Sentimental Me: She did it. Time to celebrate.

Sentimental Me: She Did It Time To Celebrate

One morning a couple of weeks ago, I received a text from Beckie that brought a tear to my eye.

Just so you know, this back injury of mine has made me even more emotional/sentimental than usual – if that is even possible!

Anyway, there were no words in the text, just a picture of a certificate and a few emoji’s.

As soon as I studied the image, It hit me like a brick –  my baby lawyer is not so ‘baby’ anymore.

In order to practice Law in Australia, every university graduate must study (while working full-time) for their PLT (Practical Legal Training) through the College of Law.

The image in the text Beckie had sent me was of a certificate that said she had been awarded the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

When Beckie started her full-time ‘baby lawyer gig’ at the beginning of this year, PLT kicked straight in. She had not only just started a new job (which sent equal parts of excitement and terror running through her veins) it also meant she was also back to studying (which was the last thing she wanted to do, after just leaving uni).

I reassured her the studying bit would be all be over in a heartbeat.

I was right.

On December 14th/15th it will all become official.

Beckie will be admitted by the Supreme Court as a LAWYER.

She will take an oath, sign the roll of Australian Lawyers and receive a certificate of Admission.

Eeeek. I know – I am BURSTING with pride.

Jonny and I get to attend the whole thing.

Sentimental Me: She Did It Time To Celebrate

Boy oh boy – what a moment it will be – I thought Beckie’s graduation was incredible. All of a sudden this feels like the BIG one.

I still can’t believe it’s happened so quickly – it feels like she’s only just started work!

Which got me reminiscing….

How did my little 28 week old premature baby grow up so quickly?

When she was born 24 short years ago, I received a prognosis – it was not good.

Hearing, speech and learning difficulties seemed set in concrete.

Since birth this kid has continually blown me away.

Beckie has not only defied those odds – she has knocked them out of the park.

She has come so far.

Not only did she move here to Australia (on her own for ten months, while she waited for us to arrive) not knowing anyone in Brisbane. She has also managed to create a beautiful life where she has great friends and the prospect of a fabulous future ahead of her.

I watch gushingly from the sidelines as she her manages her busy life and I cannot wipe the happiness from my face.

My girl is incredible.

On December 14/15th I will cry happy tears, I will beam with pride.

Jonny will snap pictures until he is told ‘no more’ by Beckie.

We will celebrate this huge milestone in ALL of our lives.

We will also celebrate just how far she has come in her 24 years on this planet.

Talking of the celebration, the firm that Beckie works for has a tradition.

Tradition states that every graduate admitted by the supreme court, has to book a table and pay for the celebratory meal.

Now won’t that be fun 😉

It will feel very adult – although I’m sure we will transfer some money into her account beforehand.

If I ever stop feeling emotional, I’m sure my next thought will be WHAT DO I WEAR…but you already knew that though, right?

Maybe I’ll get some advice from Two Corporate Girls – they seem to have city style nailed!

Sentimental Me: She Did It Time To Celebrate








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