Christmas Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

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Christmas Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

2017 will be sass Queen Lulabelle’s fifth Christmas in Australia.

Yes, she is a little sassy, she knows just how to grab the limelight and make your heart melt – but first let’s go back a little…

The decision to bring Lula with us when we emigrated from the UK 5 years ago was super easy – how could we even think of leaving her behind?

She is a huge part of our family – the linchpin, the constant if you like – we all adore her.

My heart still aches when I think back to the day when we dropped her off at the kennels, ready for her flight to Australia.

Both Jonny and I were in floods of tears when we said goodbye – thank goodness (at that point) she was oblivious.

Deciding to bring her with us, meant she would be separated from us for just over 5 weeks in total.

So long for our little sass queen to be without us.

This thought scared us greatly.

How would she (we) cope?

You see Lula has always been a pampered pooch. Always been an inside doggie.

What thoughts would be going through her little mind on the long flight over?

The sensation of taking off on the plane.

Landing in Bangkok (she travelled from London Heathrow via Bangkok to Sydney).

The different smells.

The loneliness.

The heat.

The not knowing.

I can honestly say we struggled greatly being separated from her.

The day we collected her from the quarantine station in Sydney was magical. When she saw Jonny in the car park she let out the biggest squeal of recognition. She cried  with pleasure (and so did we).

We had her back in our arms for Christmas.

Christmas Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

On our drive back to QLD we stopped at a beach in Coffs Harbour for her to have a little run around – it was her first time on the beach.

Lulabelle is so special to us. She is there waiting, when we walk through the door. Ready to share her unconditional love and affection.

One of the first things we did when we got her home from Sydney, was to book an appointment at the vets.

We wanted to make sure we understood how to keep her safe here in Australia, what extra injections she might need and if there was anything we needed to be aware of.

Paralysis ticks were a complete unknown to us, coming from dear old Blighty – we had no idea how deadly they can be.

Besides snakes, I think I worry about Lula having a tick attach itself to her, more than anything.

Flea’s are of course another nasty we need to protect against.

Our pampered pooches are so special to us, it so important we protect them against these nasty little blood suckers – yes, disgusting I know, but that is exactly what they do!

1 single tick can also lay 3,000 eggs at one time.

They love hiding in the long grass and are ready to jump and latch on to our fur babies without hesitation.

So I’ve teamed up with Bravecto to not only bring our pooches protection, but also to spread some Christmas cheer.

Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

Bravecto is the only oral chew to deliver 3 months flea and 4 months paralysis tick protection for dogs in a single tasty dose.

Bravecto is available in 5 different kg packs:

2  –  4.5kg

≥4.5  –   10kg

≥10   –   20kg

≥20   –   40kg

≥40   –   56kg

Lula loves her food (I know you can already tell from the pics 😉 ) so I love that I can give her one tasty chew for complete protection against paralysis ticks and flea’s.

Bravecto is offering  lucky winners the chance to win:

FIRST PRIZE: 1 x $25 Coles Myer Gift Card, 4 x Bravecto Packs, 1 x Bravecto cooler bag.

SECOND PRIZE: 1 x $25 Coles Myer Gift Card, 2 x Bravecto Packs, 1 x Bravecto cooler bag

RUNNER UP (14 Winners) 1 pack of Bravecto

Entering is simple:

In the comments below tell my why your doggie is special to you this Christmas (feel free to upload a picture).

Full terms and giveaway conditions.




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  • Lisa Hilton
    Our baby girl Gertie came into our lives at 8 weeks old in November!
    We were so excited to have our little Go Gurt for her first Christmas.
    Gertie looked cute as a button in her Christmas frock and made our Christmas all the more special.

  • Sonja Haworth

    We have no other family here in Australia other than our two kids and our beautiful Snooki. She is just a delightful, happy, easygoing, pool loving, cuddle-loving pup (5 years old now). Always a pleasure to come home to a welcoming greeting ???

  • Rachel

    Our dog Luna came into our lives one year ago, as therapy for my son who was struggling with life. Best thing we ever did. The bond between them is amazing and the best therapy money can buy. We love her dearly xxx

  • Stacey

    Indie is my travelling companion every Christmas and comes to visit my family each year. He endures a 9 hour drive twice a year. When he arrives all my family are so welcoming to him. He’s part of the family. He even visits the oldies in the rest home. I’m not sure who loves it more them or him. He gets a years worth of pats in a day!

  • Miss-B

    Our dog Oscar was 7 this Christmas and he’s a true family member. At 35kgs people are surprised he’s an indoor dog, but he’s never further than a couple of metres away and his love is unfaltering. He’s also super helpful with our 2.5 year old daughter and comes and gets us if he thinks she’s up to something she shouldn’t be. He gets presents every Christmas and has nailed opening himself now!

