Spring meets Summer Sunshine Plaza

Spring Meets Summer Sunshine Plaza

If you’re a regular around these parts you already know I class myself as a lucky duck.

I get lots of invitations to attend fashion launches and store openings.

Most of these invites are for Brisbane based businesses with a few Sydney/Melbourne invites thrown occasionally into the mix.

The Brisbane ones are easy peasy –  its only 1.5 hours drive (on a good run) down the highway (although, you then you have to add in to the equation trying to find a park – which can be super tiresome in the CBD).

Sometimes I can make these trips happen, especially beneficial if I arrange a catch-up with the baby lawyer at the same time – always a bonus.

So when an invitation popped into my inbox from a lovely PR agency inviting me to the launch of Spring meets Summer at Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore – I jumped at it!

Yay it was on my turf.

Five minutes from home.

So close to home in fact that when Jonny came home from work last Thursday evening, he walked to the Plaza to drive my car home (Thursday is a work day at Mimco for me), so I could enjoy a glass of bubbles (or two) with my stylish date for the night Maudie @istyl

I know #dreamhusband

Ok – So what to wear?

I must confess I don’t stress too much about what everyone else will be wearing at events, instead I like to treat the evening as work. I’m there to spread the word on the latest trends and must-haves available to purchase at Sunshine Plaza.

In my head, I translated this to mean: “go shopping as soon as possible Bev” 😉

The event was out on the deck, so the evening temperature was a consideration – also my trusty weather app told me the chances of rain were high.

Sleeves were my top priority (I cannot stand being cold).

Of course, I still wanted to look Spring like – there a fine line to nailing this, especially for an outdoor launch, so I decided to make colour my Spring thing.

A couple of days before the event, I dashed around the Plaza to see what I could find to wear.

Although before I even looked, I had a plan. You already knew that, right?

Why waste time walking when you can look online!

This season lightweight structured jackets are big news. Think white, pale blue or blush in crisp linen with added stretch.

You all know I love my structured jackets and jeans combination, I also wanted to wear something that felt right for the coast, smart but not overdressed.

Often a jacket can take a simple outfit and make it special…so that was my plan.

Spring Meets Summer Sunshine Plaza

Structured Linen Blazer $199.95 (wearing 12) Witchery  | Gypsy Print Blouse $119.95 (wearing 12) Witchery | Crop Ankle Button Jean $139 (wearing 12 ) Country Road | Bag and Earrings Mimco | Heels Charlie Heel $89.95 Frankie and Co

Cropped light wash denim screams spring – this season if you can throw some visible buttons on that light wash denim – BINGO. Another trend nailed.

I first saw these jeans on my friend Jilly. She is such a jeans girl (with a perfect peachy butt – good job I love her) and rocks any colour denim. Jilly never wears a heel instead, she rocks her cropped jeans with a white sneaker and a stripe tee – she always looks awesome.

Navy is also on every fashionistas radar, as are bell sleeves…seriously did someone read my mind and put together everything I love into one season?

The gypsy print blouse is 100% viscose and quite sheer. I’m ok with this, but you could add a cami (white, nude or navy would work a treat). This top will also look amazing with shorts, skirts and drop crotch – keep it half-tucked for a more relaxed feel.

My aim though was to show the drama of the bell sleeve and not hide it, I made the bell sleeve the hero by pushing the sleeve on the jacket up.

If you are thinking of adding a jacket to your wardrobe this season, the one I’m wearing is a true crowd pleaser and gets my vote.

It’s classic in design, the flap pockets add a masculine edge,which is balanced beautifully with the feminine cut. The length will work for most figures too and the added stretch makes it a dream to wear and not at all restrictive.

I can picture this jacket paired back with most items in my existing wardrobe(s).

Spring Meets Summer Sunshine Plaza

Structured Linen Blazer $199.95 (wearing 12) Witchery | Striped Singlet in Navy $59.99 (wearing M) | Drop Crotch Denim Style Laundry (contact them for pre-order on next delivery) |

I could not be happier this spring summer.

Literally all of my go to colours and styles have united together to put a huge smile on my dial.


Will you embrace the summer jacket? Consider this your confessional…tell us all what you’ve bought lately (it might just be something I need in my life too 😉 )





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