Can I Wear Boyfriend Jeans?

Before I dive straight in and talk about today’s topic of Boyfriend Jeans, I thought I’d have a little natter first.

You know the type I mean, when you sit down with your girlfriends (preferably with a glass of wine) and tell each other what’s been happening in our worlds..only in this case, there is no wine. Instead its just me gabling and you listening – until the comments bit at the bottom of course – that’s where I hand the microphone over to you!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that on Saturday I attended a ‘feel good lunch’ organised by my gal pal Maudie and the team at Green Zebra. All in aid of breast cancer.

Cancer is a topic very close to my heart.

As most of you know, I unexpectedly lost my Mumma Iris May to cancer in 1999. Families are wrecked and left devastated by this dreadful disease.

But the most wonderful and inspiring part of Saturday’s event for me, was listening to the guest speaker, who was a cancer survivor.

Before she had even uttered a word, I felt the tears pop into my eyes.

Raw emotion quickly flooded to the surface. I could see (and identify with) the pain and suffering both her and her family had gone though.

It was also the first time she had spoken in public for over 9 years and she was terrified.

Let me just tell you, I thought she was incredible.

I would be surprised if there was a dry eye in the house.

Honestly, it was such a lovely day. Not only was the venue packed with women supporting women. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the little beach at the back of the restaurant look extremely inviting, especially after a couple of glasses of bubbles 😉

Uber Jonny 😉 dropped me off and picked me up.

On our way home, I called Beckie to touch base and check in, it was 5pm and I woke her up from a Nanny ( or should I call it a corporate nap?) nap (the baby lawyer has been working very long hours over the last few weeks – 2am one night last week). Anyway, in her very sleepy voice, she announced she was coming home!

Oh my goodness, I was delighted.

Nothing compares to the magic I feel when she walks through the door.

It’s at this point I am complete. We are all together under one roof. All is well in my world.

We patiently wait for the sound of her car on the drive.

All three of us run to greet her (yes, we do class Lulabelle as a human).

Lula of course pushes her way to the front to nab the first cuddle – how can I compete with that cuteness eh?

Apparently the baby lawyer had been planning to come home all week – she had just forgotten to tell her Mumma!

I was gutted that I was due to go back to work on Sunday after my couple of weeks of R & R, especially as she had only just arrived home. If only I had known she was coming, I would have booked the Sunday and Monday off work…I also didn’t realise it was a bank holiday!

Anyway back to this week’s topic…

Can I Wear Boyfriend Jeans?

Can I wear Boyfriend Jeans?

What if I’m a classic pear shape?

Two questions I get asked ALL OF THE TIME.

The answer though, can be a little tricky depending on your body shape…

As with all styles of clothes, you may have to try on lots of pairs before you find the perfect fit.

But in my opinion, it’s worth the effort.

Because once you nail the look, you’ll have a denim friend for life…or as long as they are in fashion 😉

If your figure is without too many curves, boyfriend jeans can be your best denim friend.

They offer the illusion of shape and can add the right amount of curve for a fabulous look.

But curvy ‘pears’ like me can struggle to make them work –  you know by now, I’m not one for giving up though!

The top of the thigh is my troublesome area.

For boyfriend jeans to look amazing, they need to be looser.

Skinnies they are not!

Adding extra fabric around the butt and thigh though can be an issue for a curvy pair like moi.

Let’s face it, I already have more than enough padding in that area – that my friends, is why I love skinny jeans so much!

The trick to nailing the BF is to balance the extra fabric at the thigh, by showing some ankle flesh PLUS  (for me) adding some heel height.

Can I Wear Boyfriend Jeans?

Classic Wash Boyfriend Jean* $149.00 (I’ve sized up to 32″) Bohemian Traders | Cross Over Blouse  $99.95 Witchery | Heels, Bag and Sunnies Mimco all sale stock (try DFO).

You won’t find any rules here for Boyfriend Jeans – just some hints and style tips, that might make them work for you.

Boyfriend Jeans Styling:

  • Don’t save them just for casual. Boyfriend Jeans look just as fab at night.

As with all denim – it can easily be dressed up for drinks or dinner. Making your BF’s look dressy is easy – add black. Soft chiffon blouses, a cute clutch and a smart shoe – this look will take you almost anywhere in style.

  • Nothing loves light denin more than white.

Classic styling at its best. A crisp white tee or an oversized button-down works a treat for a statement look. Pair with a funky ballet flat, a tan wedge, or why not add a nude heel. Finish this look off with a hint of leopard and your favourite bag.

