Health, Fashion and TCG

If only I knew last week, what I know now…

Hindsight is such a wonderful thing, don’t you agree?

The first moment I felt my back jar – I should have listened.

It was a instant burning sensation, followed by a dull ache.

Of course I ignored it. My attitude of ‘it’s nothing’ ‘i’ll be fine’ instantly kicked in.

Superwoman never really feels pain right?

Last Tuesday morning I even went to my regular PT session at the gym – (before you say it, I can imagine what you’re virtually thinking) WHY?

I simply HATE letting people down, even if it means sacrificing myself.

I also happen to have a really high pain threshold (which I have inherited from my dear Dad, 85 terminally ill and still cracking jokes a plenty) which means I can easily fool everyone around me – including myself, into thinking I’m ok and in control.

When actually its the complete opposite.

This coupled with a ‘mind over matter’ attitude means I can get through tough times without most people knowing there is anything wrong with me.

Health Update:

Damaged facet joints in my lower back, possible disc injury and my pelvis is out of line.

My lower back went through hell and back yesterday at an appointment with a very talented Physio – yes, I did cry out in pain a few times, but I felt confident that she knew her stuff. I left with my back covered in tape plus an appointment (and promise) to return on Friday, to let her do it all again. OUCH!

Anti-inflammatories and pain relief are doing the rest – WHEN WILL I LEARN?

Anyway, all I had in my head last week was I could not miss attending Brisbane Fashion Weekend – seeing Beckie and Sophie aka @twocorporategirls on stage doing their corporate thing was all I truly cared about. It was my focus and the reason I pushed on through!

The girls were fabulous by the way. And yes, our little gang nabbed the front row just to watch them be their awesome selves – yet another proud Mumma moment to add to the growing collection.

Here they are in action.

As soon as TCG came off stage, it was like my body and mind came to the conclusion enough is enough, which meant I didn’t have time to catch up with lots of people. I did however spend quality time with two of my favourite beauties Karen Style Loving 2 and Rachael from Ruby and Lilli and of course guzzle a quick champagne 😉

It was then over and out for me.

We headed back to our mates place (Beckie came too, so I was a happy Mumma) where we were staying. A fabulous Indian curry was bubbling away on the stove waiting for our return!

On the day I wore the cutest jumpsuit from Shabby Sisters which I talked Jonny into ordering as I dashed off to work (very last-minute) last Wednesday lunch time. I picked it up on Friday morning, and instantly fell in love.

Health, Fashion and TCG

Clementine Jumpsuit $69.00 (unfortunately this sold out almost instantly) it might be worth emailing Shabby Sisters to see if it will be restocked | Tassel Earring Ruby and Lilli* (sold out in this colour ) | NiKKi* heels from Frankie 4 (sold out in the Latte, but tan arriving in December – available for pre-order).

This jumpsuit combines all of my favourite elements: OTS, Pockets, Navy and Floral. I was super comfortable.

Sizing: I panicked and ordered the 14 (as I couldn’t risk the 12 being too tight on my butt and thighs – not a good look) I was wrong, the 12 would have fit perfectly – but I got away with it!

Anyway, because the jumpsuit sold out like lightning, I thought I would show you a couple of pieces that have arrived from Isle of Mine that I’m loving right now.

Health, Fashion and TCG

Indira Top* in Seed $69.95 (one size fits most) | Surla Pant* in Black $99.95 (wearing M/L) | Black Crystal Tassel Earrings* $35.00 | Sunnies ‘My Girl’ ASOS (on sale) | Charlie Heel* $89.95 Frankie & Co

When summer (and if you live in QLD the humidity kicks in), fabric plays a huge part in how we shop our wardrobes.

Cotton, linen and rayon are all fabrics that allow us to stay cool.

The Indira top is 100% rayon and super light. The sheer panels on the shoulder and hemline add texture and a point of difference that I look for when choosing pieces. Another big plus for this beautiful top is the v-neckline and short sleeve.

