Sentimental Me: Admission Style

Oh my goodness. Beckie’s admission in the Supreme Court of Queensland last Wednesday, certainly was a day to remember.

Boy oh boy, it sends shivers down my spine just reliving the memory.

It was very official…barristers with wigs and gowns on – oh and judges, yes there were judges 😉

My girl walked in to court a ‘baby lawyer’ and walked out a fully fledged LAWYER.

The whole day was truly magical…except for my feet, but I’ll save my hilarious fashion malfunction (yes, it was a bloody nightmare) for a little later – just prepare yourself for a giggle girls.

Anyway, both Jonny and I grinned like idiots and gushed with pride from the moment we opened our eyes in that morning.

It truly was a day I will never forget.

Almost 12 months earlier to the day Beckie graduated from The University of Queensland with a hard-earned Law degree (there were times when I’m sure she would have loved to have thrown in the towel, but persevere she did).

Looking back, I’m not sure what I expected when she started her full-time law gig in March, but I can say for sure that I thought the proper ‘lawyer’ thing would take ages.

How wrong can a Mumma be?

In true Beckie style though, she was tight with the facts about the admission process.

When she is busy, or if there is a lot going on in her life, she only feeds me snippets of information when it crosses her mind. Me on the other hand, I’m the type of Mumma that needs to know the whole shebang. Once I’m armed with all the facts, I then plan everything down to the finest detail.

I remember asking her if there was a limit on how many people could go to the ceremony – her response was “just you and Jonny I think”. We found out on the morning of her admission that anyone could go – bit late by then Beckie – I couldn’t be upset with her, not on her special day!

Jonny and I were staying at our buddies house on the Tuesday evening…there may just have been a few heated words between us on the drive down.

Let me just add for the record – us bickering is extremely rare.

The reason: My bloody thick head of hair, plus me underestimating greatly the time it would take to make the grey’s disappear at the salon!

I went to get re-blonded at 2:15 on the Tuesday afternoon, I said to Jonny I should be back for about 5:30 (ish) I arrived home at 6:40 – Jonny was tired from a day at work, HUNGRY and itching to get on the road.

Our mates were waiting for us to eat dinner…but they live at least 2 hours away (on a good run) add to that the bloody night road works on the highway – let’s just confirm we were very LATE!

So on the rare occasion (so rare I cannot remember the last time) that Jonny and I bicker, it truly affects us both.

You could have cut the air with a knife in the car – nervous tension had set in!

And because I had to rush like a headless chook when I got back from the hairdressers, I ended up forgetting a few thing that make my happy – my  Aquis hair towel (yep even though I had just had my hair done, I still washed my hair the next morning and this towel is the business when it comes to relieving my thick hair of excess water). I also forgot my favourite Kevin Murphy shampoo!

By the time we arrived at Andrea’s  (my bestie) house and she put a glass of wine in my hand – all my troubles melted away…she also handed me a bottle of shampoo 😉

What did we wear?

When it came down to finding the perfect outfit I was torn. Beckie wanted me to look corporate (court appropriate) I wanted to be a little more relaxed.

In the end, I decided to wait until Beckie had found her perfect outfit, before I even looked for mine.

I wanted to compliment her, it was her big day and one of the most important moments in her career. My role was just the proud Mumma,

Beckie opted for a fabulous panelled Karen Millen dress in black and cream – she looked INCREDIBLE the dress was totally her and super comfortable too.

Sentimental Me: Admission Style

Monochrome Pencil Dress $425.00 Karen Millan (current online now)

In the end fulfilling the style brief Beckie had in her head was paramount for me, as I knew she was super nervous about the ceremony and didn’t need any extra stress at all.

So with less than a week before the big day, Jonny and I hit Brisbane (under immense pressure) to find outfits.

Would you believe, I ended up buying the first outfit I tried on? Of course you would.

A wonderful lady called Jan at David Jones Indooroopilly helped me find the perfect dress and jacket. It’s an outfit that I will wear heaps in the future and one that will always hold wonderful memories for me.

Both the dress and jacket were from Perri Cullen – simply and classic.

