Holidays, Road Bikes and Leather Jackets

Holidays Road Bikes and Leather Jackets

I’m sure you’re just like me.

We’re all lead such busy lives and can easily get stuck on the work treadmill.

99.9% of the time I run around like a headless chook. Not doing anything particularly well.

I have so many ideas and hardly anytime to execute them.

My brain feels like it’s on constant overload, which means unless I write things down, I forget half of the stuff on my to-do list on a daily basis!

So a few weeks ago Jonny devised a plan, just for us both.

Time just for the two of us to kick-back and smell the roses – or the ocean in our case!.

He made me (yep, I do think I’m super woman sometimes) book some time off work – I have heaps of holiday that I never use.

We didn’t want to go away, instead we wanted time to do nothing.

Time to go to the beach and just relax.

Time to talk and touch base without having to rush anywhere.

Time to plan.

The last week and a half, has been just what we both needed.

I’ve loved every second of waking up and not having to jump out of bed…have I ever told you how much I hate getting up in the mornings? I’m such night owl. Honestly, a sulky teenager has nothing on me, when it comes to getting up in the morning 😉

Anyway, one of the biggest things Jonny wanted to achieve (now he his fully recovered from his recent operation) was to get out and do some exercise. Fitness for Jonny is being out on his road bike (think Tour de France, but tonnes slower 😉 ).

So being the sneaky/cheeky wifey than I am – I hatched a plan that could give me an extra hour or so in bed yesterday morning (before my PT appointment). Said plan involved Jonny and his love of road biking, plus the emptying of my P O Box – which needs to be emptied at least 3 times a week.

The best time to go to the Post Office is before it opens to the public (someone is there from 6:30 handing out parcels and mail) tell me I’m not the only one who hates standing in a bloody queue? This is also the time that Jonny loves to go for a bike ride – this is where my sneaky plan started to take shape.

But first, you need to get the visual picture…

Imagine a guy on a road bike – speed is their everything. Jonny times himself, clocks his speed, measures his heart rate and tries to avoid anything that will slow him down – which at the moment is being attacked by bloody magpie’s – I kid you not. And the poor bloke has a fear of birds!

Anyhoo, this is how our conversation went on Monday:

Me: ‘Darling I’ve had a great idea’

Jonny: ‘Does it involve me doing something, because I’m on my holidays?’

Me: ‘Yes, but you are going to LOVE it…you know when you go out for your bike ride in the morning, you could do a detour and go empty the P O Box’

Jonny: ‘Oh yeah, bright idea Bev, but how am I supposed to carry everything, plus even if I could carry whatever is in there, which I can’t – it will slow me down?’

Me: ‘I’ve got that covered…do you remember that backpack we used for skiing, you know the red one? It’s quite flat, which surely makes it aerodynamic’

Jonny: ‘Jeeezus Bev, we’ve lived in Australia for five years and I haven’t seen a flake of snow, I can’t remember where that bag is now? Did you just sat aerodynamic?’

I don’t even know where I got aerodynamic from 😉 – it sounded like I had really thought about it though!

Let me tell you, Jonny knows where everything is in his garage…I knew it would only take ten minutes before it appeared.

BINGO – out came the red backpack.

Me: ‘Yay – you’re amazing’

Jonny: ‘Before I agree, will there be shoe boxes?’

Me: ‘I don’t think so, just a couple of soft mail bags, plus I’m sure that rucksack expands’

Jonny: ‘If there is sh*t loads of stuff when I get there, I’ll just have to leave it and drive down later…Why can’t you go by the way?’

Me: ‘I’ve got a PT session with Liz at the gym’ – which translated to…I can have an extra hour in bed!


Holiday, Road Bikes and P O Boxes

Emerge ‘Pale Blue’ Leather Biker* $129.99 (should be 179.99) wearing L | Blanc Tee* $69.00 ‘Ruby & Lilli’ | Jeans Oldies from Seed Heritage | Heels: Tatiana $149.95 Nine West

In one of the packages was this fabulous leather jacket from Ezibuy

Now let’s just discuss a few of the many reasons why I think you NEED it.

Yes lovelies. NEED.

Leather jackets are investment pieces. They hang around (pun intended) in your wardrobe for years.

Biker style never dates.

BUT the biggest reason especially today is the price – full price is $179.99 but today it’s $129.99 ( not sure how long this price is on for, but I’ll try to find out for you).

Colour options: Pale Blue | Pale Pink | Black | Stone

I know. Right. Amazing.

It’s really lovely quality leather too, not overly weighty, just heavy enough to sit well.

Holidays, Road Bikes and P

This leather jacket will go with almost everything in my wardrobe (pale blue is one of my favourite colours).

The blue also makes the leather perfect for spring (might be too much for summer in SE QLD though).

  • Imagine how cute it will look with a stripe tee dress and sneakers.
  • Dressed up with black jeans, heels and a silky cami.
  • Or over a boho dress with cute ankle boots.
  • White makes the blue crisp but will work equally well paired with the pale pink, stone and black.
  • And all this without even talking about washed out denim – jeans, skirts and shorts.

Size wise, I went up from a medium to a large.

It’s roomy, so I could have gone for my normal medium, but the adjustable straps at the waistline made it super easy to adjust – I’ve made it  more nipped-in at the waist.

If you still need convincing:

THE LINING IS COTTON – such a genius addition and way better than a polyester lining any day.


Would you buy a colour leather jacket or do you prefer to stick to black or neutral?

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