Well Look Who’s Wearing a Denim Skirt!

Well Look Who’s Wearing a Denim Skirt!


I know right.

What the hell!

Not something you see very often around these parts eh?

Well actually, I think it’s a FIRST.

In fact up until now, I can’t remember ever owning a denim skirt – if you have photographic evidence to the contrary, please let me know 😉

So listen up girls, because I’m more than a little smitten: I may just have found my denim skirt nirvana…

Well Look Who

Just because I’m Bev from Iris May Style – it doesn’t mean to say I always get it right.

No Siree, sometimes I too, can have my fashion ‘blinkers’ firmly fixed in place.

Which is what happened before this fabulous skirt arrived from Bohemian Traders  Yes lovelies, those blinkers of mine were stuck so securely with imaginary super glue that I would not even consider going anywhere near a denim skirt.

There is no rhyme or reason why this happened.

I guess for years, the only denim skirts I seemed to notice were either the ones that looked rather ‘frumpy-ish’ or the type worn by gorgeous young things, where the hemline landed just past their butt cheeks 😉

Neither were my kinda look.

Anyway, I was having a lovely email natter to the team at Bohemian Traders a couple of weeks ago and said denim skirt came up in our conversation.

The question ‘did I want to try it’ quickly followed  – the question stopped me dead in my tracks.

My first response was to quickly reply ‘I don’t wear denim skirts’ BUT instead I dashed over to the Bohemian Traders website and looked at the skirt for the FIRST time. Yep, even though it had been on the BT site for a few weeks, I hadn’t even noticed it was there – my ‘negative denim skirt programming’ had meant I just scrolled on by.

Do you ever do that? Do you ever tell yourself that something is not for you, without even exploring it?

I’m guessing I’m not alone?

Anyway, forget thoughts of denim skirt dullness – instead cast your eyes over this loveliness, it’s the frumpy denim skirts edgy sister!

Well Look Who

Mid Blue Fitted Denim Skirt* $129.00 Bohemian Traders |Blanc Tee* $69.00 Ruby and Lilli | Indigo Leopard Print Scarf* $45.00 (Pre Order) Rubi and Lilli | Siena Heels* $49.95 Spendless Shoes

Until now, I think I have always put denim skirts in the same category as shorts – if you have fabulous legs or shorts make you feel amazing, brilliant. But shorts are not for everyone. Especially me.

My passion for fine wine and the junk-in-my-trunk, means shorts are simply out of the equation.

I did buy two pairs a couple of years ago – they look ok-ish, but I felt self-conscious wearing them.

So I didn’t.

I’m a realist – I don’t have great legs. My thighs are chunky and dimpled with cellulite – please don’t think I’m saying this so you can tell me I look fab. That’s not my style at all. I’m actually just being honest. I find it easy to disguise the bits that I don’t like by emphasising other parts of my body that I do like.

The part of my thigh that I dislike, is my inside thigh (working on this area in my PT sessions at present)  –  skinny jeans elongate my legs and although this area doesn’t change, it somehow looks ok. Shorts however, seem to draw attention to my thighs and generally shorten my leg. Not a good look.

So finding a denim skirt that is flattering on my butt and thighs will fill a huge gap in my casual weekend wardrobe over the summer months.

This will be a fabulous ‘throw on’ that I can wear to the beach, shopping or a casual lunch.

The shape is a fitted pencil that by contradiction is super comfy and extremely flattering..

  • Frayed hemline for a true edgy look.
  • Split to the centre back has been designed to look more like a ‘jean’ than a traditional skirt.
  • The pockets (back and front) feel as familiar as when you have your jeans on.
  • Length – this is the hero part of the design. Whether this sits slightly above, on, or below your knee, it just works.
  • Super flattering – even on a curvy pear!

Well Look Who

Mid Blue Fitted Denim Skirt* $129.00 Bohemian Traders (wearing a 32)| Blanc Tee* $69.00 Ruby and Lilli | Structured Blazer $199.95 Witchery | FRANKiE4 NiKKi Heel* $220.00

When I try something new, I always opt for classic styling.

Being adventurous with how I style this skirt will come later, as I gain more confidence, but for now classic white and denim works a treat.

This skirt will look fabulous styled with slides or sneakers, but for me a heel is a must (most of the time).

If you struggle to wear a heel then I highly recommend trying the Nikki heel from FRANKiE4 (currently on pre-order as the first drop flew off the shelves) – the ‘sweet spot’ under the ball of the foot is incredible. I could walk miles in mine.

Sizing and fit

As I did with the Bohemian Traders Classic Wash Boyfriend Jeans I also sized up to a 32 (which translates to 14) in the denim skirt.

My butt and thighs needed the extra fabric.

For me personally, I can deal with the excess fabric on my waist… let’s face it, the sizing of the skirt is not a fault here, my butt is 🙂 but I can’t bear seeing a skirt that is sprayed over thighs – I find it really unflattering.  So having enough fabric around this area means I’m not showing my knicker line.

I’ve just realised that’s probably the one thing that has put me off denim skirts up until now!


I know I’m extremely late to the denim skirt party… So tell me, are you a denim skirt lover? Got a favourite that you wear to death?


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!


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  • I struggle with denim skirts too. There’s not much of a difference between my hips and my waist so they’re usually too big in the hips, which is as terribly unflattering as the stretched out over thighs look you don’t like.

    I don’t suit an A line skirt at all which is a shame as I had high hopes for the 70s style denim skirts that were on trend recently.

    The only thing that works for me is a pull on straight denim skirt but it needs layering to pull it off.

    Maybe I need to try this little lady! Because it is working for you like it is getting paid a bonus!

    • So glad you understand my denim skirt dilemma darling – embracing the sprayed on look is just not an option for me (and my thighs).
      Give this one a go, as the cut is fabulous – it’s super flattering in all of the right plces, with a touch of stretch to nail the comfort factor too!
      Thanks for the love babe xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look great in your denim skirt Bev,I was 51 before I bought a denim skirt… again!
    I’m not much into skirts I don’t know why but I saw the Katies one on Nikki last year and bought it and actually wear it.im only a shorts wearer at home because I dislike my legs Bev so you’re not alone,I keep them for housework days or lazy Sundays ?

    • Thanks so much beautiful. Like you, skirts are not really my thing. Never have been. So super surprised how much I love this one. It was love from the first moment I tried it on!
      There was a huge gap in my wardrobe for this look though, sometimes I just want to throw something on that is super casual, and go for a beach walk – I think I’ve found the perfect piece! Mwah and big love my friend xxx

  • merilyn

    you look good in it bev!
    I like the way you’ve styled it too!
    especially like the white and tan with it!
    those spendless shoes look fab! I only like leather but there styling is great these days!
    I’ve never had a denim skirt! and probably never will hun!
    have a good one! much love m:)X

    • Thanks so much M. This skirt was a huge test for me…never one to shy away from a ‘self’ challenge though 😉 Denim white and tan are one of my all time favourite combo’s, so I was definitely playing it safe with this look.
      The spendless shoes are amazing. Like you I had never worn anything but leather until I tried these. The comfort factor is something else. Have a fabulous rest of week/weekend gorgeous xxx