Christmas Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

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Christmas Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

2017 will be sass Queen Lulabelle’s fifth Christmas in Australia.

Yes, she is a little sassy, she knows just how to grab the limelight and make your heart melt – but first let’s go back a little…

The decision to bring Lula with us when we emigrated from the UK 5 years ago was super easy – how could we even think of leaving her behind?

She is a huge part of our family – the linchpin, the constant if you like – we all adore her.

My heart still aches when I think back to the day when we dropped her off at the kennels, ready for her flight to Australia.

Both Jonny and I were in floods of tears when we said goodbye – thank goodness (at that point) she was oblivious.

Deciding to bring her with us, meant she would be separated from us for just over 5 weeks in total.

So long for our little sass queen to be without us.

This thought scared us greatly.

How would she (we) cope?

You see Lula has always been a pampered pooch. Always been an inside doggie.

What thoughts would be going through her little mind on the long flight over?

The sensation of taking off on the plane.

Landing in Bangkok (she travelled from London Heathrow via Bangkok to Sydney).

The different smells.

The loneliness.

The heat.

The not knowing.

I can honestly say we struggled greatly being separated from her.

The day we collected her from the quarantine station in Sydney was magical. When she saw Jonny in the car park she let out the biggest squeal of recognition. She cried  with pleasure (and so did we).

We had her back in our arms for Christmas.

Christmas Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

On our drive back to QLD we stopped at a beach in Coffs Harbour for her to have a little run around – it was her first time on the beach.

Lulabelle is so special to us. She is there waiting, when we walk through the door. Ready to share her unconditional love and affection.

One of the first things we did when we got her home from Sydney, was to book an appointment at the vets.

We wanted to make sure we understood how to keep her safe here in Australia, what extra injections she might need and if there was anything we needed to be aware of.

Paralysis ticks were a complete unknown to us, coming from dear old Blighty – we had no idea how deadly they can be.

Besides snakes, I think I worry about Lula having a tick attach itself to her, more than anything.

Flea’s are of course another nasty we need to protect against.

Our pampered pooches are so special to us, it so important we protect them against these nasty little blood suckers – yes, disgusting I know, but that is exactly what they do!

1 single tick can also lay 3,000 eggs at one time.

They love hiding in the long grass and are ready to jump and latch on to our fur babies without hesitation.

So I’ve teamed up with Bravecto to not only bring our pooches protection, but also to spread some Christmas cheer.

Sass Queen Lulabelle and Bravecto

Bravecto is the only oral chew to deliver 3 months flea and 4 months paralysis tick protection for dogs in a single tasty dose.

Bravecto is available in 5 different kg packs:

2  –  4.5kg

≥4.5  –   10kg

≥10   –   20kg

≥20   –   40kg

≥40   –   56kg

Lula loves her food (I know you can already tell from the pics 😉 ) so I love that I can give her one tasty chew for complete protection against paralysis ticks and flea’s.

Bravecto is offering  lucky winners the chance to win:

FIRST PRIZE: 1 x $25 Coles Myer Gift Card, 4 x Bravecto Packs, 1 x Bravecto cooler bag.

SECOND PRIZE: 1 x $25 Coles Myer Gift Card, 2 x Bravecto Packs, 1 x Bravecto cooler bag

RUNNER UP (14 Winners) 1 pack of Bravecto

Entering is simple:

In the comments below tell my why your doggie is special to you this Christmas (feel free to upload a picture).

Full terms and giveaway conditions.




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