Sentimental Me: Admission Style

Ariana Dress $399.00 |  Thea Jacket $499.00 | Earrings Mimco | Heels Posey $49.99 Spendless Shoes (these are not the ones that I wore on the day) | Sunnies Like WOW $55.00 She Street

This whole outfit made me feel utterly fabulous. From the flattering v-neckline on the dress to the chanel-esque jacket.

Oh and the POCKETS!

This jacket will definitely be on high-rotation, it will work like a dream paired back with my favourite jeans over a long-line cami.

You all know that I love a bargain, my dress and jacket fall heavily into the luxury category but it’s not everyday that your daughter becomes a lawyer. is it?

Outfit malfunction

So as we were going to be in court, I thought I would wear stockings. I had five new pairs with me – you know, just in case!

I tried on 4 pairs as I was getting ready – non were quite right…too shiney, too light, too dark.

The fifth pair was a pair of Spanx tights that I’ve had forever, the colour was perfect. The only issue with these tights was you don’t wear knickers with them as they have the bathroom situation covered by a secret opening – if you get my drift 😉

No big drama I hear you say…

The drama however was my darn shoes (never worn before, but felt fabulous when I tried them on) which decided to slop up and down when I walked – I could not hold hem on my feet (drama made especially worse by the stockings).

As we were leaving the court I could bear it no longer, I popped into the disabled loo and ripped off the stockings to get more grip on the shoes – it wasn’t until they were half way off that I realised I wasn’t wearing knickers – BUGGER and everyone was waiting right outside the toilet door urging me to hurry-up!

I rammed said tights into my tiny handbag and walked out of the loo shoulders back to grab a cab…by this time Beckie had decided to get a maxi-taxi with one of her work colleagues and her family. Which of course meant bending and climbing,

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate my situation here…

It was boiling hot and blowing a gale outside the court at the same time.

I had no knickers on.

I couldn’t walk fast as said shoes were still slopping up and down even with out the stockings (and killing me I might add) but now I had no bloody knickers on, so I had to hold the hem of my skirt to stop a very embarrassing moment occurring.

Why oh why I didn’t bring the spare pair of shoes that were sitting in Beckie’s apartment with me I will never know.

Huge lesson learnt.

So as I’m sure you can imagine the last few weeks has been very reflective for me.

My little premature baby is now a lawyer.

Beckie was still a little shy when she left her old life in the UK to move to Australia at 18. Her small group of friends in Staffordshire were her life.

Since arriving in Australia nearly six years ago, Beckie’s life has changed beyond recognition.

She came here not really knowing anyone and has made a beautiful life for herself.

This fact alone makes me so proud.

Who knows what the future holds for her. I know she is quietly ambitious, but as I sat back and watched her interactions with her colleagues last Wednesday. I could see the happiness all over her face. She was surrounded by people who she loves and values. As a Mumma, I simply could not ask for more.





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  • Petra

    That’s a great story Bev. But so, so funny re the stockings/shoes/no knickers!!! Oh my goodness, those wretched shoes! And a flared skirt with no knickers. On a windy day! Did you feel weird without anything on? Haha – a great day tho’.

    • Petra I felt so uncomfortable – honestly, worst feeling EVER! I couldn’t relax at all – and to top off, we met friends of Beckie’s at a rooftop bar that had a glass wall and high bar stools. Seriously could not wait to get to the restaurant and sit down on a proper chair!!! 😉 😉

  • Yvonne Duke

    How wonderful that your new life here has been so fabulous for Beckie ! Congratulations to her on becoming a fully fledged lawyer and how proud you rightly are ! As for the knicker situation, how hilarious ! I can just imagine it ! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017 x

    • It truly was the best decision to move to Australia – I think Beckie needed the adventure Yvonne. The timing was simply perfect for her, she had just finished her A levels and knew in her heart that the world was bigger than where we lived – super proud of all she has achieved thus far!
      Wishing you a all a very Happy Christmas, thank you so much for your support this year xxx

  • merilyn

    a great post bev! …
    lots of emotions for you rushing to get there!
    what a trooper! knowing the show must go on! no pants! … hilarious!
    ofcourse it would have to be windy!!!
    anyhoo you all look stunning!
    ab/fab for beckie! … what an achievement!
    much love m:)X

    • Awww thanks so much M!
      Big lesson learnt and from now on I pledge to ALWAYS carry a spare pair of knicker in my handbag 😉 😉
      So super proud of all that Beckie has achieved to this point, the world truly is her oyster!
      Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and than you so much for your support this year xxx

  • Suzie

    Fabulous Becky and fabulous you Bev! Keep being your hilarious honest self and Good luck to your beautiful girl.