  • Sneaker Love

I love nothing more than scrolling through my IG feed and finding inspiration from fabulous women. One of my favourite stylists is Kirsty (Kirsty Ashe Style) she nails the boyfriend jeans/sneaker combo with such grace and elegance. Often pairing her BF jeans back with a classic white tee, a stylish scarf and small clutch. Perfection and simplicity all rolled into one.

  • Baggy Tops?

The answer is simply. YES. Half tuck for waist definition if you carry your weight on your bust, butt or thighs though.

  • Uncuffed?

This solely depends on the length of the jeans (and how fabulous your legs are) plus the ‘rise’ of the jean. If you are game, experiment!

  • Don’t be scared to size up.

Seriously, nothing looks worse than thighs that are sprayed into relaxed fit jeans. Honestly.

YOU are the only person to know the size in your jeans (unless you are me of course – I’m just the type of girl who shouts it across the interwebs 😉 ). Remember sizes differ drastically from one brand to the next, don’t be a slave to the number sewn into the waistband. Instead, look at the fit and walk away with a big cracking smile at how fabulous YOU look.

  • Colour of denim.

I’m all for slimming down my thighs in dark indigo or black denim BUT without a doubt light wash works best in boyfriend jeans. They are meant to look old and battered – so dark denim looks like its trying to hard.

Can I Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Classic Wash Boyfriend Jean* $149.00 (I’ve sized up to 32″) Bohemian Traders | Leopard Scarf* Ruby and Lilli  | NiKKi Heels in Latte * FRANKiE $220.00 | White shirt oldie but goodie from CR

Classic Wash Boyfriend Jeans from Bohemian Traders are the bees knees. I also have the white in my normal size 12 which fit me perfectly on the waist, but are snugger on my thigh. Both are wearable. The ones above are baggy on my waist BUT I adore the overall fit.

When we buy jeans from any brand, we have to realise they are not made to measure – sometimes compromises have to be made. These jeans are so worth a baggy waist.


Last, but certainly not least…

How fabulous is the new scarf range from Ruby and Lilli ? LOVING all of the leopard – big tick from me on quality too.

The NiKKi shoe from FRANKiE 4 – if you thought it would be impossible to find a heeled shoe that felt like you were walking on air – THINK AGAIN…these babies are worth putting your name down for!

This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!

Ok girls tell me, what’s been happening in your life?

Are you a BF jean fan?

Share your favourite brand



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  • merilyn

    yes I love that look thanks bev!
    i actually think that a little looser pant is more slimming and flattering to the figure than skin tight!
    it’s an illusion! one can hide a bit in there!
    i don’t do holes in jeans though!
    much love m:)X

    • I’m definitely hiding a few sins in these jeans M! Super comfy and better in the summer months when our horrendous humidity kicks in! I might have just found my new favourite style 🙂
      Totally understand about the distressing though, its not for everyone. For me it works as it breaks up the expanse of plain fabric over my biggest area…illusion working its magic once again!
      Have a great weekend lovely! Mwah xxxx

  • BT have definitely nailed the Boyfriend version of their jeans. I’m very fussy when it comes to jeans and extra fussy with the BF cut, it is very hard to find a pair that suite my butt and thighs but these are perfect. The white are currently on my radar – a must for summer

    • You must hold the ‘jean Queen’ crown Karen – you have an enviable collection and of course look fabulous in them all! I never thought I would fall this hard for a pair of BF jeans – I so wish I had sized up in the white too. The problem for me with sizing has been admitting to myself that the fit on the original release was different to the dark wash and black denim. They original distressed skinnies worked soooo well in the 30″ on my butt, thighs and waist – I now know that I need the 32 in the skinnies for the waist and in the boyfriend the 32″ for the thigh, but the waist is too big! xxx

  • Suzie

    Yes! Love the bf jeans! With my hour glass shape I find it impossible to find jeans that fit my waist as well as my hips but with bf jeans that sit on my hips I’m avoiding the problem of a gaping waist. Perfect!! Love them with a blazer and heels.

    • Suzie you truly look amazing in BF jeans. Always love how you wear yours – with heels and a jacket – my idea of denim heaven! Also you’re so right about the waist. I sized up to get a looser fit across my thighs but the waist was huge, pulled them down on my hip and BINGO! Expect to see these often! xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Yes I like a BF jean Bev but in a narrow cut,I am the straight up and down type with no butt or flat bum syndrome so need a narrow leg and a light wash,I love them and so comfy!
    You look beautiful in your BF jeans Bev but I’ve never seen you look bad in anything mwah ?

    • Lisa thank you so much for your lovely words xxx
      You rock BF jeans and are the perfect example of how fabulous they look on someone without curves too. I also love that they’re more comfortable in the heat than a skinny jean, anything tight always adds to the ‘heat’ factor! xxx Mwah