chill out on my non-work days.

Jonny boy, he finished work on Tuesday the 13th December the day before Beckie’s admission (if you missed the admission post and all the details of me being my normal sentimental self, grab yourself a beverage and you read all about it – plus it will give you a huge giggle about my fashion faux-pas) which meant that he was available to do all the pre-Christmas rushing around, while I was at work. Win win eh?

New Year’s eve was a quiet one for us – I was working the next day and had no intention of feeling as hung over as I did on Boxing Day!

Beckie had a good time back in England, it was very much focused on spending time with family and chilling out, especially after her busy year doing her lawyering and TCG thing. While she was away we spoke at least twice a day, which we both really needed. Gosh I missed her though, it felt like she had been gone FOREVER – which is super weird, as she hasn’t lived at home for a while.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this time of year and how much money we all fork out over the Christmas period, so I want to kick off the year by doing a post on shopping my wardrobe.

Yes of course I have a rail of new product to show you, but I wanted to focus on talking about the one product in my wardrobe that’s taken a huge flogging in the past few months.

A clothing item that I cannot imagine not hanging in my wardrobe.

Drop Crotch Pants 

I have so many pairs it’s ridiculous.

My favourite brand (by far) for drop crotch pants are Bohemian Traders.

Hello Beauties, Happy 2017

White Drop Crotch Pants* $129.00 Bohemian Traders (I’m wearing S) | Boho Deep V Embroidered Top* $159.00 Bohemian Traders |EMMA Nude Heels* $200.00 FRANKiE4 |

I own SEVEN pairs of DC from Bohemian Traders.

Yes I love all the colours – but if you were wondering where to start, I would suggest the white or the black.

Both colours are super easy to add into your wardrobe without causing too much disturbance.

If you have never owned DC pants, I can’t recommend these from Bohemian Traders  enough.

They are honestly so easy to style.

When they first arrive you may break out in a cold sweat, but keep an open-mind and try them with your favourite wardrobe staples.

How to style drop crotch pants:

  • Wear them as you if they were your favourite jeans.
  • Half-tuck your favourite tee or singlet.
  • Add a tailored jacket and a fabulous scarf on cooler days.
  • Denim jacket and your favourite sneakers.
  • Dress up with a chiffon/silk blouse and heels for statement tough-pretty style.
  • If you do want to add an ankle boot in the cooler months, make sure you can still see some leg flesh…otherwise you may resemble a Cossack!
  • Roll them if you are a wee bit shorter than me.

Hello Beauties, Happy 2017

What I love the most about the BT’s droppies though are the weight and the length.

A heavy weight cotton with a hint of stretch (97%cotton 3% stretch) –  not too much stretch to make them even more ‘drop’.

I’m 5ft 8″ and the length is pretty darn perfect, but my shorter sisters need not despair – take a look at how fabulous Karen Style Loving 2  looks in hers.

The trick is to nail the size (Karen and I have both sized down). After 5 minutes of squats (ahem, joke) they give enough to feel just right.

Size wise: let me just set the record straight – there is no way I consider myself to be size SMALL  – especially after a rather indulgent Christmas 😉

I originally started off with the Medium, but they were just too baggy on the thigh for me.

I prefer wearing a size small – which seem to work way better, by not adding too much extra bulk.

My calves are quite thick, which means mine look tighter on the lower leg – so if you are blessed with killer pins, just know I envy you (in a nice way).

Hello Beauties, Happy 2017

This summer, I have found myself reaching for the white droppies constantly. They have been my go-to wardrobe item.

I made a joke the other day on BT’s insta feed, saying to Em – you designed these just for me right?

Yep that’s how much I love them.

Hello Beauties, Happy 2017


EMMA Nude Heels* $220.00 FRANKiE4 |

When FRANKiE4 announced they were releasing a heel – I was excited.

Heels have always been my thing.

But to find heels that I could walk all day in – well that’s was the ultimate dream right?

When Jonny and I went shopping for the day to find my outfit for Beckie’s admission, we shopped from dawn til dusk, with no complaints from my feet at all.

I now have 3 pairs of FRANKiE4 heels (2 pair of NiKKi’s one Latte, one TAN ) that are on high (pun very much intended) rotation.

Yes girls super stylish and comfort can go hand in hand.

My feet are finally HAPPY.

Ok enough about me, it’s over to YOU

How was Christmas and New Year?

Did you get up to anything special?

Have you shopped the sales?

I’ll go and get myself a juice (trying hard to be healthier) while you fill me in…


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