    • Awwww Suzie thank you darling…even as mortified as I was at my faux pas, I knew as soon as I calmed down I was start to see just how hilarious the whole situation was…and I love making people giggle xxx Wishing you a beautiful Christmas and thank you so much for you support this year xxx

  • A huge congratulations to Beckie for working her butt off to achieve more than so many have who started out with less hurdles than her. And also to you and Jonny, without whom she wouldn’t be able to reach for the stars (and achieve) family support is so crucial for success, whether it is your blood or those who become your family.

    • Awwww darling thank you so much. Your beautiful words have brought a tear to my eye. When I look back, all I think about is the consultant preparing us for the worst. Beckie blows my mind every single day with what she has achieved – her admission was just the icing on the cake. There truly are no words good enough to describe just how much I love her. xxxx

  • Paula Holloway

    Lovely post Bev! And if anyone can really appreciate your situation, you know I can. At least you smdidnt fall or stand up and have your dress caught in the crease of your bum! ?

    • Thanks so much Paula xx…Just so you know, I was paranoid that my dress would get caught in my bum crease, it was just another issue I had to deal with – which natures wind machine made tonnes worse Ha ha ha! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Paula xxx

  • First let me say again a HUGE congratulations to your gorgeous girl – you had every right to be bursting with pride.
    Now the tights – I knew what was going to happen when said the tights meant no knickers but I still giggled (a lot) received strange looks at work. All the best laid plans quite often come unstuck. Moral of th story carry spare knickers in the handbag

    • I was an emotional wreck during the admission Karen – deliriously proud of my little pocket rocket!
      On the tights issue, nothing makes me happier than giving everyone a giggle…I considered keeping it to myself for all of 0.5 seconds – then thought sod it, although at the time I was the most uncomfortable I had ever been – but I knew how hilarious and ‘real’ it was!
      Big lesson learnt – knickers in handbag from now on!!
      Merry Christmas beautiful, looking forward to working with you again in 2017 xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Oh Bev I can just imagine your distress in the wind in your chic outfit with no knickers on?your outfit looked stunning and you will have it forever and you’ve just reminded me why I don’t wear stockings,the last time I wore them was my Mums funeral it was freezing and I wore a dress but had to wear two pairs of hug undies to keep them up! I did the same as you when to the toilet and ripped them off but luckily I had undies on… 2 pairs in fact.
    Congratulations to Beckie and to you and Jonny,without your support and love she wouldn’t have come so far ??

    • Oh Lisa when I look back now I’m so annoyed with myself for not wearing the shoes I have on in the slideshow. I was so sure I ‘needed’ the shoes I wore – big lesson learnt 😉 😉 AND from now on, I’m never leaving the house without a pair of knickers in my handbag! Thank goodness you were sensible and wore knickers over your tights!
      So super proud of all that Beckie has achieved so far. She gives her everything at work, is doing great things with TCG and also manages to have a great life too. She is my little superstar, Thanks so much for your support this year darling, it has truly meant the world to me. Have a wonderful Christmas and give Piper the biggest squeeze from me xxx

  • Sophie Robbie

    OMG I literally snorted with laughter when reading this story! So funny Bev, I can only imagine how mortified you must have been. Congratulations to Beckie. What a fabulous achievement. And both of you looked absolutely beautiful, Bev you “nailed the brief” …… pun totally intended! Sophie x

    • Sophie it was one of the moments when you try to make everything perfect and it turned into a bloody nightmare 😉 😉 😉 Natures own wind machine was on overdrive so holding my skirt (while my toes were at breaking point trying to keep the damn shoes on my feet) meant looking elegant went straight out of the window!!!!!!
      Even with all of the above going on, I was still the proudest Mumma on the planet though xxx