Shoes Glorious Shoes

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

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Girls tell me I’m not alone when it comes to obsessing over shoes?

I adore them. Always have. Always will.

Even as a little girl I can vividly remember clomping around the house in Iris May’s (my Mumma) shoes.

Continually wishing away the years by longing to be old enough to wear a heel of my own…the fake glass princess slippers from the toy store, truly did not cut the mustard for me. I wanted the real thing.

It’s also a passion that I have passed onto Beckie. Yes, she most definitely is her Mumma’s daughter.

Beckie and I often grab a quick two-minute phone call during the day, mostly while she is dashing around the city in her stiletto pumps doing her baby lawyer thing, and it always makes me smile. I picture her walking at speed (maybe even elegantly jogging) not even realising she is wearing a killer heel. Her mind will be on the million and one tasks she has lined up on her desk and her feet won’t even register what she is up to!

Let me tell you honestly, gone are the days when I can run in a heel…I have happily handed the baton down to Beckie 😉

If you rummaged through my shoe robe though (yes, I will admit, it’s *ahem* rather large) you would still find a plethora of killer heels that would rival all of Beckie’s. Although, these days mine are saved for the special occasions, where my butt is firmly perched on a rather attractive stool beside an equally attractive bar, sipping a glass of bubbles or a Hendricks and slimline!

Yes girls, comfort has started to play a huge role in how I now see my shoes, especially as my other job (part time in Mimco) involves standing for hours on my tootsies.

To cover both bases, I’ve been looking to add shoes to my collection that still look DDG (drop dead gorgeous) and very ‘me’ on the style stakes, but also shoes that make my feet feel like they are wrapped in cotton wool.

Big ask?

Definitely not.

Not if you know where to look….no longer do you need to rely on the local chemist to buy (extremely ugly) shoes to sooth troublesome feet.

You all know me well enough by now. Sacrificing style is just not an option – especially when I truly believe I (we) can have both.

So tell me, what do you think of these beauties from Paul Carroll?

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Silver Lining ‘Rachel’  by Klouds $169.00

Rachel is the perfect SS shoe. Fabulous with dresses, jeans, skirt and shorts. The height is super flattering for leg elongation, when you slip your foot into this shoe you are treated to an instant hit of comfort. Think soft fluffy pillows under the ball of your foot.

Imagine a jam-packed shopping trip without painful feet.

Pure pleasure I say.

Shoes Glorious Shoes Shoes Glorious Shoes

Silver Lining ‘Rhianna’  by Klouds $169.00

Rhianna is bang on trend with style by the bucket load. This shoe will take you from the office to drinks in a heartbeat. Supportive through the whole foot with the perfect heel height to make you stand tall whilst floating on air.

Shoes Glorious Shoes Shoes Glorious Shoes

Shoes Glorious Shoes

WaldLaufer ‘Hiroko’  $209.00

Hiroko had me at first glance. If I’m going to wear a sneaker, then it has to be fabulous. This is one stylish sneaker.

Imagine wearing this with your favourite tee-shirt dress and denim jacket? Or how about drop crotch pants and a slouchy tee?

I know right? Utter fabulousness.

Yes, finding shoes that cover all bases can make you want to run for the hills.

On the one hand we all want our shoes and sneakers to be comfortable, the kind of shoes our feet sink into and sigh with pleasure, but the visual must be paramount. I still want beauty.

I’m also all for acknowledging that our feet do change, which is not necessarily to do with ageing, it can be many factors.

Bunions, ill-health and excessive sport are just a few of the reasons why our feet sometimes need a little extra TLC.

So when this happens, we need to feel confident that we have a selection of quality fashion forward shoes at our disposal that will keep us looking/feeling amazing without a hint of suffering in sight.

The SS16/17 collection from Paul Carroll really does have something for everyone.

Paul Carroll shoes is a Perth based business (with seven stores over Western Australia) also with a huge online presence – this part alone really appeals to me, as I do most of my shopping online.

It’s a business that has operated for over 40 years, built on trust with a loyal customer base – music to my ears!

Longevity in business speaks volumes – I know that Paul Carroll must have their customer service nailed.

One of my pet hates when I buy online, is feeling invisible. Instead I want to be looked after equally well, as if I had visited a store.

I require fast and efficient service, backed up with a wealth of knowledge…if I’m buying online I also like knowing I can call and speak to someone on the end of the phone if I need clarification or help with sizing.

Any online store that offers this, always gets my recommendation.

Oh and did I mention that Paul Carroll offer free registered delivery Australia wide too?

Shopping the full range of shoes could not be easier!





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