Ruby and Lilli Its a wrap!

Recently I had an absolute ball playing dress-up with two of my favourite girls.

Rachael the founder/designer Ruby and Lilli and super stylish Karen from Style Loving 2.

Love both of them – both super genuine and a pleasure to be around.

The whole day was amazing filled with fun and laughter, but first let me tell you about the day before the shoot…

I worked the late shift on Thursday night – my poor back did not like it one bit.

The problem with working the 12-9pm shift is I still get up early in the morning and run around like a headless chook, before I dash to work. Add to that a day filled with a Mimco promo and it was non-bloody-stop. By the time Jonny picked me up I was bushwhacked, my back was sore and my feet were throbbing (before you ask, yes I was wearing flats 😉 )

Hence when I woke up on Friday morning, I could hardly move.

After almost crawling to the car, I headed to the P O Box (I couldn’t even lift Lulabelle into the car – she adores being my travel buddy, so was not happy being left behind by Mumma). When I arrived I stood holding onto the car for a good 5 minutes, trying to fight the pain and pluck up the courage to walk inside.

I have never felt pain like it. I was so worried.

At that moment ‘sensible Bev’ kicked in and I spent all Friday resting, praying that a miracle would happen before Saturdays Ruby and Lilli photo shoot (which had been booked for a while, so I simply could not cancel).

Would you believe I woke up on Saturday morning with not a trace of pain. I was still tender, but the agony of the previous day had simply disappeared.

Spooky eh? I cannot put into words the utter relief…especially as I hadn’t mentioned to Rachael that I had a problem.

Righto, back to the fun of Saturday.

Rachael had a vision with Ruby and Lilli to create a unique collection of tee’s that fitted and flattered women with curves.

This sentiment appeals to me greatly.

I want my clothes to skim over my wobbly bits, rather than cling to them.

I want comfort around my waist.

I want my arms covered with a cute short sleeve.

I want a flattering neckline that works on bigger boobs.

All of the above is why I love the collection so much.

Before we go any further though I have news…although I’m guessing you already know by now 🙂

Rachael has named a tee after me – I think I must have gone on so much about how much I loved the last release of this tee that she had no choice but to name he new version after me!

The Bev tee is now in a slightly heavier cotton slub and no longer has the velvet flocking stripes.

It’s long enough to be worn over skinny jeans if you prefer to have coverage of the tummy and butt area or look as fabulous half-tucked.

I’m wearing a nude bra under mine and even though the images were shot in the studio under intense glare from the lights, it’s not at all see-through.

Ruby and Lilli - It

Simplicite Bev tee $62.10 (on special- run don’t walk) Wearing Medium

It honestly is the perfect white ‘Bev’ tee – I tried it on for the first time last Saturday and it was true love – so true in fact, that I wore it out on the Saturday night! Here is the evidence

Since I started this blog I have banged on about my classic style personality. So finding a white tee that ticks all the boxes for is for me, paramount.

I adore that the Bev tee is 100% cotton slub (I might just add the navy is pretty cute too).

Ruby and Lilli - It

Simplicite Navy $62.10 (on special) Wearing Medium

What I love about this colour is that it’s not too navy – sometimes navy can be as harsh as black, but this is such a warm colour which makes it super easy to wear especially with denim and white.

Anyway, Rachael has now expanded her original tee-shirt idea to include peg pants, skirts and dresses and a whole heap of beautiful accessories, which means there is something for everyone.

Rachael stocks a size range from XXS to 3X

I asked Rachael Ruby and Lilli’s designer how she would describe the range…


“An essential capsule of must have classic pieces that will become staple trans-seasonal pieces in every girls wardrobe.

Travel Friendly: The delicious fabric is both crease and crush resistant, which makes it the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re hopping on a flight or travelling by car, you will arrive looking as fresh as a daisy!

Also, imagine how much lighter you can pack if the pieces you include in your luggage are both classic and versatile!

Sports Luxe: Embracing the sports-luxe look when you have curves can be difficult,  so by ensuring comfort and classic style work side by side Rachael feels the essence of the collection is to include pieces that look fabulous dressed-up or worn casually with your favourite sneakers or heels”.

Ruby and Lilli - It

Classique Noir Top $53.10 Wearing Medium | Classique Noir Stripe Peg Pant $53.10 Wearing Medium

Ruby and Lilli - It

Classique Navy Stripe Peg Pants $53.10 Wearing Medium | Simplicite Navy $62.10 (on special) Wearing Medium


Ruby and Lilli - It

Classique Noir Top $53.10 Wearing Medium | Classique Noir Stripe Midi Skirt $53.10 Wearing Medium

Ruby and Lilli - It

Classique Navy Stripe Top $53.10 Wearing Small | Classique Denim Look Peg Pant $53.10  Wearing M

Ruby and Lilli - It

Classique Navy Stripe Top $53.10 Wearing Small | Classic Denim Look Midi Skirt $53.10 Waring Medium| Gilded Rafia Tassel Clutch $44.10

Ruby and Lilli - It

Classique Noir Stripe Top $53.10 Wearing Medium |  Classique Noir Peg Pants $53.10 Wearing Medium

Peg Pants

The peg pants are super easy to wear (insert *feel like PJ’s*).

Rachael has made sure there are options for everyone with stripes (noir and navy) and plain (black and denim) available. All colours work well pulled up or worn full length with either sneakers or a heel.

Midi Skirt

If I wear a skirt it has to be of the comfortable variety – which when translated means have elasticated waist!

This skirt fills the huge hole in my wardrobe where summer shorts would normally sit (the junk in my trunk does not look good in shorts). It skims over the thigh and falls at a good length on the knee.

The Karen Dress

I wasn’t the only lucky gal to have a piece of Ruby and Lilli named after them.

The Simplicite swing dress is named after Karen Style Loving 2

Ruby and Lilli - It

Simplicite Karen Noir $107.10 (Bev is wearing the Medium, Karen is wearing the Small)


Simplicite Karen Noir Stripe Dress $107.10 Karen is wearing the Small, I’m wearing the Medium

This dress is the type you throw on when you’re in a mad rush with ‘nothing to wear’. Dress up with heels or add your favourite sneakers.

All of the Simplicite collection is made from 95% rayon, 5% spandex

Rachael has started her business slowly.

She hasn’t rushed. With the release of each new collection Rachael is fine tuning what works,  she takes on board customer feedback and then challenges herself to always be adding something new and exciting to the range.

Talking of new – have you seen the new scarves?

You already know how much I love a scarf – so I’ve found it super impossible to resist adding them to my extensive collection.

Even though here in QLD we have been in the throes of summer for a good month or so, I have still enjoyed adding scarves to many of my outfits. I also find they make the best Christmas presents.

Scarves can turn a plain top and pants into something special – but if they make you too hot and bothered, simply tie it to your handbag for a touch of ‘city-girl’ chic!

Here are just a couple, but if you head to the website you will find heaps more choices.

Until 4th December Rachael is offering all IMS followers a 10% discount code of all new release items: RLLOVESBEV

And just before I go, there are still a couple of tickets available for the Ruby and Lilli Turns 2 event in Brisbane this Thursday night, inbox me

This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!





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