  • Katrina Peall

    Murphy is special to me because he was always at the end of my bed when I was going through cancer treatment and when I got sad. When I cried, he would come up and kiss me better. He still does this if I’m sad. He even does it when I’m laughing too as he finds it hard to distinguish between crying and chuckling sometimes. Bless him.

  • Ross S

    Rusty is special to me at Christmas time as he is the only one who is happy to come out for a walk and work off some Christmas calories!

  • I don’t have a dog but I just wanted to say it was lovely to meet Miss Lulabelle! I lost one kitty about 5 years ago to a paralysis tick so I know how horrible they are x

  • Oh the Bebe just ADORES Lula in her sunnies, he thinks she is very cool ha ha! And the picture of Jonny & Lula made me teary, what a reunion for you all it must have been! We’re quite new to the doggy game, adding our lovely Licorice to our family a few months ago but already she is a beloved part of our family! Bebe is an only child so his relationship with his best buddy Licorice is so special to us, he has a friend, play mate and confidant to grow up with! r

  • merilyn

    aww! lullabelle is such a cutie!
    we had poodles! one at a time, when my daughter was growing up.
    as she was an only child, she talked to them as if they were her sisters! … very good company and hilarious!
    she still has two dogs and they are family for sure! … we house and dog sat when she went overseas!
    ticks are terrible and I will tell her about bravecto thanks hun!
    I wish you all a wonderful Christmas bev, jonny and beckie!
    lovely for beckie to be seeing her grandfather! I hope her journey is happy and safe!
    btw all look stunning at the presentation! congratulations lovelies!
    much love m:)X

  • Petra

    Bev that’s a lovely story about your Lulabelle. I remember taking a dog of mine back and forth to NZ and Tassie a few times – thankfully no quarantine tho’. We have 2 little dogs – Daisy (Maltese) and Cookie (Silky) – both were given to our son when he was 7 (he is 15 now). These little dogs are his everything. He couldn’t be without them – they really help to calm him down if he’s worried about anything. (They also calmed my late dad down as he had Parkinsons). Our son Dominic treats them like little children and is so gentle with them. Daisy and Cookie always “give” and “receive” gifts at Christmas – I can’t imagine our lives without them. They are family.

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Bravecto is the best thing to happen in management of flea and nasty ticks in decades. So easy & my spoilt spoodle (Charlie) eats it no problem & he is fussy! They even have a Bravecto app so you never have to remember the app lets you know when your pet is due for next dose!! Tick tick!!

  • Suzie

    Bev, how delightful are our pets. Our frug Pierre has made us smile every day since he’s been part of our family. He is an avid frisbee catcher, a connoisseur of good treats and loves cuddles. We couldn’t imagine life without him!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    My Marley is very special to me Bev he will be my last dog I ever get especially after having to put my Ziggy dog to sleep the day after My Mums funeral as he had bone cancer in his front leg and it was too far gone to treat.Marley is spoilt rotten and likes to share my lunch and my dinner,then he will eat his treats,he loves treats being part Pug we even leave the aircon on for home when it’s hot as he doesn’t do heat well.Merry Christmas Lulabelle Xx

  • Angela

    Mr Ed is wheaten terrier , or also has travelled , from NZ to QLd , and soon to Sydney. He is my mate who gives me relief from my teenagers!. He doesnt answer me back, listens, does as hes told and always pleased to see me. He had a tick about 3 years ago and it was a very scary ( and expensive) exercise. I haven’t tried Bravecto yet.

  • Annette Butterworth

    Bessie is my first dog, she’s a black & tan miniature dachshund and turned two in October but we celebrate her third Christmas this year as we she took ownership of us at the beginning of December three years ago. She has her own Instagram account (@bessie_mini_dachshund) and is the light of our lives. Talk about unconditional love! Nothing beats the greeting we get when we walk in the door, I could have been gone for an hour or ten minutes and the level of happiness to see me is the same! I love taking her for a walk and seeing how happy she is when she’s outside chasing her ball. She loves sun baking on our balcony and doesn’t mind me dressing her up! I tried uploading a picture but was unsuccessful. Puppies are the best anti-depressant in the world and she has brought so much love and joy to our lives, we owe her so much!

    • Annette, Bessie sounds super super cute. I adore miniature dachshunds, whenever we are walking Lulabelle I simply have to stop and fuss them. You are so right when you say puppies are the best anti-depressant. They bring so much joy and unconditional love to our lives.
      Just started following the adorable Bessie Butterworth on IG – Good luck! xx