Health, Fashion and TCG

This is such a versatile piece that can be dressed-up or worn casually over swimmers with your favourite denim skirt or shorts.

Same goes for the pants, 55% linen and 45% cotton making them a dream to wear all through SS. And yes the POCKETS were the deciding factor of course.


Health, Fashion and TCG

Now I cannot leave you today without talking about the tassel earrings from Ruby and Lilli

They are selling like hot-cakes for a good reason, they are fabulous! So lightweight to wear which means no awful dragging down of the ear lobe.

They also make perfect presents for your stylish girl friends!

My Girl Sunnies from Quay Australia are also available from The White Owl Boutique if you would prefer to order from inside Australia.

This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!


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  • I hope your back is pain free now! Still take care if it is to prevent a recurrence!

    I can understand why your such a proud mumma! TCG look amazing and sound like they gave a brilliant presentation!


    • TCG were outstanding Ingrid I was bursting with pride!
      Unfortunately my back is still in a bad way – thank goodness Jonny made me take heaps of pic’s last week…I may have been protesting at the time! He is a wise man 😉 xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Beautiful outfits Bev and I’m sure your proud as punch of your daughter with two corporate girls going so well,how fabulous ?
    I must admit I did wonder if Bev went to her PT session ?you’ll have to learn to listen to your body better my friend,I know I have and it’s paid off ,I may have to rest more but I don’t go overboard now!
    I do hope your back is fixed quickly,though maybe no fast fix at least I am wishing you’re out of pain and feel a lot better so you can wear all your beautiful outfits..much love to you ❤️??

    • Oh Lisa my heart was bursting with pride on Saturday…the agony of my back quickly melted away when Beckie was on stage. Very proud of them both. Such beautiful caring souls.
      On reflection I should have cancelled my PT session, but I have a tendency to say I’m fine, when actually I’m hurting! My poor trainer doesn’t stand a chance understanding what’s going on in my daft head.
      Thank goodness Jonny has been insisting I take lots of pics lately for him to practice his lensman skills – it means I still have a few to call on while I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself! Lots of love xxxx

  • merilyn

    great outfits! and you look great bev!
    your looks don’t pity you hun!
    looks like the girls did an ab fab job too! they might end up giving up their day jobs!;))
    much love m:)X

    • merilyn

      oh and look after yourself hun!
      listen to your body talk! XX

      • I promise I will honey and thank you…just wish I had taken a leaf out of my own book last week!!! xxx

    • Awww thank so much darling. Thankfully these pics were taken before my back went…it’s not like me to be that organised, but Jonny wanted to practice his photography and I had no choice but to oblige! 😉
      The girls were honestly fabulous on Saturday – they are such a great team. The compliment each other so well xxx Sending you a big hug

  • Suzie

    Beautiful outfits Bev! Take care of the back, sounds horrid!! Xx

    • Thanks gorgeous girl. I’ve been resting all day today, too painful to do anything else! xx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Loving everything Bev – particularly the black pants!! Hope you are on the road to recovery with your back!! rest up & looking after yourself xx

    • Thanks so much Jane, I know the pants will be a summer go to for me. The fabric is divine and being black means they are suitable for nearly every occasion! My back is feeling very tender after my physio session yesterday. I’m guessing it needs to feel sore before it recovers – I’m so over it now though, I have no patience at all! xxx

  • You looked stunning on Saturday and knowing the fierce mumma you are I knew that not even terrible back pain would stop you coming to support your girl. She was fabulous btw.
    Loving the black sunnies I may need to add those to my collection

    • You know me too well – nothing would keep me away from seeing Beckie on stage…I would have crawled there if I had too (might not have looked very elegant though!).
      How fabulous are the sunnies? I want them in every single colour too – super comfy to wear and they look fabulous on everyone. The shape is so feminine but stylish xxx